This Chick Read: Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers book 1) by Penny Reid

First- I love this title!  Truth or Beard is an obvious play on words, and the characters do, at one point play truth or dare.  More interestingly, Duane, the male protagonist, has a bushy beard. I can only think of one other romance book I’ve read where the man has a beard, and I loved that book too! Hmmm, something to think about anyway…  Back to the book.  Penny Reid immediately grabs the reader when Jessica wears a female Gandalf getup to a high school parent-teacher party; mini skirt, high heels, beard and staff.  She was a hoot!  She mistakes Duane for his twin brother, Beau, whom she has always crushed on, and after several hot looks, he drags her behind the stage curtain and seizes the day.  Well, almost, anyway. From that point forward, sparks fly and I AM HOOKED.

What interested me so much you ask? It was Duane, I guess. You see, he has always loved Jessica, and well, she has always loved his brother Beau. Duane pursued her so definitively that I almost needed to break out the smelling salts, he was so masterful. He was also so respectful.  This was the girl he was going to marry. Yet, he was all man. Jessica was also a fun character. She was kooky, funny, and horribly honest. She said what she thought, and she didn’t hide who she was. At all.  Loved her too.

I am tired of bare chested men on romance covers! This cover reflected the Tennessee setting, the beard, and it gave you a hint that this was going to surprise you. All of that without a bare chest. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series, about brother Jethro. These Winston brothers were all handsome, strange, incredibly bright, and always gentlemen. Do not hesitate on this one folks, it will not disappoint. Promise!


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