This Chick Read: Grin and Beard It (Winston Brothers #2) by Penny Reid

I fell in love with the Winston brothers while reading Truth or Beard, the first book in this series. These boys have southern charm, southern names, and an aw shucks intelligence that reels you in. Oh and they all have beards. Hence the clever titles of their books. Grin and Beard it is the story of Jethro and how he falls for Sienna Diaz, a movie star who he has never seen nor heard of, dropped into his small town to film a movie. Jethro, who is a park ranger by trade, helps Sienna, a damsel in distress, lost on the way to her film shoot. She doesn’t exactly tell him who she is because she loves the fact that he hasn’t recognized her and she feels just like an ordinary person meeting someone for the first time. However, the two of them actually fall for each other and she has to fess up that she is actually America’s sweetheart. The twist is that he doesn’t mind that she’s a movie star, but fears that his own youthful shenanigans will actually hurt her career.

The theme of this story isn’t unique, however, Penny Reid has a gift for building characters that have depth and feeling and telling a story that is pretty simple but has depth and humor. The reader really cares for the outcome, and roots for the happy ending you know will happen. The story has a real ness to it that makes you believe in these people, and the dialog is genuinely funny!  Sienna is a comic, and the flirty dialog she and Jethro have is pure genius, and had me laughing out loud.

I didn’t think it possible for me to like the second book even more than I did the first, and it was pretty close, but I did. I am looking forward to the next, Beard Science, which has won all sorts of rave reviews and is about Cletus Winston, who has to be one of the most unique characters I have read and not your usual leading man character. It will be interesting and funny, I’m sure!

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