This Chick Read: Keeping It Hot (Breakfast in Bed #1) by Sydney Landon

Zoe Hart has crushed on her best friend Dylan since they were kids. As an owner of a coffee shop in his resort she see’s Dylan everyday and gets to be an eyewitness and confidante to his man whoring ways. Now, at 29, she is tired of sitting on the sidelines. With the help of her friend, Dana, she changes the way she dresses and lets down her hair and suddenly Dylan see’s that his best friend is a gorgeous woman. She goes from being his fall back girl to his crush and his safe relationship threatens to change into something more. Can they survive this change? It was fun finding out!

This was a particularly good friends to lovers romance. Zoe handled Dylan’s shock with a calmness that was slightly unreal but the goofiness of his reactions added a cartoon like humor. When he noticed she had boobs, I pictured that cartoon wolf with his tongue rolling out of his mouth and his eyes bugging and a loud boing thrown in for sound effects.

It was a shame that Zoe waited until she was 29 to take a run for his heart but when she decided to go for it she went all in.

This novel was a perfect vacation book. It is a quick read and totally captured my interest. It’s my first book by Sydney La don and I’ll definitely be checking out her others. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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