This Chicks Sunday Commentary: BookLoversCon #BLC19 Finale!

I’m sitting in line at the FedEx store waiting for it to open so I can mail home a box of books. I’ve whittled down the stash so that I am bringing the most anticipated, new to me authors, and swag. Most fit in my two bags but for a little 20 book pile. Oh to have those problems, right? This trip has been so much fun and I probably haven’t taken enough pictures to show but here’s a few.

Heather Graham showed up to the Historical Fiction party in her full Voo Doo regalia. She hosts an evening function with a different theme and kind of combo’d the historical dress with the VooDoo head gear. She was charming, beautiful and very down to earth. I loved this chance to chat briefly with her.

This picture shows the set up for most of the functions with one host per table. Some are themed-this was Entangled’s Candy and Spoons game. Always a very popular one as the winner walks away with a stack of about 15 new books. My sister was a lucky winner and her table got super rowdy! All in good fun but they pass out bandaids for a reason! Lol.

This picture shows my day two of swag. I received a few ARC’s at a Berkley Blogger party that I’m very excited about!

Book Fair! Some authors just show up for this super large signing. I took a couple of snapshots of a few I was excited to see!

Jasmine Guillory!
Susanna Kearsley!
Shannon K. Butcher/aka Anna Argent!

other big names including Kristen Ashley, Christina Lauren, Rebecca Zanetti, and so many more! It was overwhelming and fun!

This morning we end with a brunch which I hope to make but first priority mail those books!

Looking forward to next year when Booklovers Con will be in my city! Nashville!


9 thoughts on “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: BookLoversCon #BLC19 Finale!

  1. That looks like do much fun. We have book con here, but I was not thrilled with it when I went a few years ago. Very disorganized. It seems like it’s better this year, but I’m not going. First off.. long lines and very little swag!!

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    1. Booklovers Con has a ton of free books and swag so no complaints there! I actually whittled mine down so my shipping g costs wouldn’t be too outrageous. This was their first year but it was some of the old RT Convention people who put it on so it was pretty similar although the experience was much better. A lot more time spent getting to know the authors in small groups which I really liked. If I like the author I’ll give them a chance and then if I like a book they have a new fan! I spent quite a lot of time speaking g with Adriana Anders yesterday and haven’t read a single book of hers. Now I will!

      I will say the lines are long and that probably won’t change. I think that’s the norm for these things. If you are within driving distance of Nashville, I’d recommend going next year, truly!

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      1. This one is a little different because you have fun little socials and themed games with the authors, then at the end of the week is a book signing. So many books are given away that you don’t really buy any books unless you missed seeing someone because you didn’t choose their event. I think it’s different? But it’s the only Con I’ve been to. There are lines but this time less time was spent in them.

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