This Chick Read: Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata

Gaby Barreto doesn’t know what she’s going to do with the rest of her life. She just finished college and her boyfriend broke up with her. When her twin brother calls from the road to ask if she’ll come on tour and sell their merchandise for them she says yes and gets on a plane to live in a bus with her brother Eli and his two bandmates. Oh yeah, she’ll also live on the bus with 4 more guys from another band. Gaby has always been fun, funny and one of the guys, but when she meets Sacha Malykhin she wants that friend zone to turn into something else but she’s determined to play it cool.

Gaby is that girl you’ve always wanted to be. Self assured, funny and pretty. The girl that everyone is comfortable around. She grew up listening to her brothers music and has even toured with their band before back in the days when they got around in a beat up bus. I loved her camaraderie with all of the guys, but especially with Sacha. She had just broken up with her boyfriend but when she and Sacha meet there’s laughter and a twinkle to their connection. It just seems to be really easy for them. Even though they don’t get together for a really long time, you can tell that the connection between them, even as friends is real.

This is not your typical rock star romance. There isn’t any drama (well only a tiny bit) and there’s tons of laughter. These people really don’t have a lot of baggage. Maybe that’s why I could relate to them so well? They were an easy couple to see together. I also really enjoyed Gaby’s interactions with all the other guys on the bus, especially Eli and Mason. Eli is her twin so they have that special connection, but Mason is that brother from another mother. He was hysterical!  I’d love to see him have his own story, but he’ll probably have to live in my fantasies instead. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

Rhythm Chord

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Friday YA: Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

Starry eyes weaves the story of Zorie and Lennon. Two ex best friends who decided to take their relationship to the next level. Sounds pretty simple, right? It should be but family drama, miscommunication, and teenage emotions cause Zorie and Lennon’s relationship to shift from young love to not speaking. When the two of them get stranded camping they find their way out of the wilderness and back into each others hearts. I read very few teen romances but this story was very well done and I was intrigued by all of the different aspects of these characters. Zorie and Lennon were as unique as their names and Jenn Bennett’s Starry Eyes an intelligently written vehicle for their story.

This was my first Jenn Bennett novel and was rather surprised by the adult subject matter. Lennon has been raised by two moms who own an adult sex shop. As wild and crazy as that may sound the scenes in the shop were subtle yet filled with humor. Most of the early emotional drama came from Zorie’s father who hates Lennon and his parents. As the novel goes on we are clued into the why’s and wherefore’s but in the beginning this hatred seems filled with bigotry.  Zorie’s emotional growth is displayed by the way she deals with her father and his irrational anger and marital problems with her step mother. Also, I feel I should give a warning, the teens in this book are all sexually active which I guess is not uncommon today but I found myself trying to double check their ages a couple of times. At times I forgot I was reading a YA novel, so if you have kids, be aware of the adult content.

Lennon was a perfect blend of nerdy cool. He had two moms, worked in a snake shop and had a b-level rock star for a father. What’s not to like? Even though the novel was written from Zorie’s perspective you could feel Lennon’s emotions and really identify with his character. I can totally see YA readers being easily captivated by him.

I really enjoyed this novel in large part because of all of the surprises revealed through the story, but also because of the unique setting. Most of the novel takes place while Zorie and Lennon are hiking through the wilderness. Seeing nature and the night’s sky through their Starry Eyes almost made me want to pack a bag and a book and go on a hike. Almost. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Starry Eyes

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This Chick Read: Awakened by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #2) by Erin Kellison

Samantha Vine is home to see her grandfather and to be a reluctant bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding. She hasn’t been home for years because it’s hard for her to hide what she is, and if she gets found out both she and her grandfather’s lives will be forfeit. She is a Tempus, someone who can travel through time. She was saved as an infant by her grandfather who fed her the blood of Warrick Voclain, dragon and Bloodkin Triad member, an act that also created her Tempus status. Samantha’s family has always served the Voclain’s and when she finds out that her grandfather and Warrick are in danger she stays in New York to go back through time to find out who is trying to harm them.

Warrick is a very strong dragon and when Samantha uses her magic in his presence he knows immediately what she has done. It’s against the law, but she has done it to help him which intrigues him.  After putting her own life in danger, he falls prey to the attraction they feel for each other and is willing to lay his life on the line so that she can keep hers.

I read the first novel in this series a couple of years ago and immediately purchased the second intending to read it immediately. Of course, time got away from me but this weekend I saw it on my kindle and picked it up. Wow, it was good! Even though the cover has the whole naked chest thing going on (not my favorite type of cover) this book had a great plot. It was a mystery first and relationship building story second. I loved how the author took her time to let the reader get to know these characters and let the characters get re-acquainted with each other. By the time the two of them became romantic I was all in, rooting for him to forget the fact she was human and her to also give his dragon brooding self a chance. There was a lot of action, fight scenes, and subterfuge with the romance lifting the story to the next level. A very fun weekend read! I will  definitely not wait as long to pick up the third novel in the series.


Awakened by Fire

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This Chick Read: Ain’t She a Peach (Southern Eclectic #4) by Molly Harper

Frankie McCready is kind of the oddball in her family. A Leukemia survivor, she knows what it’s like to be on the edge of death’s door, so she lives life for every moment, not really caring what anyone else thinks. She’s got multi-hued died hair, has an eclectic wardrobe and her job is the embalmer and county coroner for the family business, McCready’s Funeral Home and Bait Shop. When a one night stand moves to Lake Sackett from Atlanta to be their new sheriff, Frankie realizes that it might just be time to grow up.

Frankie has been one of my favorite characters in this series. She loves her family and cousins, and has always given great advice regarding their lives and relationships. She has allowed her parents to baby her since she has been in remission and it’s only when Eric moves to town that she realizes how unhealthy that’s been for her parents and for herself. Her cousins are eager to give her advice after being on the receiving end their whole lives and those scenes are charming and real.

Eric has his own reasons for moving to Lake Sackett. He’s running from his past and is surprised when he finds a familiar face in their county coroner. Even though they have a prickly relationship he doesn’t give up trying to win this wacky woman. Both Eric and Frankie have trauma in their pasts to overcome and it was nice to see them work together, in a somewhat crazy way, to find a way to be together. I really liked this installment of Molly Harper’s Southern Eclectic series and have yet to be disappointed in the residents of Lake Sackett. They are kooky, fun, but more importantly they all seem to really care about each other which makes it easy for the reader to care about them in return. If you are looking for an easy Chick Lit novel for a summer vacation, pick up any book in this series, you can read them as stand alone’s too!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

Ain't She a Peach

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This Chicks Sunday Commentary: The Soul Ripping Romance Tag!

I have not done a tag in a really long while, but I thought this one sounded like fun! Thanks Anna from Dole Whip and Books for tagging me. Anna and I share a love for YA, Romance novels, and all things Disney! Anna, you probably didn’t realize this but I grew up in Southern California and used to have an annual pass to Disneyland. Now that I’m in Tennessee I miss Disneyland! Go check out Anna’s blog for some great reviews and a peak into her life.

Anna at

Here are the Rules as created by Nel at Reactionary Tales.

  • Thanks the person who tagged you and create a pingback to the original author- Nel at Reactionary Tales.
  • Share at least 5 (you can do more!) romances that tugged at your heart strings. They can be from books, movies, TV shows, manga, anything! The can be examples of sad tears, angry tears, happy tears or a combination of all three.
  • Nominate 5 (or more) people to share their emotional trauma.

Soul ripping

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a great romance. It’s my go to genre when I’m feeling down and I have several that I’ve read over and over. Soul ripping might be a stretch, but these couples certainly tugged at my heart strings.

  1. Sal and Rey from Kulti by Mariana Zapatsavonne

I just re-read this novel for like the 4th time and will probably read it once a year for the rest of my life. Rey is Sal’s coach on a professional women’s soccer team. She’s had a crush on him since she was a kid and he was the best men’s pro soccer player of his time. She’s so excited that he is going to be her coach but reality is nothing like her dreams. He’s an ass. Mariana Zapata writes slow burn romances and she builds their relationship through every level; from antagonistic, to friendship, to love. When Rey admits how he feels for Sal her soul is rocked. She can’t believe that this man who she had idolized returns her feelings. My skin breaks out in goose bumps and my eyes tear up EVERY TIME. That is a well written romance. Period.

To purchase Kulti click this link! Kulti

2. Ross and Rachel from Friends

Ross and Rachel

Friends was THE show to watch in the ’90’s and Ross and Rachel were the “It” couple. I lived in LA at the time and all the girls had Rachel’s haircut and every boy next door wanted his own Rachel. There’s nothing like that moment when you realize that the thing you wanted most – to be loved- was right in front of you the whole time. Their first kiss was a tear-jerker!

To purchase an episode of Friends click this link! The One After Ross Says Rachel

3. Nevada and Rogan – Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews


Ilona Andrews is a husband and wife writing team. They write both perspectives so well! I can just imagine Ilona writing a scene and turning to her husband Gordon and he makes a face saying ” a guy wouldn’t think that way at all!” and re-writing the scene. Their characters perspectives are spot on. Connor “Mad” Rogan and Nevada Baylor are in my top five favorite fictional couples. He knows he wants her from the start, but she isn’t willing to let him in easily and he knows he has a fight on his hands to win her over. That quote above? Shivers… this is a series well worth your time!

To purchase Burn for Me click this link! Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy)

4. Jack and Rose from the movie Titanic

The historical costumes, sweeping music, and Kate and Leo. All things that made this couple so easy to love. Regardless if there was room on that door for Jack or not, I loved this movie and this couple!

5.  Satine and Christian singing Come What May- Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge 3

Moulin Rouge

OK, yes I know Satine was a prostitute, however this movie was so romantic and the song Come What May was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. I LOVE this song. It still gives me the chills and is one of the most epic romantic songs. Of course the tragic ending does help that a bit, but it’s still a beautiful song with a lot of meaning in those words and I still picture my husband and I dancing at our wedding.

What did you think about my choices? would you pick any of the same Soul Ripping moments or couples? Let me know in the comments!

This post was a lot of fun! I would like to nominate a few bloggers. Feel free to join in the fun or not. If I didn’t nominate you and you’d like to do this tag, please join in! Tag me so I can see your answers!

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Donna@Heron There and Everywhere



Friday YA: Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

At a “Last party before Senior year starts” party, Claudia has escaped to the restroom where she is the unwilling witness to favorite couple Iris and Paige’s breakup. Caught in the act, Claudia tries to stay out of the rather mean girl Iris’ way, but ends up getting paired with her for a school assignment. Iris is not over her breakup and hates Claudia for witnessing it so isn’t the greatest partner for a project and surprise!… they fail. In order to get extra credit, their teacher makes them try out for the school play A Midsummer’s Nights Dream. There, Claudia’s world is upended. She meets a flirty boy, makes new friendships, and discovers a whole world outside her comfort zone. Oh, and she totally gets William Shakespeare.

I was totally surprised by Foolish Hearts. The premise wasn’t that unusual, but the author did a great job of capturing the flavors of new friendships, betrayal and first love. Claudia was used to living in the secure world she knew. Best friends with Zoe, the girl she grew up with, she never needed any other friends. Going to an all girl school, while Zoe remained in public school, Claudia was content with her world, but it was time for a shakeup. When she witnessed Paige and Iris’ breakup, she feels bad for Iris, even though she’s really hard to be around. When they both start work on the school play Claudia becomes the friend that Iris never wanted. I really loved how Claudia just kept going back for Iris’s abuse and saw through her mean girl act.

Gideon is the class clown, but the clown everyone laughs with and not at. He is uber popular, cute and an all around nice guy. The dialog between Claudia and Gideon was written so well. Even though it was PG-13 it was clever and full of wit, I found myself smiling at the great energy these two made together. He was not all surface charm and had hidden depths that came out as the story developed. This made Gideon multi dimensional and even more enjoyable to read.

There was a lot of drama in this high school romance, but there was also a lot of fun. The story and dialog was intricate and I got totally wrapped into the plot and characters forgetting that I am not the target reader for this type of book. That is a true compliment to the author. She made me forget my age! (If only more books could do this! LOL) Truly, Foolish Hearts had a great story that was easy to love and characters that learned and grew as the story moved forward. The name Foolish Hearts was apropos for the amount of relationship drama featured in this book, but I think it’s also a play on words to the relationship drama found in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Maybe the author should rename this book Clever Hearts instead! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Foolish Hearts

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This Chick Read: Lachlan (Immortal Highlander #1) by Hazel Hunter

Kinley Chandler is a wounded war veteran languishing in a hospital bed in San Diego fighting to find the will to live. She was in an explosion that embedded shrapnel in her stomache, took her leg and scarred her both physically and mentally. As an excercise in healing her therapist takes her on a car ride to a national park hoping to jump start the fight within her, but only makes Kinley more interested in ending her life. When the therapist steps away to get her phone, Kinley puts the wheels in motion to launch herself down a hillside to hopefully end her life. Instead, she lands in 14th century Scotland in the middle of a fight between some highlanders and Roman soldiers. Her body is whole again and although she’s confused, she jumps in and saves a highlanders life creating an immediate bond between the two of them.

When I read this synopsis I was intrigued by Kinley, a female wounded warrior, wondering how her skills were going to help her out in medieval Scotland. Once she had come to grips with her situation we did see those skills in play. She had been a search and rescue coordinator, so her strategies in finding the Romans who were terrorizing the inhabitants of Skye were ahead of this time. Even better was Lachlan’s acceptance of who she had been and that he took those skills for granted. I was ok with Lachlan’s immortality (yep) but what was hard for me to overlook was that the Roman soldiers were actually Roman vampires. Just to make it really clear, the good vs evil fight was between Immortal Scottish warriors and Roman soldier vampires. There was a lot going on in this novel!

The talent was apparent in the writing because, well, I stuck with it to the end. I just wish she hadn’t thrown the story at the wall to see what stuck. It would’ve been enough for me to have Kinley get thrown back in time her body whole, found a warrior who see’s her worth, comes to love her- maybe throw in a couple of fighting scenes to show off everyone’s skills and then have our happily ever after. The vampire scenes were pretty gross and vivid, so I skimmed and skipped those parts. I really just wanted to get back to what I considered the meat and potatoes, Kinley and Lachlan. However, I can see why other readers gave this novel high reviews. Kinley was an original! The female vet angle was really appealing and in the end her character is why I read this book all the way to the end.

If this plot intrigues you, you’ll be happy to know that there are a LOT of these Immortal Highlander novels. Every highlander apparently has a woman come tumbling through from our world. Lucky them! I haven’t decided yet if I am going to give the second book a chance. The writing was good, but oh those Roman vampires…



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This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Male Romance Character-istics

I wrote a post a few months ago about my pet peeves for female characters and thought I needed to follow up with a pet peeves about male fictional characters post just to keep the conversation even.

The Alpha Male- OK, I’ll admit, I kind of like the alpha males in romance novels. An alpha male is great in an emergency. They take charge of the situation, have a first aid kit on hand (always!) and know how to sew up a wound. Really!  I would hate to be a mom of an alpha male because how did they get that knowledge?!! Oh! The other thing I love about the alpha males is that they ALWAYS pay the bill. That’s both in and out of the sack. Their women get the big O, but they also don’t have to pay for their clothes, dinner or security systems! When you need a new security system look for an alpha male, seriously. Now, what are my pet peeves about the alpha male characters? Hmmm, the above has made me re-think things a bit. Searching, searching… Oh yeah! Alpha men are not very emotional. They do know what they want and reach out and grab it (and only let go upon death). However, they are big on the actions speak louder than words scenario. Usually at the very end of the novel you get those three words said, but throughout the novel he is showing his woman his love by performing manly actions; mowing the lawn, a few hundred big “O”‘s and of course saving her life and buying security systems. (My favorite alpha male of them all is in the book below!)

Motorcycle Man

The Indecisive Man- This one drives me crazy!  He likes her, then decides he isn’t ready, or his ex comes back to town, then gets cold feet and disappears for a while. He shows back up when his woman is in trouble or goes on a bad date with another guy. Then he’s all in. OK, I know men aren’t all like the alpha male who knows what he wants and goes after it two seconds after meeting his woman, but there has to be some kind of in between. My leading man shouldn’t take one look at me, stick his toe in the water (or something somewhere else) and then say “yeah, maybe not right now.” Then change his mind and come back. That’s a hard guy to go all in with! (I gave the main character the benefit of the doubt below, and he did deliver!)

Every Little Kiss

The Angry Male- A man with a little mystery is attractive, but when he emotes anger, bitterness, and doesn’t trust? I’m a girl who has to buy a house where I can see everything I’m getting. If I can’t see beyond that anger? I’ll admit, I probably wouldn’t stick around to dig through and find out why. But, I know many ladies love a challenge! (I actually loved the angry male in the book below, I’ll admit!)

The Gravity of Us

The I Love to Emote male- Then there’s the guy who is over compensating for all of the alpha and indecisive men in romance novels. This is the guy who is totally comfortable with saying he loves you, your kids, your bad credit and insane mother. The guy who sticks with your mile high baggage even though he should probably run in the other direction. Wait a minute, maybe this guy isn’t all bad! Maybe it’s me? I just don’t trust the emotional male who see’s beyond all of the chaos in his chosen queen’s life and says I love you anyway. Wow, maybe I do need to talk this one out with a professional. (said guy in book below doesn’t over emote but he definitely sticks with her mile high baggage!)

Do You Want

The Charming but Useless Male- Admittedly this male character is usually in historical novels or ya books, but he is hovering around the perimeter of romance noveldom and needs a mention. If you are asking yourself while reading the novel, “yes, he’s all that, but what else does he do?” Admittedly you’re probably insane, but I admire a woman who likes a man with a job, or in the case of a ya male, a high school diploma! Charm can get you a lot of places, but how are you in an emergency? Can you afford a security system? Sorry, got off track there, but there’s something fishy about humor, charm, and good looks. LOL. Not really, but I do like men with jobs! (OK, great book below, but Ambrose is pretty much spot on for this male!)

Once and For All

OK, now that I have admittedly unloaded my issues with men, not just fictional characters, I will say that romance novels do have a raison d’etre! (did I spell that right?) Every woman who reads a romance novel wants a different kind of man for the mood she is in while reading that romance novel. Sometimes, after a tough day making decisions and kicking office butt, I want an Alpha Male to take charge, deliver the “O”‘s and pay for dinner.  Sometimes a woman is in the mood for romance, charm, and doesn’t care if her hero has a job. I’m not usually ever in the mood for an indecisive man, but I’m sure some women go for that guy! (If so, then we need to talk!) The point is that reading is selective. We all want different things at different times. That’s why romance novels are so great! You’ve got five novels in front of you and you get to pick which man you want tonight. If only that applied to real life, right? (Sorry, hubby if you’re reading this! jk! I swear!)

Of course, with that man comes a romantic female lead, but if you want to hear my opinions on those ladies you’ll have to read my other post…

My Pet Peeves with Female Fictional Character Traits

What are your favorite or most hated leading male characters or traits? It doesn’t matter the genre!

Which romantic male lead is your favorite of all time? I think I’m a bit indecisive (Oh No!) on that one, but this morning I’m feeling the need for fun and charm.  I’m going to skim through my men, um I mean kindle, and take a look!

Until next Sunday!


This Chick Read: Night Shifts Black (NSB #1) by Alyson Santos

Callie is contemplating what to order for breakfast at a diner when a good looking guy with a sad soulful look in his eye approaches her table and asks if she can move seats. She does, only moving to the seat across the table from the chair she had been sitting in. As she settles in her seat she watches this man stare at the chair she had been sitting in, hesitantly reach towards it and draw his hand away. Then he quickly turns around and leaves the diner. The waitress tells her that this is the third day he’s come in and done that. Intrigued, Callie shows up the next morning, sits at the same table and when the man approaches she invites him to have a seat at the next table with her. They strike up a conversation and the two of them become semi friendly, jokingly calling themselves the breakfast club. As this looks like a romance novel and I can feel Callie’s attraction to Luke, I thought ok, here’s my couple. but nope! Callie and Luke were not my romantic couple, but their relationship was the catalyst that drove Callie to find romance. Luke was the best friend. Intrigued? Hell yes!

This novel felt like a J. T. Geissinger novel. Full of great character depth, intense feelings, and agonizing pain. Just as you’d deduce from the above scene, Luke was working his way through emotional trauma. Callie, it seemed was his straight man, but she actually had a lot of depth too and together they had a solid supportive friendship. So, where is the love in this love story? There is one, it’s just not where I expected it. When it happens, it fits, and it’s wonderful.

This novel was seriously good! I loved the friendships in this novel. Dealing with serious topics like depression and suicide, the friendship and love that these characters felt for each other was what elevated the story to another level. Will I be reading the second book in this series, Tracing Holland? Yes, I have to see how Luke falls in love! Oh, did I mention this is a Rock Star romance? NSB, or Night Shifts Black is the name of their band, just in case you are wondering about that title.


Night Shifts Black

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This Chick Read: Then There Was You by Miranda Liasson

Sara Langdon has returned home to Angel Falls a year after her fiancee broke up with her two days before their wedding. She can’t help but blame his best man Colton for not keeping him on the straight and narrow, instead letting him fall for the girl who jumped out of the cake. Sara is now back after finishing her residency and partners up with her father at his medical practice, while living with her grandmother who has just started showing signs of dementia. When she has to sew Sheriff Colton Walker’s arm closed she has to face her past a little sooner than she’d like. She and Colton have known each other since childhood and have never gotten along, but there was always an underlying tension and now that she’s single, that tension is of the sexual variety.

Then There Was You is your typical enemies to lovers trope and Sara and Colton take their time fighting before they get to the lovers part. It creates a nice tension to their story, but also gives the reader a little time to get to know their pasts and why they always hated each other. Sara’s reason for being back in Angel Falls is a great subplot and humanizes Sara making her more three dimensional. Without dealing with the effects of dementia on a family, as well as learning how to partner with her father in a medical practice I think she would have been just like a lot of other romance heroines, pretty vanilla. Instead we see all that Sara’s got going on in her life, and there is a lot of it! She deals with those problems, while still agonizing over Colton and his behavior towards their budding relationship.

If we had not gotten those family subplots for both Sara and Colton I think I wouldn’t have liked this book as much as I did. There were a few moments between them as a couple that were pretty cliche, but how they dealt with their families, and then each other at the end of the book rounded out their characters and made me like them as a couple. There were a few moments where I wanted to kick Colton in the rear, but that added to the tension in the book very nicely.  If you are a fan of Miranda Liasson’s you will love this book- it’s a good start to a brand new series. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

There There was You

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