This Chicks Kindle Unlimited Vacation

Hey everyone, I am going on vacation!  Wheee!!!!!  I will be traveling and sightseeing, but I will also be doing a LOT of sitting in airports, waiting on buses, etc. SO, I foresee some reading in my future. I will, of course, be with my hisband, so I need to spend time gazing into his baby blues as well, but I know I will be picking up a book or my phone/IPAD to catch up on some reading too. So, I have set myself a task.  I have maxxed out my Kindle Unlimited 10 books limit. I guess it should be called Kindle Limited if they are going to limit my number of books, right? Well, I do like this subscription because I’ve discovered some great new authors, so I need to free up some space.  Below, are my list of KU books that I am going to read on my vacation. My goal is to read five. Pretty lofty for one week but with two days of travel I may be able to get through a few at least!

Here are my books I hope to read.

 The setting is Italy!!! Coincidently, also where I will be going on vacation, so it’s first on my list.
Libby has been drifting through life for too long and, now in her early 30’s, it’s time to grow up. She decides to have one last summer of fun before buckling down, so heads off to beautiful Positano in Italy.

There, despite all her good intentions, she can’t help but fall a little in love with the very handsome, but rather naughty, Luca and, as the summer draws to a close, Libby has some big decisions to make.

Should she head back home and face up to her responsibilities? Is Luca really the right man to start a family with, or has the perfect man been right in front of her eyes all this time?

And, when it comes to affairs of the heart, is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

 You got to love the Winston Brothers!! This one just came out and I deleted another book to get it on my kindle.
Beau Winston is the nicest, most accommodating guy in the world. Usually.

Handsome as the devil and twice as charismatic, Beau lives a charmed life as everyone’s favorite Winston Brother. But since his twin decided to leave town, and his other brother hired a stunning human-porcupine hybrid as a replacement mechanic for their auto shop, Beau Winston’s charmed life has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Shelly Sullivan is not nice and is never accommodating. Ever. She mumbles to herself, but won’t respond when asked a question. She glares at everyone, especially babies. She won’t shake hands with or touch another person, but has no problems cuddling with a dog. And her damn parrot speaks only in curse words. Beau wants her gone. He wants her out of his auto shop, out of Tennessee, and out of his life.The only problem is, learning why this porcupine wears her coat of spikes opens a Pandora’s box of complexity–exquisite, tempting, heartbreaking complexity–and Beau Winston soon discovers being nice and accommodating might mean losing what matters most.

  I read the first in this shifter series and was so surprised by it (in a good way!) that I eagerly got Transcend when it came out. It’s only sat for a couple of months but its time to read it!

The bestselling, groundbreaking Origin series continues with Transcend. Women are disappearing in New City, and the Corporate Army assigns their best soldiers to the case. In a world still recovering from war and death, every woman is needed for the survival of the human race.

Mina Kramer is a socialite in New City. She smiles for her father’s business associates, laughs at all their jokes, and acts the perfect daughter. When she’s suddenly abducted from a party at Baker Corporation, her whole world turns sideways. The kidnappers aren’t asking for her family’s money, the one item her parents have plenty of. With only confusion and captivity in her future, she prays for a rescue by her parents.
Except her saviors come in the form of the all-power Mr. Finn Baker and Poppy Carvene, a tiny sprite of a woman. And they don’t return her to her parents. Mr. Baker decides he wants to keep her and use her as bait to flush out the kidnappers’ leader. 
Mina must push her fears aside or dive deeper into them. Does she want to run to her parents, who are safe? Or will she transcend to a woman who fights criminals bent on destroying New City? And can she overcome her startling feelings for the sexy Mr. Baker, a man who harbors secrets of his own?
 The first book Cake: A Love Story was great. My sister has read The Teory of Second Best and she told me that its really funny and better than the first. She usually nails it when calling good books so I’m looking forward to reading it. Sidenote, the author is from my home town and I feel great supporting her efforts even though I don’t know her personally! Shout out to Camarillo, CA!
Twenty-two-year-old Kyle McKallister has lived his life in the shadows. Younger brother to one of the world’s most elusive and embattled celebrities, Kyle has carved out a comfortable existence touring with his famous brother and living in the lap of luxury with no commitments or plans of his own, only a deep, haunting loyalty to his brother. But his life is about to be shaken up when the opportunity comes to compete on a popular reality show. 

Small town girl Kenzie Williams has come on the show for one thing only: to win. But when a disastrous start forces her to rely on an eclectic band of misfits, she finds herself immediately smitten with a handsome and mysterious cast mate. 
But life on the island is just a game. Can Kyle and Kenzie’s fragile spark survive the pressures of the real world?
 I really loved Dragon Ridden, the first in this series and was so excited that the sequel was finally coming out. After all, Dragon Ridden was written in 2012, that’s a big stretch between books! Luckily I read this book maybe 10 months ago and can still remember the plot as it looks like this one takes up right where the first left off.
An ancient discovery has been made close to the city of Aurelia—one that promises wealth and power equal only to the dangerous secrets lying at its heart.

With three powerful groups vying for control of the discovery’s unlimited potential, it will take a delicate touch not to tip the scales toward war. Something Tate Fisher, a newly accepted dragon-ridden with a bit of a memory problem, has never been known for possessing.

Tate must learn to navigate the undercurrents of this society if she wants her friends and empire to come out the other side in one piece. Because these secrets involve Tate, and they don’t intend to let her go so easily.

Oh, gosh, when I went through my KU titles so many looked good! If I can read more I definitely will.  I’ll let you know how it goes!