This Chick Read: Going Wild (The Wild Ones #2) by C. M. Owens

Moving to Tomahawk, Washington was not a part of Liam’s life plan. As the owner of multiple galleries and various other businesses he has made tons of money and was coasting through life. When Kylie Malone joins his skydiving group she ends up saving his life and also changing the direction of it. Spending weeks together as she nurses him back to health he completely falls for her, but he forgot one thing. He forgot to tell her he had a girlfriend. Kylie left him and left town for Tomahawk, and one year later Liam follows. He though Kylie was a sweet girl and she kept trying to warn him, but it wasn’t until he moved to her hometown and saw how crazy that corner of the world was he only knew one thing. Despite the craziness she was the one for him.

I bought this book immediately after reading the first book The Wild Ones. I wrote that review and raved above it in July 2018. It was the funniest book in the world, so why did I let this book sit in my Kindle for almost three years??? I had two weeks between Arc’s and could read anything I wanted so I’ve been going through my Kindle and cleaning books out but reading the first couple of chapters. If by the second chapter I wasn’t hooked I was deleting them. By Chapter two of Going Wild I was laughing so hard I was crying and I ended up reading it straight through. Oh my gosh I have not laughed out loud like this in a long time. What made it so great? Well, it’s really hard to describe, but I’ll try to give a couple of hints.

Tomahawk- There are four families of Wild Ones in Tomahawk and Kylie is a Malone which is one of those crazy families. They are loving in a pretty physical way. I don’t mean they are getting it on all the time, they are fighting, blowing things up, and playing pranks on each other. Their level of fun is to the extreme. When Liam moves to Tomahawk, he doesn’t know any better and moves to the wrong side of the lake from Kylie. He moves in next door to the Vincent’s, who were featured in the first book. When he moves there he is one of the only non-bearded men in town (long story but read the first book) and the ladies are trying to butter him up with casseroles and baked goods but he is waiting for Kylie to make an appearance and doesn’t have eyes for any other woman. Ahhh.

Kylie- She is the only female in the Malone pack. Surrounded by her 5 male cousins and father once she see’s Liam she not only has to run off all the females in town who are trying to woo him away with their culinary skills she has to protect him from her family. Although, really she doesn’t.

Liam- at first I thought “this was our hero” because he was kind of icky. However, when he got to Tomahawk that ick turned into determination and you have to admire a guy who knows what he wants, changes his whole life for her, and goes after her.

Going Wild has too many wild situations and hijinks to even try to get you all to understand or comprehend, but if your in the mood, and I definitely was, this book will light you up it is so funny. It is slapstick humor so if that isn’t your thing, please move on. If you want to take a chance and have Kindle Unlimited it is part of your subscription and you can give it a try. Because I needed a good laugh and got one from Going Wild this is a five star read from me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: Becoming a Vincent (The Wild Ones #1) by C.M. Owens

Tomahawk, from it’s description, is a rather simple town. People are just folks, cousins are kin, and hi-tech means you drive a speedboat instead of a fishing boat. Lilah and her two brothers are Wild Ones. There are four families of Wild Ones on each corner of the lake in Tomahawk. The Wild Ones are exactly like their moniker, pretty dang wild. They are not allowed at the same party unless it’s a wedding or a funeral of one of the wild ones. Truly, I can’t remember all the rules, but if there are two families at the same party there’s either a fight or something blows up.

For the past nine years, all of the men of Tomahawk have been bearded  because of a bet and all of the ladies are just grossed out. You’d think if you weren’t getting any action because your beard got in the way I wouldn’t think a bet would be a strong enough reason to keep it, but these men are stubborn! Lila’s best friend Benson (also bearded) has been a constant for the last three years. Even though on drunken nights he gets kind of handsy, they never cross that line. When the beard rule gets broken and Benson trims down, Lilah is wishing for that line to be crossed, and soon!

This novel was absolutely hysterical! It had such a fun sense of humor and plenty of tension between Lilah and Benson. I loved how he was just hers, and she was his, even though they had never crossed that friendly line. He was just waiting for his chance. If you are looking for a kind of crazy, fun romance buy this book. I bought it awhile ago on my sister’s recommendation but sat on it. I wish I hadn’t! It’s the perfect pick me up for a down day, a great summer vacation novel, and really just the right book for any mood you may be in. I’ve already purchased the second… ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Becoming a Vincent

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