This Chicks Sunday Commentary: My Little Free Library #Sundayblogshare

I was sitting around one day looking at all of the books in my house. They aren’t in stacks and I’m not a hoarder, but I have a LOT of books! I hand them out to friends, family, donate to the library and trade them in at second hand bookstores so they don’t go to waste, but I was feeling like I needed to do something more with them.

I moved to a new neighborhood in Nashville and noticed these cute little houses on posts outside a few homes and one day while walking my dog I stopped and checked one out. It was a  Little Free Library! What a great idea, I thought. It seemed pretty organized, with a little plaque and a serial number, so when I got home I looked it up. Click on the picture below if you want to check it out!

It’s an organization where you can buy your library, painted or unpainted, register it and belong to a Nationwide group of library stands! They post you on a map for people to find and everything! Everyone’s library is different, some homemade, some pre-packaged. The themes are also really different. Some libraries hold only mysteries, some for travel, some for children only and some for adults. I thought, this is a movement I can get behind! They even have a map with everyone’s library pinned to it. Here is my neighborhood with all of our libraries.

Isn’t this cool? A great way to read inexpensively! If you take one, leave one behind to replace it. Easy Peasey! Look at their website to see if there is any in your neighborhood!

My husband is pretty handy, and at first I thought I could get him to build me an original, unique Little Free Library. Umm, it never got built. So, I took things into my own hands and ordered one off their website. It was kind of pricey but I thought this would totally be worth the effort! Once it arrived my husband took over painting it to match our house, digging a big hole, setting the post in concrete and getting that puppy up! Here’s a few photos! I’m so proud!

Of course, I had to keep my offerings neighborhood friendly. No naked chests on the cover!  Lol. Also, when I received the library they included some children’s books, so its family friendly. (Mostly, lol.)

Anyway, my library, as of last weekend is open for business! Now, who wants to read some books! If you live nearby, please come check it out. 

Until next Sunday!