This Chick Read: Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

This is the first novel in a new series set in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races world. Sophie Ross is on leave from consulting for the LAPD when she inherits an estate in England. The inheritance has one caveat, that she must be able to get inside the estate, and provide proof that she did to the solicitors in England. This inheritance came at a great time because Sophie is on leave after being shot during a police investigation. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Moonshadow by Thea Harrison”

This Chick Read: Shadow’s End (Elder Races #9) by Thea Harrison

Shadow’s End is the latest novel in the Elder Races series. Thea Harrison has created a world where Elves, Vampires, Djinn and Wyr’s live in territories ruled by Kings, Queens or leaders of their species. This novel is about Graydon, gryphon and First Sentinel to the Wyr and Beluviel, consort to the Elven High Lord. A relationship between the two of them would be forbidden, but 200 years ago they had a dalliance Continue reading “This Chick Read: Shadow’s End (Elder Races #9) by Thea Harrison”