It’s been a long week…

Tuesday night around midnight a tornado ripped through Nashville. Starting in a popular historical neighborhood called Germantown, jumping the river into East Nashville and then staying on the ground for 60 miles through Mt. Juliet and Cookeville. Was it a blessing or a curse that it happened in the middle of the night? There was a school that had considerable damage, so I guess a blessing because if there had been kids in that school hundreds could have been injured and died. That it happened in the middle of the night meant if you had awakened to the sirens you could find your safe place, but some people were ripped out of their homes and died. 24 of them.

I live in the city of Nashville and thankfully saw little damage. However, my husband and I have an Airbnb in East Nashville and we had guests staying in it the night it hit. Our place was in the path of the tornado but a block away it veered east and our block was skipped. Our guests were ok. I can’t even tell you the relief I felt.

I’m in a Facebook group for Airbnb’s in Nashville and this woman told her story about her home getting hit in Germantown. Their guest had to be cut out of the host Airbnb because she was framed in by bars. That guest was fine, and in fact, stayed to help clean up the area. I’m tearing up as I write this because that is only one of the many wonderful stories that I’ve heard in the aftermath of this storm. Thousands of people are donating, bringing food and water, cooking and giving out free bbq, cleaning debris, putting tarps over holes in people’s roof’s, and so much more. I’ve always loved the city of Nashville and these stories only make me love it that much more. The people here are really that special.

Here are a few photo’s from the damage from the storm. These building’s span businesses, low income property, and homes. These people’s lives have been disrupted in a huge way. There is an organization who has handled the majority of volunteers, donations, etc. If you feel like donating to help Nashville’s recovery please do!

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3 thoughts on “It’s been a long week…

  1. I’m about an hour south of Nashville, but everybody out of town seemed to have forgotten how far away I lived.

    I usually worry when there’s tornados but the weather channel said we were in the three percent chance or something low like that so I just went to bed and didn’t think twice.

    They were definitely wrong about that three percent chance. But it is hard to predict how tornados will be, especially how calm everything was Monday.

    This was a reminder that I should get a weather radio because I’m hearing impaired and I don’t have cable. I work at a newspaper and get my news there and the Frndly app has the weather channel there.

    Night storms are the deadly ones for sure. I’m glad you are ok!

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    1. We live in the city where they are tornado sirens. My husband works for Ch. 4 and he got up and worked from the living room but didn’t bother waking me to tell me what was going on. My sister actually called me and woke me up. I think a lot of people had the same reaction that this is the type of thing that you can’t roll over and go back to sleep. You need to be aware and get in a safe place if needed. We came out ok, but my boss’s house was destroyed while he was in it. Scary stuff!

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