This Chick Read: Island of Glass (Guardians Trilogy #3) by Nora Roberts

The third and final installment of the Guardians Trilogy series, Island of Glass resolves the search for the three stars and saving the world from an evil goddess. After the charm of the second couple in Bay of Sighs, we were left with Doyle and Riley my least favorite Nora Roberts couple, I think of all time.  In the previous two books, these two characters did not get along. Unlike Ani and Sawyer, who were totally charming, Doyle and Riley took stoic and brooding to a new level.

I am hesitant to criticize one of the most successful romance writers of my era and perhaps of all time, but, here it is. Doyle and Riley were not set up to be likable characters. There was not a single hint of tension between these two characters in the first two books that led us to believe that they would be a couple. In fact the only tension between them was pretty extreme dislike. They ended up having sex for just that. To have sex. There wasn’t a hint of love or even like between them before they hopped into bed.  Then miraculously Riley loves him. Huh. Not buying it.

Not to say that there weren’t any redeeming qualities. Riley had a great relationship with all the girls. She was a great girlfriend, and partner in the fight against evil. Doyle also, was a good friend to the guys, and a great warrior to have on their side. I just do not like them as a couple. It seemed contrived, just because they were the final pairing. I think they should’ve just been good friends who had sex. That story I could buy, although, it’s not the usual trope.

I think my point made in my review of Stars of Fortune is worth saying again. Ms. Roberts is telling us a different variation, but almost the same story as the Cousins O’Dwyer series, although those characters were charming and totally likable. With the exception of Bay of Sighs, the Guardians Trilogy is not as vivid and pales in comparison.

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Rating: ❤❤❣

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