This Chick Read: The Hunt (Devil’s Isle #3) by Chloe Neill

The Final battle in The Sight ended with Liam having declared his love for Claire gets attacked by a stream of magic, effectively “ supercharging” him with power. Horrified and afraid of what he had become, he abandons Claire and hides away in the swamps of Louisiana. At the beginning of The Hunt, the timeline starts two months later. Claire is also living off the grid, but in New Orleans. She is helping the paras and sensitives by delivering black market goods to them in Devil’s Isle. She discovers that there is a bounty on Liam’s head for killing Brassard. The jerk who had terrorized Claire in book one and who Liam had once worked for in Containment. This bounty gives Claire the perfect excuse to face her fears and go after Liam to warn him. She travels with his brother into the swamp, finding him living with his grandmother Eleanor. And he is a changed man. 

Finally! Claire and Liam are together again. Liam is overly protective of Claire yet makes no claim on her, almost alpha like in his intensity. The tension between the two was very well played by the author. Having to work together to solve the mystery yet protecting their own feelings, tiptoeing arounf each other really gave this book an edge that the series had needed in the first two books. I’ll admit those books were a little slow for me, but the story gained legs in The Hunt, and Claire and Liam as a couple added passion to their story arc.

Claire, a heroine I’ve liked because of her strength and strong sense of self, has a few moments of uncertainty and that uncertainty gives her character an emotional layer that really helped me relate to her even more. This series has finally taken off, and it will be fun to continue on these characters journey. Will they stop the Veil from collapsing? Tune in next time!


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This Chick Read: The Sight (Devil’s Isle #2) by Chloe Neill

After the Paranormal War, Claire Connolly became infected with magic and has become a “Sensitive”. Illegal in New Orleans, she has to hide what she has become.  In The Veil, Liam, a bounty hunter, had discovered Claire and instead of turning her in he has helped her find training so that she can contain her magic, lessening her chances of becoming a wraithe. Now colleagues, Claire and Liam have stumbled upon a cult that is trying to start up another war that will finish off all sensitives and the humans that support them.

The Sight, the second novel in the Devil’s Isle series, shows a natural evolution between those with magic and those without. Fighting a common enemy has opened their eyes so that hopefully the rules in place will change. However, in the fight against this common enemy, casualties happen that may affect their relationships longterm.

The first novel in this series spent a lot of time setting up the world building and main characters. Because of that it took a little while for the characters to grow on me. In The Sight, I know where everyone stands, their feelings about magic and Sensitives, and so the story seemed to move a lot quicker. Also the fight against a common enemy was a nice way to force characters into holding their bias at bay and growing a bit. If I found fault with anything in this novel it was that the characters feelings seemed a little juvenile for the seriousness of their situations. At times I wanted to give them a kick in the shins to hurry them along the path I wanted them to take. Unfortunately the shins I wanted to kick the hardest were Claire and Liam’s and because of that my feelings weren’t enmeshed as much as they should’ve been in the storyline. However, this book does have a great twist at the end, so I may have to pick up the next book and see how their story continues. ❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Veil (Devil’s Isle #1) by Chloe Neill

Claire Connolly is the last survivng member of her human family, but recently she has started exhibiting signs of having magic, which is illegal after the supernatural war. She has gotten good at hiding  her magic, but when she see’s a woman being attacked by wraiths she comes to her defense and the only way to come out of it alive is to use her gifts. Unfortunately she is spotted by Liam, a bounty hunter whose job is to catch the wraiths and take them to confinement in Devil’s Isle. Liam does not turn Claire in, instead he works with her and finds her a tutor to teach her how to control her magic to keep her from turning into a wraith. He also agrees to teach her how to become a bounty hunter, like him, and as they hunt they discover that there are forces at work that are trying to open the veil between worlds, and they can’t allow that to happen.

Claire is torn between the human world and the magical. Her friends are completely human but she can’t ignore the help Liam is giving her, and she can’t ignore the connection she feels to him. Liam, who is human is also drawn to Clair, and is torn between wanting to get closer and wanting to hold her at a distance because if she loses control, he will have to turn her in.

The setting for this novel is New Orleans and added to the characters torn feelings about magic. After all, New Orleans pre-war capitalized upon its magical elements to draw tourists and make money. Now post war, all of those elements are illegal, making the city feel dead and decayed giving it a post apocalyptic mood.

I enjoyed this book as it was different and interesting. It’s the first in the series and made me curious to see how Claire’s character was going to evolve and also see if she and Liam could resolve their differences. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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