This Chick Read: Hot and Badgered (Honey Badger Chronicles #1) by Shelly Laurenston

Shelly Laurenston writes the most irreverent and fun shifter romance novels. Her characters do have the characteristics of the animals they shift into, but unlike other novels in the human shifting into animal paranormal genre, it doesn’t skeeve me out. I always look forward to a new release and I’ve been looking forward to reading Hot and Badgered since I read and featured the Chapter excerpt a few months ago.

If this were a normal novel I’d say that Charlie is the overprotective older sister who has taken it upon herself to protect her two younger sisters their entire lives. However, this is a shifter novel, so that same sentence should actually be, full blooded honey badger, Charlie is the overprotective sister to her half tiger/honey badger genius younger sister, and her psychotic always smiling honey badger middle sister. Sounds like a lot more fun, right? Honey badgers are notorious for not being scared of anything. They will fight a grizzly to the death even though they are bigger and more fierce. These ladies are no different they are death personified, but sweet and funny at the same time.

Berg Dunn meets Charlie when she dives naked out of her hotel bedroom and lands two flights down in his. He helps protect her from the armed men who are chasing her and she runs out the door before he learns her name. When he finds her a few days later he helps them rent a house in his bear neighborhood where they will catch the scent of any non bear who tries to sneak in. This is the start of Berg’s fascination with Charlie, but Charlie doesn’t want to bring solid, dependable Berg into her crazy life. Of course, he does finally wear her down, but not before a lot of blood is shed and food is eaten.

Shelly Laurenston has built a world that is total fantasy and 100% fun. These shifters are fierce and somewhat like their animal namesakes, so reading their reactions to each other is kind of like watching the Discovery Channel but the animals have human emotions to match their animal fierceness. Berg and Charlie were a fun couple and complemented the other. Berg was solid and nice while Charlie was a bit ADHD and a warrior. She was the most normal of the three sisters so I can’t imagine what species could possibly be matched up with either of her two crazy sisters.

If you’ve never read a Shelly Laurenston novel, I’d start with the Pride series the world might make a little more sense, however, this is a stand alone novel and there are only a couple of extraneous characters who show up where you may miss a subtle reference. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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