Blogger to Blogger Series: An Interview with Tina @ Reading Between the Pages

If you are a fan of General Fiction, Women’t Fiction and mysteries then you have to head on over to Tina’s blog Reading Between the Pages. She is an avid lover of fiction and has some great book recommendations on her blog. In fact, there are several that she’s read that are still on my TBR and I’m looking forward to striking up a conversation! If you haven’t checked out her blog, please click the link below, but come back and read her answers to my 10 questions!

Between the Pages

Blogging is universal and even though we inhabit the same community, we don’t always live in the same country. What country do you live in?

United States 

What is the view outside your front door? 

Well that is terribly unexciting! If I had taken this picture a few days ago there would have been a port-a-potty in the pic. Now that is something to talk about!
In just a few weeks that huge tree will be in full bloom and is gorgeous! In case you are wondering who keeps all those bushes (and all those not in the photo) trimmed – that would be me!! I actually enjoy it and it is a great opportunity to listen to my audiobooks 😊

Most blogs have a fun story of origin. Please share the story behind your blogs name and/or why you started blogging.

While my kids were growing up, I was really involved in their school. I helped with fundraisers, ran the book fair, and was even the librarian for a while. Then they grew up, my time at school lessened and before I knew it they were off to college. In a blink of an eye I became a retired stay-at-home mom and needed to figure out what I was going to do with all my spare time. One day I popped onto Twitter and was searching for like-minded readers and was blown away by the blogging community. There was this whole world of blogging that I had not even realized existed, but knew instantly that I wanted to become a part of it. 

As far as my blog name goes, it is a relatively unexciting story. I knew I wanted to be clear that it was a book blog, other than that it was a lot of trial and error looking for a name that I liked and had not been taken. Voila – Reading Between the Pages was born!

Describe where you write your blog.

This is where the magic happens! 

Most of us have a stack of books sitting next to our couch or bed waiting to be read. What books are in your stack?

These are two of my bookshelves. I think I will let the picture speak for itself!

If you have had a bad day and want to spend an hour reading a book, what is your go to genre or favorite book that will lift your mood?

There is no question about it, I would pick up a mystery/thriller. There is little doubt that my day will look like a cake walk in comparison to the characters in the story.

When you aren’t blogging, how do you spend your time? Work, Play, School?

I love to travel and spend time with my family! I also love going to the movies. Like reading, movies are a form of escape for me. I also discovered a love for working out, I especially love Zumba and Dance Fitness classes. Now that spring has sprung I am also looking forward to hitting the bike trails!

What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written?

I really enjoy my monthly Book-to-Screen posts. Long before I started my blog I would research the books being adapted into movies in the new year so that I could get a jump on reading them before seeing them on the big screen. 

Book to Screen- February

Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? If so, what did you say to them? Looking back, what do you wish you had said instead?

Not yet, but in April I will be attending a luncheon that will be moderated by Susan Meissner! She is my favorite historical fiction writer, so I am extremely excited! 

If you could sit down with an author for a slice of cake and a question, who is the author, what kind of cake would you serve, and what is the first question you’d ask?

Oh my, there are so many authors I would love to meet, but I will defer to the last question and pick Susan Meissner. As for the cake flavor – chocolate because it is the best! My first question for her would be related to inspiration. I have always been intrigued by what inspires an author to write a book and love hearing where their ideas come from.

Thanks Tina! Susan Meissner’s book, As Bright As Heaven is actually sitting on my own bookshelf and I haven’t read it yet, I’ll definitely have to move her up on the list!

I really enjoyed the answers to Tina’s questions and loved her pictures. She has a MUCH bigger stack than my own TBR. LOL I wish her well in getting to all of those books!

If you’re interested in having you and your blog featured on my Blogger to Blogger series, please let me know in the comments.

thanks for reading!


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