This Chick Read: Falling in Luck by Mary Ann Marlowe

Mallory Pech thinks she’s cursed by bad luck. Her best friend Benji Chance thinks there is no such thing as bad luck, you make your own. When Jean-Luc Chevalier, the very charming and gorgeous son of her company’s CEO comes to New York on a business trip Mallory crushes hard and is determined to catch his eye. Surprisingly this time she does! When he proposes a marriage of convenience Mallory decides to seize the day and joins him back in Paris for a 30 day trial run. The only problem is that she misses her best friend dreadfully, and Jean-Luc’s family is not like she imagined from their picture on Instagram. Could it be that she was never unlucky at love and her hearts desire was in front of her the whole time?

Despite knowing where this story was going right from the get-go I thought Falling in Luck was a lot of fun. Mallory was funny and sweet, if not a little naivé about a few things, but I over-looked them because I love a good redemption romance and she and Benji were just too cute for words and I wanted their HEA . The only down-side is that Benji spent a lot of the novel on the other side of the pond while Mallory was in over her head in Paris.

It would have been so easy to write this novel so the reader would hate Jean-Luc, but he was French, good looking, and charming and obviously had a soft spot for the terminally klutzy Mallory. I mean I’m surprised this girl didn’t walk in front of a bus in Paris while looking the wrong way! Jean-Luc, while having a lot of his own problems stuck by her and was her savior so I, of course, couldn’t hate him. However, their coupledom was doomed from the start and I’ll admit I was a little antzy to get to the real romance. When was Benji going to come after Mallory? Ultimately he arrived, but I would’ve been a little happier if it had happened sooner.

Ms. Marlowe has always written great characters and I loved Mallory, Benji, and Jean-Luc as well as the other cast of characters in the book. Like I said previously, they were all so easy to like but it was apparent from the start who the hero was going to be in this story despite the two charming men vying for our obtuse, sweet, Mallory. I’m all for self-discovery novels (and boy did Mallory need to find herself) but I was in the mood for romance and there’s no place like Paris for taking that next step towards love. Ah Amour! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: Kind of a Big Deal (Flirting with Fame #4) by Mary Ann Marlowe

Noah Kennedy and Lucy Griffin were high school sweethearts, best friends, and soul mates. When Noah left for New York to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star he and Lucy tried the long distance thing, but Lucy wanted someone who’d be there every day, not someone who would be on tour all the time. It was too similar to her absentee father who only dropped in when it was convenient to him. So, Lucy broke Noah’s heart. They remained friends, seeing each other only occasionally, but she was always the girl that got away. When Noah finds out that Lucy is now divorced he’s determined to win her for good.

The thing I love about Reading a series where each character in the gang gets their own story, is that by the time their story gets written we’ve heard their back story and have kind of gotten to know the character. Noah was definitely in the other books, but he was always the jerk and because of that I was never drawn to him. Reading his story I now know why he’s a jerk, but knowing that didn’t necessarily make him more likable. The only thing that did was his devout love for Lucy. Then there was Lucy. She’d obviously not had a good father figure and every man was judged against his failures and Noah had too many like comparisons, or at least on the surface. She had a lot of past grievances to overcome and Noah had a big mountain to climb.

The first 40% of this novel was spent catching up on these characters story arc. I’ll be honest, this became problematic for me because I got impatient. I wasn’t very attached to either character and their previous struggles, although eye-opening, didn’t help me care for them. However, once I hit that 40% and they finally re-connected, the story moved forward at a quicker pace and I sped through the remainder of the novel. From that point forward I was rooting for Noah. I’ll admit, I never cared too deeply for Lucy but wanted Noah to finally achieve his own HEA, even if it was with her. I didn’t think she was too deserving.

This was not my favorite book in the series. In that first 40% I kind of felt like their lives were just being told to me and the narration felt distant. I didn’t live their experiences with them. I’m glad to have read Kind of a Big Deal because it wraps up the series (I think!) but my favorite by this author is still her first book Some Kind of Wonderful. If you haven’t read that novel, please give it a try! It’s the first book and if you love it like I did, you will want to hear the rest of these band member’s stories. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

I was given a copy of this novel by the author for my honest review. I lost the copy and purchased the novel because of my love for this series. My review remains unbiased and completely honest.

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This Chick Read: Crushing It by Lorelei Parker

Game developer, Sierra Reed, needs to develop more confidence so her boss will send her to a gamecon in Europe to pitch their newest game. How will she overcome her fear? By entering a “most humiliating story” contest at her local pub. Her tale about a huge crush she had in college on a totally hot fellow classmate, Tristan Spencer, was well received, but more so when they announced the next contestant…. Tristan Spencer! What’s it like to come face to face with your college crush after 10 years? Crushing It does a great job delivering all of those feelings of embarrassment, hope, and passion, but are those feelings for Tristan? Or cute pub owner Alfie?

Sierra was such a fun character. A gamer, with a Japanese funky street style is totally cute, but just doesn’t see herself that way at all. Her re-introduction to her college crush goes a long way towards giving her confidence, but really it’s the admiration and friendship of the pub owner, Alfie, that makes her start to view herself differently.

This author really delivered on all of the humiliating stories, I found myself laughing along with the crowded pub, and really enjoyed getting to know the cast of characters. My favorites being the gay couple Zane and Bryce who had just the right amount of supportive snark and raunchy stories to keep the mood light.

Crushing It was a pleasant surprise! I picked this ARC completely based off of the description (and the cute cover!) and didn’t regret my choice at all. If you’re looking for a fun, light, rom-com, I think you’ll enjoy this story and the cast of characters a lot.


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This Chick Read: Kind of Famous (Flirting with Fame #3) by Mary Ann Marlowe

Layla Beckett has a big secret. One that might conflict with her new job running the social media for The Rock Paper, a music magazine. On her first day she meets Jo, the wife of an on the rise rock star, and through her she meets Jo’s friends, including drummer Shane Morgan. As she and Shane get closer, it quickly becomes apparent that her secret of running the top fan sight in the country may stand between their happiness.

I’ve read both of the other novels in this series and was really looking forward to this new installment. This is a rock star series, and yes, there’s plenty of eye candy and sizzling action between our heroes and heroines, but what I like the most is that each story has an underlining plot that brings a more serious tone to what would normally be a light hearted subject. In Kind of Famous, Layla’s secret is part of the main story and it definitely added a huge conflict, even if most of it was inner conflict for the majority of the book. As the book developed I realized there was an additional conflict in their relationship and that was Shane’s insecurity. How can a hot drummer in a rock band be insecure? Good question, and Kind of Famous does a great job of delivering the answer.

When Layla and Shane meet there’s this instant connection and energy. He’s surrounded by these god-like characters in his band but he stand out because of his adorkableness (yes, this is now a word!). He’s cute, has a rockin’ bod, but he’s totally shy. Layla, too, is kind of awkward. She has this online life that allows her to be bold, but in person she’s quiet and let’s face it, pretty stunned to be standing in the same space as people she’s idolized. Her awestruck scenes were totally believable and also added some conflict to she and Shane’s developing romance. I really liked them together and loved the obstacles I could clearly see ahead of them.

When you read a series it’s always great fun to see where the characters in previous books lives are now. Eden, Adam,Micah, and Jo are all integral characters in Layla and Shane’s story and I like how they were true to my memories of them and liked even more that I was given a glimpse into their futures. Next up in this series has to be Noah as he was given a rather sinister light and there is definitely more to his story than we’ve been told so far. Kind of Famous did a good job of moving all of their characters forward in my mind, as well as letting me fall in love with Layla and Shane all on their own. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I wish this author wrote a little faster and hopefully (?) we may have another Flirting with Fame story by the end of the year. From these words to Mary Ann Marlowe’s ears… keep those fingers typing!

I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review and it was honest!

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“Deeper than it seems on the surface, Kind of Famous explores the treacherous natures of fandom, friendship, and love–and the explosions that can result when those three things collide. Author Mary Ann Marlowe‘s book is a sweet coda of a love song to the rocker universe she created in Some Kind of Magic and developed further in A Crazy Kind of Love. If you loved those books, you’ll cherish this one as well.” Dreaming in Character

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This Chick Read: Dating by the Book by Mary Ann Marlowe

Maddie Hanson was jilted at the altar six months ago. Living in her hometown of Orion surrounded by her friends, she is spending her time trying to bring her bookstore to life while at the same time waiting for her first book to be released. When her publisher sends out ARC’s of her book, she reads a not so nice review by a blogger named “Silver Fox” and retaliates in anger at his questioning her lack of romantic experience. This comment spurs Maddie to look at her past decisions and the men surrounding her to try to find her own real life romance hero.

Dating By The Book is a trip down memory lane of several novels that I and other bibliophiles love. Each man in Maddie’s life representing a hero in one of the novels her book club is reading. A club that is in fact filled with men; her high school boyfriend Dylan, lifelong friend Max, and dependable customer Charlie. Each of whom could be a romantic interest in the likes of Rhett from Gone with the Wind, Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, and Rochester from Jane Eyre. Let’s not forget about the mysterious Silver Fox who develops into an email pal giving solid advice about life, love, and plot points in her novel. I couldn’t help but picture Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail each time her mail chimed!

Maddie’s journey to find passion and love was intertwined with her need to get her second book finished in time. Each lesson she learns about herself is written into her book, reminding me that each author puts her heart and soul into their novel, regardless of how well that novel is received. Luckily, that’s not a problem with Dating By the Book. Even if it didn’t have all of the literary references to hold my interest the story itself made sense and took me on a journey. It’s one of those books that can be taken as a life lesson to the person who reads it, or it can be tossed into a bag for their summer vacation. Both to be revered and enjoyed.

If you have read Mary Ann Marlowe’s two previous novels, Some Kind of Magic and Crazy Kind of Love you will be happy to hear that she does also have a rock star in this book. Is he the man of Maddie’s dreams? Well, he has a lot of competition, that’s for sure! Even with that familiarity, I was happy to see the author try something a little different in this novel which reads more as a Women’s Fiction novel than a Contemporary Romance. Also, for those readers who are fans of a slow burn romance novel, you’re going to love how the relationship between our heroine and hero develops throughout this novel. By the time they get together you are so ready for it, and I mean that in the best way possible.

It’s summertime and there are so many good books out there to read and not enough time to get to all of them. My recommendation is that Dating by the Book is worth moving up on your TBR pile, putting in your bag when you hit the beach, or digging out of your purse sitting on the train to work in the morning. It’s fun, but it also makes you think about your own choices in life, love and literature.


I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review and it was honest!

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“What didn’t really jive with me was the overall chaotic feeling of the characters and storyline. There was just a bit too much going on for my taste. I never fully connected with the main character or any of her love interests and, because of that, there was no one I was rooting for her to end up with.” The Oxford Comma Momma

“…I felt this book in my soul.” A Scholar Review

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This Chick Read: A Crazy Kind of Love (Flirting With Fame #2) by Mary Ann Marlowe

Jo Wilder is a paparazza with a heart. She has an eye for photography, thanks to her famous photographer father, but her heart just isn’t into getting the big story and hurting the people she’s reporting about. One day, while trying to get that perfect shot of a celebrity and her kids, she is blocked, then charmed by a handsome stranger. That stranger, Micah Sinclair, helps her get the shot by lifting her up on his shoulders, then proceeds to charm her. He does such a great job of disarming her that she doesn’t realize that he is famous himself. As their paths cross again, they start to develop a friendship that leads to romance. One that is strife with pitfalls, because how can Jo keep her emotions in check and still get that big story, or is that really what she wants?

A Crazy Kind of Love is the second novel in the series and I’m happy to say that we get to meet up with Eden and Adam again. Eden is Micah’s sister and has a pretty big part to play in this novel too. It’s not enough that Jo second guesses herself and her relationship with Micah, that struggle being the central conflict in this story, but Eden also has a part to play in Jo’s internal struggle as her conscience. Just as Jo second guesses herself about Micah’s intentions, Eden steps in with some advice or input for Jo that helps her find her way on this kind of insane path. I liked the back and forth that Jo’s emotions go through as Eden tosses a casual verbal grenade down that path to happiness. I also liked the foreshadowing of friendship the two women were developing alongside the romance that was developing between Jo and Micah.

Micah, oh Micah! He  was almost too good to be true. As Jo was going through all of these struggles with her conscience, her health and her heart, Micah was a little harder to read. He kind of reminded me of a male version of Goldie Hawn. You know, beautiful, kind of ditzy and out there, but with moments of insight and wonderfulness. I don’t know Goldie in person but those are the types of characters she plays in the movies and for some reason I kept seeing her when I was reading a scene about him. Maybe it’s my own skepticism about the lead singer in a band falling in love with a professional stalker and not really having any problems with it? Or at least, getting over that initial does she like me for the opportunity or for myself, really fast. BUT, I read romances as an escape, so I too got over that character pitfall pretty quickly. He was just delish, regardless.

As with Some Kind of Wonderful, A Crazy Kind of Love had characters who had real problems, whether they were health related, difficult families, love lives, etc. This is why I like Mary Ann Marlowe’s novels so much. Yes, you get that escape from reality that you want from a love story, but you also see your main characters overcome obstacles that could happen to you. I didn’t have a problem connecting with Jo Wilder and in fact, I loved her for all of her foibles, health and family issues. It made her and Micah’s story that much sweeter. It was nice that love came so easily to them, when they had to overcome life’s obstacles to get there. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review and it was honest!

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Blog Tour #Giveaway and Review! This Chick Read: Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe

I signed up to be a part of the early review tour for Some Kind of Magic based entirely on the cute cover of this book.  Yep, pretty superficial, but check out this cover. Cute, right?

Then, I looked up the book and read the excerpt below: Continue reading “Blog Tour #Giveaway and Review! This Chick Read: Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe”