This Chick Read: Eclipse the Moon (Starlight’s Shadow #2) by Jessie Mihalik

Ever since her ship took on a group of Valoff’s permanently Kee Ildiz has been aware of the silent and deadly weapons specialist Varro Runkow. She’s been determined to keep her attitude cheerful even under his dark and slightly uncomfortable gaze. While sifting through data on the net she becomes suspicious of a gathering on a nearby planet and asks her captain and best friend to drop her off for a few weeks to check it out. Thinking this would give her a break from her feelings for the dangerous Valovian and sniff out any trouble while on the ground. Little does she know that Varro is determined to keep her safe and follows her. That distance she needs soon becomes a bit crowded when he’s sharing the small apartment she finds for her few weeks away. When she stumbles into the trouble she felt was brewing she’s thankful the tough guy is by her side.

This second series by Jessie Mihalik has grabbed my attention so much quicker than her first, Polaris Rising. I’m not sure the difference but she’s sharpened her skills in creating fun dialog, interesting characters, a hint of danger, and that little bit of tension that all good space romances need. Kee is an interesting character because on the surface she’s colorful and bright which really hides a depth of emotion and strength that’s surprising. Although being the best friend of her Captain should give away the facts that this woman’s character is true to its core. Varro is a much harder character to get to know. He really is very quiet and exudes danger and a I want to be alone vibe. When we find out his reasons for keeping that wall in place the reader can only like him more and be sympathetic to his finding someone who will be his match. I think they balanced each other out really good and loyalty was a trait that they both shared.

I found the dangerous mission aspect of this story a lot of fun. It starts off light-hearted with a fashion show and zips into guns blazing and bombs bursting pretty quickly. Our two favorite protagonists are soon the hero’s to be and their actions provide a lot of entertainment as well as eye-opening reveals about their characters. This was a really well written, fun, space opera romance. I loved every bit of it.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: Hunt the Stars (Starlight’s Shadow #1) by Jessie Mihalik

Ex- soldier turned bounty hunter Octavia Zarola is looking for a big pay-off so that she can keep her crew together an hire someone to fix her ship. When an offer of a lifetime comes her way it just had to be from former Valoff soldier General Torran Fletcher. Accepting the job may mean entrusting her crew’s life to the people they were once at war with but the pay is just to good to pass up. When she finds out what they are being paid to find it becomes a job they just can’t turn down.

Tavi and Torran are both hero’s from the Valoff-human war. Tavi is infamous for having completed a mission that killed a large number of Valoff civilians. At least that was the story the human side told. The real story was something else entirely and left Tavi and her crew at odds with their military. The last person she wants to work a bounty with is a Valoff team, one who knows the story her military made up. As they all travel to Valoff the group has the chance to get to know each other and make connections that make them view each other in a different light.

Hunt the Stars had a very quick start, which I loved, not needing a big set up to get character back stories and get the plot moving. It was immediately apparent that Tavi and Torran were going to have a big conflict- bigger than going up against each other in the last war. The feelings they built on the trip to Valoff would be explored but also diverted once Tavi’s team finds out what it is that they’re truly searching for. The arc between these two characters was filled with the tension of attraction but also of an unknown bump in the road that was to come. As with all great character driven novels, the side characters were just as important to the story as the hero and heroine and Hunt the Stars had some great characters. I’m eager to see if the second novel that centers around Kee and Varro is able to continue the fast pace and fun reparteé that Kee delivered in Hunt the Stars. She is by far the most energetic character on the crew.

If you like serial science-fiction novels this series may just fit the bill. The series is off to a better start than Jessie Mihalik’s first and I’m anticipating some fun-filled adventures from this crew in the future.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: Aurora Blazing (The Consortium Rebellium book #2) by Jessie Mihalik

As the third oldest child in House Von Hasenberg, Bianca has always been the dutiful daughter. Marrying for a political alliance instead of love, now widowed she’s vowed to live life by her own rules. When her house comes under attack and her brother is kidnapped, Bianca’s underground informants give her a lead on his kidnappers. She’s determined to go after them alone, but the Head of Security for her house is fast on her trail and they have to come to an agreement about how to investigate the situation. Action, danger, and romance, all rolled into one, Aurora Blazing was exactly as I’d hoped. Even better than the first novel in the series.

Bianca was so fascinating! A horrible marriage changed her both physically and mentally. A fact that she’s hidden from her family and friends. Ian Bishop knows there’s something different about her but it’s not until they go on the search for her brother together that he’s given the chance to get close and see the consequences her disastrous marriage had on her psyche. He’s determined to protect her from both herself and from her enemies.

I thought Polaris Rising had a lot of promise but it left me feeling a little disappointed. Aurora Blazing lived up to that first book’s promise and then some! The characters were fully fleshed out, the mystery detailed and enthralling, and Bianca and Ian’s relationship was full of tension and burned slow. A Sci-Fi fantasy novel full of heat, heart, and heartache.

I get the feeling as this series moves forward and every little detail of the Von Hasenberg’s are revealed I’m going to love the series even more. Bianca’s back story was pretty horrible and really really interesting. I can’t imagine how any other character could be as interesting but in Aurora Blazing we are given little hints into a couple of future novels that may live up to my expectations. I hope this author is writing fast and furious because I want the next novel out soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: Polaris Rising (The Consortium Rebellion #1) by Jessie Mihalik

Ada Von Hasenburg is on the run from the political machinations of the Royal Consortium and an arranged marriage into House Rockhurst. When she is captured by some bounty hunters she finds herself locked in a room with Marcus Loch, the Devil of Fornax. When an opportunity comes to escape they join forces and a rollicking fun space pirate adventure begins.

When a book is recommended by one of your favorite fantasy authors you just really can’t pass up the opportunity to read it can you? I love a great science fiction romance novel and this one had all of the characteristics of a great story.

Ada and Marcus were complete opposites. Ada came from one of their planets elite houses. Growing up privileged, yet struggled against playing a role against her will. Marcus joined their armed forces as a teen and was turned into a super soldier. They seemed an unlikely pair at the start of the novel but you soon saw that each gave the other person what had been missing in their lives up to that point a partner that would put the other first before all others.

The highlight of this novel is the antagonist or villain Richard Rockhurst, Ada’s erstwhile fiance who is a not so very nice guy. I really liked the history between Ada and Richard, a man who was actually a friend from childhood who turned into a very different man as an adult. That history added conflict to a much needed romance between Ada and Marcus. A common enemy for them to fight. Without that character the story would have been a little stale.

I thought this novel started out so great so quickly! I easily bought into the potential of the story and romance and eagerly read through each page. The middle of the novel did slow down but it would be really hard to keep that fast pace through the whole novel. Both characters needed to show growth and the story needed to slow down just a little to give them an emotional conflict to overcome. It did and they did and the pace sped back up for a quick ending.

Luckily this is the first novel in the series because I’m not ready to let this couple go yet and the political plot is just ramping up! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“Overall, I enjoyed this book but it’s not my favorite. So, will I pick up the next book in the series? Definitely! The next book is about Ada’s eldest sister Bianca and I  really want to read her story.” Dreamy Addictions

“Overall, I had a really good time with Polaris Rising. Admittedly, the romance genre is still not something I can take in large doses, but I love throwing a book like this into my reading repertoire whenever I feel like I need a change. Like a rich, fluffy, decadent dessert, I can only read these types of novels once in a while, but whenever I do, it’s always oh so satisfying and delicious.” The Bibliosanctum

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