This Chicks note from Italy and a mini review: It was Always You by Georgie Capron

Hi from Italia! We are having a wonderful time on our river cruise, even though we are not traveling the Po river because of draught. We are tootling around the Venice waters and being bussed to our stops. A little more time in a bus means more time to catch up on reading. I will be truthful though. I’m listening to audio books rather than getting to read any because I don’t want to take my eyes off the scenery. Before I get to my review, let me tell you a little about the beginning of my trip.

We arrived in Milan and had some fabulous food, did some great shopping and had a tour of the Duomo and the Last Supper.  All in two days. It was jam packed but totally fun. This was my second trip to Milan, but was a teenager in the last trip and seeing the Last Supper as an adult was a highlight.

On the way to catch our River cruise we stopped in Verona. Some of you may have seen the movie Letters to Juliet with Amanda Siegfried? I did and loved it. Verona was the setting and it was lovely, although the love letter wall was not. In the movie, they cleaned the wall so all of the letters were clean. The wall now has graffiti all over it and love notes were written on bandaids. Yes, that is not my idea of a good vessel for love! However, it does stick! Lol. The balcony you see below is Juliet’s balcony, and it was just as I had pictured, although a LOT more crowded. There were a ton of Romeo’s looking for their Juliet’s. I had to wait for one to leave the balcony before I could take this shot. Yes, you can pay to stand on the balcony.

Next we went to Serego Alghieri and had lunch and a little wine from their vineyard. Gorgeous scenery!

After wine tasting we arrived in Venice. I’ll try to update again with some photo’s of that beautiful city. It deserves its own post.

While in Milan I read It Was Always You by Georgie Capron. Picked completely for the setting. You guessed it, Italy! This was also one of my Kindle Unlimited books that I was challenging myself to read.

Libby, a young English woman, is traveling Europe for the summer before settling back down in London to start her new job in a law firm. She arrives in the cute coastal town of Positano where she will be working at a B&B for the summer. She adores the city, having vacationed there when she was younger. She meets charming Luca and against her better judgement starts an affair. Luca, admittedly, is a hound, leaving unhappy women in his wake. Knowing a) this was a romance, and b) there was an HEA in her future, I overlooked my own misgivings and continued to read.

This book became tough for me to read, and not because it was bad per se. It had too many themes. The book starts off light and fluffy and turns into serious and too life in your face. I did finish it but I’m on vacation! I wanted a lighthearted romance. Eventually I got my HEA but it wasn’t with the guy I thought it would be with and there was too much heartbreak in the interim. I definitely think this is a case of it not being the right book at the right time and others may like it more but, I can only give it ❤️❤️❤️.

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