This Chick Read: Frostblood (Frostblood Saga #1) by Elly Blake #giveaway

Ruby and her mom have kept a secret from her village for years…they thought. When Frostblood soldiers show up in town, the villagers hand her over to save themselves. Ruby embraces her heritage to escape and ends up watching her mother die and her village burn down. She is a Fireblood, and her king has persecuted them so that there are very few left. Rescued from prison, Ruby lands in the midst of Fireblood rebel monks who wish to train her to use her flames……and kill the king.

Interesting concept, but somewhat familiar to the Red Queen. In Red Queen the color of your blood determines your societal rank, with silvers having powers. In Frostblood, what you are is determined by your power. Ruby has the gift of fire and heat, hence the Fireblood moniker. Those who have the power over ice and cold are Frostbloods. In both series our heroines are “captured” and trained to use their powers. In Frostblood I did enjoy her Yoda/Luke Skywalker type relationship with Brother Thistle who has determined that she is the “child of light” that is prophesied to save them from their ruthless king. Ruby is skeptical, but not stupid, and takes what training she can get. Smart girl, since she has been only successful at accidentally setting things on fire when she’s angry up to this point!

There is some historical references to Fire and Frost working together in the past, so when Ruby has a love hate relationship with Arcus, a young mysterious Frostblood, it’s no surprise when those feelings turn more to the love side of that equation (Also a similar plotline to Red Queen). Before they can explore those feelings too far, she is captured and comes to the attention of the King. This is when the story really starts moving.

This was a well written ya fantasy tale, but those similarities were a little distracting at first. There were enough differences, especially once she is in the Kings castle and forced to compete in the King’s tournament for her life, that I was able to lose myself in the storyline and enjoy the book. The second book, Fireblood, is out in September so you won’t have long to wait before the next installment. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read : Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

Salt to the Sea is an emotionally charged WWII epic drama about a group of people who were fleeing Germany and came together out of chance. Told from four viewpoints, three from this group of travelers, and one from a German soldier, we see the different sides to this war. Continue reading “This Chick Read : Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys”

This Chick Read: The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann #giveaway

The Librarian and the Spy was a mystery wrapped in intrigue disguised as a romance. In my opinion the cover, although cute, did the novel a disservice. The book was so much more than the cover leads you to believe! This book was clever, it’s heroine was bright and the hero had a James Bond-ish charm. Most important was the fact that it was a light hearted mystery first with a touch of romance second.

The novel gets off to a quick start. Quinn the Librarian, is at work when James, undercover as an insurance agent, requests her help researching some jewelry and pieces of art. There is, of course an immediate connection. They are both attractive after all! However, it was Quinn’s intellect that James was also attracted to. She is so well read that she is a walking Encyclopedia. She comes up with tidbits about useful and useless things that created clever dialog and add depth to the storyline. As she gets drawn into the case James is working on, her research becomes invaluable and she ends up working the case full time, against his better judgement. She was agent 99 to his agent 86 (a Get Smart reference for you youngsters!). James, unlike Max in Get Smart, is actually suave and is not a bumbling fool, so the attraction is much more understandable! LOL.

I really enjoyed the surprise I received when I started reading this book. As an avid reader myself, I loved how Quinn got herself out of predicaments by remembering a scene from a favorite book and then re-enacting it. I wish my memory were that good! I also enjoyed the lighthearted romance, partly because Quinn reacted realistically to James and not as a woman in lust.  ❤️❤️❤️❣️


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This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: My Reading Getaway #sundayblogshare

When I think of summer I think of reading a book on a beach, the sound of surf in my ears and a fruity drink in my hand. Unfortunately I don’t live at the beach, nor am I going on vacation to one. At least this year! I will, however, be cracking open a book or fourteen this summer outside and in, finding a quiet getaway from my family for a few hours lost  in a book. I relish those moments when I can fall in love, solve a mystery, or save a world, even if I am just doing it vicariously.

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my armchair or outside on my front porch I dream of having my own private girly reading getaway. Images flash through my mind of various possibilities.

If I had endless amounts of money, I would build my own cottage in the backyard where I could read and write privately for hours at a time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have those gobs of money to create a getaway that is quite so expansive. But, I could create some that are a lot less expensive.

A secluded daybed bower with an extreme mountain of pillows looks very comfortable! 

Or this little covered bench in the rose garden. I (ok, my husband…) could probably build the bench, but I don’t have a rose garden. Sigh.

A tent is a perfect idea! Set one up in the backyard with a load of pillows and a big pitcher of iced tea. Doable! Although I’d need to buy a tent as I’m not much of a camper. I’ve got the pillows though! Lol.

I love this swinging bed! Especially the chandelier and light hanging over the structure. This could easily be built! However, I lack a tree with a limb to hang the bed from. Looks comfy though!

The picture on the left is a no brainer. Any of us can buy an Adirondack chair and paint it a soothing color! We are getting closer to my budget!

Ah, who am I kidding. As long as the weather is nice I have a perfectly nice front porch to read my book!

Where is your favorite place to read your book? Inside? Outside? I’d love to hear about your reading nook.

Until next Sunday!


This Chick Read: The Ultimatum (The Guardian #1) by Karen Robards

Spoilers ahead!

The Ultimatum starts off quickly as we find our heroine Bianca in the midst of a caper to steal money out of an Arab Prince’s vault. When she discovers somebody beat her team to the money, the robbery turns into an escape for their lives and we get a hint of what is to come in this book; action, romance and danger. Essentially all of the ingredients  I have come to expect from a romantic suspense novel by Karen Robards.

Bianca St. Ives is an interesting heroine. She has been brought up as a con artist. Definitely not your typical upbringing. She was raised in boarding schools with a father who only visited when he needed her for a con, and didn’t show affection.. She has only ever had one friend, not letting people get too close because she has to hide who she really is- someone who isn’t sure of her own identity. 

Even though I enjoyed Bianca’s take charge attitude and strength of character, she was a little cold. I could understand her need to keep her livelihood private, but her actions didn’t carry a lot of warmth making it really hard to see her as three demonsional even coming across as a little robotic. When she meets Mickey, who is an undercover agent protecting the Arab Prince’s money from being stolen, he was easily identifiable as her love interest. They had instant chemistry, however, when they came face to face later on in the book they don’t get beyond that surface chemistry again reinacting the same type of scene as their first meeting. I found that a bit frustrating and confusing wanting their relationship to become more established and expecting a romantic suspense novel. You know, with a couple becoming romantic. Unfortunately, the book ended before they established anything other than a flirtation, leaving us and the plot hanging in limbo until the second book is written. Even though the writing was good, the plot interesting, that lack of connection left a bad taste in my mouth. If the next book resolves this plot point, All will be forgiven, but will I want to take the chance and read it? Still undecided.


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review, and it was honest.

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This Chick Read: Trigger (Origins #1) by Scarlett Dawn

Shifter Romance Alert! Shifter Romance Alert! Shifter Romance Alert!

Some people really don’t appreciate a good shifter romance. What’s not to like? Men, (or women!) who can shift between human and some sort of animal form, finds their mate, goes all alpha on them and they live forever in heat, uh love. Right?  Well, Trigger does have a few of those elements. Godric, God to his friends, is the King. Literally. He’s a lion shifter, and he rules a world where women must get married to procreate by the age of 25, or enter the military. Who wouldn’t like that premise? Well, most women probably. However, once I started reading, I was intrigued! Continue reading “This Chick Read: Trigger (Origins #1) by Scarlett Dawn”

This Chick Read: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of Magic has a really interesting concept. There are four London’s in alternate universes. The darkest, black London was given up as lost long ago because magic took it over. The danger was so great that the next London, Grey, (I hope I get these in the right order!) shuts itself off and loses all of its magic. The third London, white, has strong magic, and its citizens view that the more you have the higher in hierarchy you are in society. The strongest citizens rule. Last is red London. Red also has magic, but is ruled by peaceful people, and its citizens are happy and pretty normal.  Kell, an Antari, can travel between all of the London’s, and he does, delivering messages to all of its rulers (except black as it is shut off.) Until one day, the rulers of white London try to rule them all. Continue reading “This Chick Read: A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab”

This Chick Read: Cake-A Love Story by J. Bengtsson

If you are a fan of RockStar romances you are going to really enjoy Cake. This debut novel by J. Bengtsson had depth, humor, and a ton of emotion. Our rockstar Jake McKallister has the reputation for being close mouthed and a bit of a loner. He has good reason to be, you see, when he was a child he was kidnapped by a serial killer and endured abuse and torture before escaping. That dark past would make you think that this romance would be dark and disturbing, and at times it is, but from the moment our heroine Casey Caldwell gets paired up with Jake at his brother’s wedding, I found myself laughing out loud at her antics.

Casey is not shy, isn’t in awe of Jake, other than at his handsomeness, and most importantly is the perfect foil to his more serious nature. Reading about their courtship was a lot of fun. However, with every romance novel our couple must overcome obstacles, and in this novel the biggest obstacle is Jake’s past abuse. Those scenes were deftly told and had an emotional punch. I was reaching for the box of kleenex on my nightstand and quietly blowing my nose not wanting to wake my husband.

One of my favorite scenes from the wedding was when Casey started trying to come up with their famous couple moniker. Hers were hilariously outrageous and clearly a joke, but just as Jake walks away from her door and looks back at her he says ” I think our name should be Cake.” That statement, quietly said, had Jakes buy in, and it was that moment that J. Bengtsson had mine.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chicks Sunday Commentary: How do I pick my next book??? #Sundayblogshare

I am definitely having one of those weeks. You know, the one where I’m playing catch up with my ARC commitments, my library books are expiring, I’ve gotten a few (ok 7!) Kindle Unlimited books that are taking up valuable real estate on my kindle, AND I just took a short road trip and saw a ton of Harley riding men and women that had me jonesing to re-read one of my favorite books (Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley).  Big run on sentence so sorry about that, but whew!  How, oh how do I pick out my next book???

Normally, I have a system. 

  • Check NetGalley and emails for my ARC commitments. Right now I have an ARC a week that I need to read, then two for 7/4 releases. Luckily I’m a fast reader. But knowing I have three days to read and write the review, i have a slight reprieve so on to the next step.
  • When does my next book expire on Overdrive? If it’s soon, I may need to read it. Does everyone know about The Overdrive app? If not, You Are Missing Out!  It was my best discovery ever! You can check out ebooks from your library through this app. Instantly! Also, I can recommend to my library, through the app, to purchase certain books. If they purchase it, and 80% of the time they do, they’ll put me in line for it, or if no one else is in line I’ll get an automatic checkout. You can check out 10 books at a time, have 20 on hold, and this includes pre-release books, and you can keep a wishlist of all the books you still want to read. A library TBR. Like I need another one, right? So, of course as I’m reading your reviews and finding all sorts of books that sound great because YOU liked them, I put them on my wishlist so I can look at them again later and then possibly read.
Overdrive App!!
  • Next I peruse my bookshelves and look at the physical specimens that I brought home from the RT Convention. My sister and I combined our shelves and they are filled with over 200 books. Some of which are actually ARCs themselves. Yikes! There are some great books on these shelves!
  • Then I look at my kindle. Yep, it’s filled with purchases, free copies, and more RT Convention giveaways. I think my last count was around 180. Oh, and don’t forget about those Kindle Unlimited books. They don’t expire, but I put a small amount of pressure on myself to actually read what I’ve purchased. More great books to read, but when?!

  • Then, like I said above, I’m craving that re-read of Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. I’ve only read the dang thing like 5 or 6 times? Why is it so appealing? Well, hot alpha guy and very pretty, not biker babe looking lady hook up, fall in love and fight danger. What’s not to love?  I sincerely love reading Tack and Tyra’s story. She’s a hoot! And takes no shit, which seriously, with a biker guy, that takes some cojones! (Balls for those non Spanish speaking ladies in the crowd…) 

  • Last, I look at my Hardback copy of Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray. It’s Donna (heronthereeverywhere), Sarah (Travels with Choppy) and my Blog Book Club pick for the month. It looks good, right? I still have until 6/15. I’m a fast reader, right?

I’ve gone through these steps multiple times. Which book is next?!! Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe!

I’d love to hear about your strategy for picking out your next book! What catches your eye? Is it the deadline? Cover? Favorite author? 

Until next week!


This Chick Read: Any Day Now (Sullivan’s Crossing #2) by Robyn Carr

Finally, the second installment in Robyn Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series! This novel does have a romance plot but it was Sierra’s journey of sobriety and need to finally lay down roots, build relationships and a home, that rang true for me and struck an emotional chord. Robyn Carr builds great family relationships and Sierra’s relationship with her brother Cal strengthened and grew into a relationship that all readers would want to have with their siblings.

Connie, Sierra’s love interest, had a previous relationship that ended poorly but didn’t spoil him for love. He knew almost immediately that there was something special about Sierra, and truly, Sierra doled out her issues to him a little at a time, which enabled him to see her strengths instead of those problems overshadowing her uniqueness. He was a rock, telling her that nothing she told him would scare him away. Who wouldn’t love that?

The added plot of a possible stalker gave this novel a sense of urgency that sped up the slow pace of the relationship stories. I enjoyed the psychological thriller, but more so because it helped bring Sierra together with her brother and gave him the chance to stand by her and be that older brother that she needed to have in her youth.

This series is becoming one of my favorites of Robyn Carr’s. Sullivan’s Crossing sounds like it’s an ideal place to “come to Jesus” with the difficulties of life and find love, but even more importantly to find yourself. I may need to take a trip!


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