This Chick Read: Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

Get out your tissues because Nora Roberts newest romantic suspense novel is a three hanky event. A novel about family lost and family found, love, and survival.

There are two storylines in Come Sundown. The first, takes place in current time at the Bodine resort and ranch. Bodine Longbow lives on the ranch with her brothers and parents while running the resort side of their business while her father and brothers run the ranch side. We learn that Bodine, named after her mother’s side of the family who owns the land their property is on, is super organized and the lady in charge, but isn’t the most emotional woman in the world. Not that’s she’s unfeeling but she’s all business. She has to be to keep their little empire afloat. Her love interest, Cal Skinner, is back after leaving at eighteen to make it on his own. He had worked as a horse wrangler in the movies and was ready to settle back down close to his family. He finds a job working for Bodine and the sparks start quietly zapping as the intensity between them builds.

The second plot line is set 26 years ago when Alice Bodine is hitch hiking back to her parents ranch after disappearing on the day of her sister’s wedding. She is kidnapped off the side of the road and held against her will until 26 years later when she escapes. This plot line was very well done, but the subject matter was not for the faint of heart. Alice was beaten, raped, and indoctrinated into this new life in ways that were heartbreaking to read about. When she finally has her reunion with her family, her journey back to normalcy was very emotional and well written.

Bodine and Alice’s storyline ran parallel to each other, but their journey was not similar at all. The disparity between the two stories gave the story impact and delivered a solid punch. This was a tough one to read but also a really heartwarming story about family ties. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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