This Chick Read: The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz #Giveaway

Faye Barlow has lived in agony since the death of her beloved husband Will four years ago. Faye takes a photography job in Beaufort, South Carolina as a refuge from a failed marriage to Will’s best friend and to continue to grieve Will. As she travels around Beaufort taking pictures of landmarks, she see’s a wrecked lighthouse and is intrigued by its story. When she goes to the library to research it, she notices a picture of its caretaker who is the mirror image of her husband Will. She learns of the story about Bride Island Lighthouse, the legend of the Lady of the Light and the inhabitants who lived on the island. She goes out to the lighthouse for a closer look and has her feet swept out from under her by a wave, and comes out of the water in 1921 face to face with what looks to be her husband.

This was a lovingly told story of a woman who survives loss and finds love again in 1921. An era that was pre World War II, pre depression, during prohibition, before pre Civil Rights, and before women have the right to vote. Women are only slightly better than property to their husbands and modern day Faye is an anomaly in that time. The fish out of water parts of this book were both eye opening and fun to read, but her struggles to milk a goat paled in comparison to her education of how black people were treated at that time.

Her growing feelings for Carrick were clouded by his looking like her dead husband. In addition to overcoming that obstacle, Faye is Faith, a runaway abused wife of one of Carricks Navy buddies. There were a lot of obstacles to this love story and intricacies to the plot that made the ending very satisfactory and moving.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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