This Chick Read: The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren

Carey Duncan met Melissa and Rusty Tripp when she was sixteen. She applied for a retail job in their store in her small town. When they were discovered by a home design network, Carey continued to work for Melissa as her assistant. She has helped them build their empire, but just as their launching a book tour, their marriage is on the rocks. James McCann was only recently hired by the Tripp’s as an Engineer on their show but has ended up being Rusty’s executive assistant. His career trajectory is reliant upon the Tripp’s making a success of their book and the second season of their new show. When it all starts to plummet, he and Carey team up to try to hold their bosses relationship together, while at the same time starting their own.

This novel came out a couple of years ago and has say on my library wishlist ever since. I’m not sure why I pressed pause because it was such a great romance. OK, yeah, Melissa and Rusty’s relationship was definitely on the skids, but when James and Carey banded together the became each others support system and their own story was sweet and funny. This story was a perfect example of using two relationships to show the contrast in healthy vs unhealthy which skewed the reader to loving James and Carey event more. Boy those Tripp’s were a mess!

I really enjoyed learning about Carey’s disability and how it made her life challenging. Especially when trying to keep designing furniture and other ideas for the Tripp’s. He story especially tugged on your heartstrings. I’ll admit to using Google to learn a little more. One of my favorite moments was James suggestion of using his engineering skills to design her a tool to use to make it easier for her to use her tablet. So sweet! This was a couple that I really rooted for from the start.

There were a lot of hijinks in this novel, just as there are in many of Christina Lauren’s novels. I’m not really fond of watching a marriage implode but I think the contrast of watching a new relationship being built helped provide the positive feeling the reader was left with at the end of the story. Well done! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

Daughter of a world famous treasure hunter and somewhat deadbeat dad, Lily Wilder makes a living off the legend that her father pursued throughout her childhood, guiding tourists on innocent treasure hunts for Butch Cassidy’s hidden treasure. When she meets her newest group of city slickers she is shocked to find her first love, Leo Grady. Her sweetheart who left her for a family emergency and dropped off the face of the earth. A week on the trail with her ex is not what she bargained for, but how much worse can it get? This story of lost love found again has quite a few hidden surprises and a whole lot of adventure.

Prior to her mother leaving, Lily loved the tales and riddles her father created, but after she left Lily’s resentment for those stories grew. She became more reserved staying loyal to those who were true to her. Ten years have gone by since Leo’s disappearance and despite her anger, this is a chance for her to find out what happened and get closure. Leo is gobsmacked when he sees Lily walking through the camp towards him, having no idea that she was heading their week of fun. He’s instantly struck by what attracted him to her and reminded of why he fell in love with her all those years ago. Their chemistry is off the charts and the reader is left dying to know why they were no longer together. The set-up to the two of them meeting was so well done and immediately grabbed the reader locking them into this adventurous love story.

Lily and Leo are not alone on this journey, and the cast of characters run from friendly to annoying but all of this adds to a story that about a third of the way in takes a right turn and takes off like a rocket jolting the readers heart and makes them unable to put this book down, at least it did for me. This trip goes completely awry and the fake treasure hunt takes center stage. Do these clues in her fathers journal actually lead to real treasure? It becomes a life or death hunt for Lily and Leo that draws them closer to each other and also to the possibility that their dream of being together can come true. Something Wilder is a cute play on words as Wilder is Lily’s last name, but it’s also a clue to the journey that the reader will take while reading this book. It starts off pretty steady but this reader was suprised as it shifted to a wild, rollicking, adventure. I eagerly flipped pages and settled in, this story took me on a wild ride and I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Jess is a single mother working multiple jobs as a data and statistics wizard. She works hard to make ends meet and is too focused on being Juno’s mom to bother letting someone new in her life. After all, what’s the point, they all leave anyway. When she hears about GeneticAlly which focuses on people’s genes in order to make the perfect match she totally gets it. However, she never has any intention of spitting into a cup to find her soulmate. Dr. River Peña is one of the genius’s behind GeneticAlly and when he and Jess end up being a 98% Diamond match he can’t help but see it through. After all, he believes in the science. As they get to know each other, they click on every level so it has to be true, doesn’t it?

I loved the concept behind The Soulmate Equation. I met my husband 21 years ago through an online dating service so I had total buy in. That was about all that was similar to my own experience as this fantasy dating app is a long way from answering a series of questions on the dating service I used. It was time for Jess to catch a break and have something go her way, her life up to that point had been full of struggle. For her match to be the hot guy that she has seen in her coffee shop for the past two years seemed to be kismet. That the dating concept used genetics to create the “perfect” match was perfect for a character who was a statistic whiz and made perfect sense that it was the scientist who invented the concept, and as I got to know our main couple I couldn’t help but feel they were meant to be.

I loved both of these characters. Jess’s struggles to give her daughter the childhood she didn’t have, and as we got to know River we learned that he wasn’t always the handsome scientist he was today. He was actually quite the geek who excelled academically at a very young age. They both had their struggles and their connection was off the charts. It’s rare that I read a romance novel that gives me goose bumps anymore and this novel definitely did.

As with the other Christina Lauren novels I’ve read the dialog is fun and the romance sizzling. This was an easy book to read and get lost in. If you’re looking for that story that will take you away from your troubles The Soulmate Equation is the perfect match. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

Tate Jones and Sam Brandis meet and fall in love while on a two week vacation in London. He was her first lover and confidant and ultimately broke her heart. 14 years later Tate is an actress who shows up for a role of a lifetime and finds out the screenwriter is none other than Sam. This reconnection brings up all of her past hurts. Will they take advantage of this second chance?

OK, boy, this story was so much more than the brief synopsis above. Another huge plot point is the fact that Tate’s father is this huge actor and is cast in a supporting role in the movie. Tate has always wanted to have a better relationship with her father and her journey towards the discovery of who they both are is at times heartbreaking and is such a great sub plot to this novel! I really feel that without that additional conflict the story would have fallen a little flat. I’m always a sucker for daddy issues and boy, this daddy has issues!

I loved Sam right from the start and was just as heartbroken as Tate when their relationship couldn’t get past their first big conflict. However, it was Tate and her family/friends that held this story together. Her Nana and mom were awesome and her best friend Charlie was funny and ferocious.

I recently read Christina Lauren’s Unhoneymooners and that novel was hilarious and fun. This novel had more heart and depth. There was some humor from the cast of characters but there was a lot of emotional turmoil in Tate’s heart and it was that emotion that drew me in. I feel like this novel was different than their other books because of how adult the topics and the maturity of the characters. If you look for those heart tugging moments in the books you read then you need to pick this one up! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Dressed in a horrible green bridesmaid dress, Olive Torres figures it’s par for the course. After all, her twin sister Ami has always been the lucky one, winning contests, getting favorable jobs, and now marrying her dream guy. When the entire wedding party and guests get food poisoning with the exception of Olive and Ethan-brother to the groom, the tables are turned and Olive’s luck starts to change. When she and Ethan are offered the chance to take a free honeymoon in the place of the bride and groom, she has some misgivings but accepts. She’s always found Ethan to be somewhat of a bore, but figures she can suck it up for this chance in a lifetime vacation.

The Unhoneymooners has got it all going on! Humor, attraction, great dialog, and my favorite trope of enemies to lovers, what’s not to like? The exchanges between Olive and Ethan are really clever and outright funny. Olive is kind of a beautiful mess, but that mess is mostly in her own head. Written mostly from her POV, we get to see how her adorableness contrasts with how she views herself. That dichotomy really made me root for Olive! Not only didn’t I view her the same way she viewed herself, but could see a little bit of her in me, in her insecurity and self consciousness. I think a lot of readers will identify with her character and that will make her HEA even more sweet to read.

Ethan was a little harder to grasp, but I think that was because we were seeing through Olive’s eyes, and those eyes were a bit clouded. Once they cleared a little, Ethan was as good as it gets. Handsome, charming, and not as full of himself as Olive first believed. What won me over though was how funny they were together. The dialog in this novel was what made it work. Christina Lauren’s self deprecating humor struck a chord and I really did laugh out loud quite a bit!

If you are looking for a fast, fun, vacation bound book then you must give The Unhoneymooners a try out. If your own vacation is lacking that sizzle and spark -this novel will fire you right up! Plus give you a good laugh as well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received an ARC of this novel through NetGalley for my honest review and I was honest!

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