This Chick Read: Frostblood (Frostblood Saga #1) by Elly Blake #giveaway

Ruby and her mom have kept a secret from her village for years…they thought. When Frostblood soldiers show up in town, the villagers hand her over to save themselves. Ruby embraces her heritage to escape and ends up watching her mother die and her village burn down. She is a Fireblood, and her king has persecuted them so that there are very few left. Rescued from prison, Ruby lands in the midst of Fireblood rebel monks who wish to train her to use her flames……and kill the king.

Interesting concept, but somewhat familiar to the Red Queen. In Red Queen the color of your blood determines your societal rank, with silvers having powers. In Frostblood, what you are is determined by your power. Ruby has the gift of fire and heat, hence the Fireblood moniker. Those who have the power over ice and cold are Frostbloods. In both series our heroines are “captured” and trained to use their powers. In Frostblood I did enjoy her Yoda/Luke Skywalker type relationship with Brother Thistle who has determined that she is the “child of light” that is prophesied to save them from their ruthless king. Ruby is skeptical, but not stupid, and takes what training she can get. Smart girl, since she has been only successful at accidentally setting things on fire when she’s angry up to this point!

There is some historical references to Fire and Frost working together in the past, so when Ruby has a love hate relationship with Arcus, a young mysterious Frostblood, it’s no surprise when those feelings turn more to the love side of that equation (Also a similar plotline to Red Queen). Before they can explore those feelings too far, she is captured and comes to the attention of the King. This is when the story really starts moving.

This was a well written ya fantasy tale, but those similarities were a little distracting at first. There were enough differences, especially once she is in the Kings castle and forced to compete in the King’s tournament for her life, that I was able to lose myself in the storyline and enjoy the book. The second book, Fireblood, is out in September so you won’t have long to wait before the next installment. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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