This Chick Read: Leopard’s Fury (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan’s Leopard series is about very alpha leopard shifter men who find their mates, and then through passion and danger convince those women that they can’t live without hem. Leopard’s Fury follows a similar theme. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Leopard’s Fury (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan”

This Chick Read: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Shadow Riders can use shadows to travel from one place to another by catching a ride through a shadow’s tubes.  The Ferrero family has made a business of shadow riding. They provide a service, caring for the people in their neighborhood, and being paid to “take care of” those who are harming others, the dregs of society.  Female riders are rare, and when Francesca walks into Stefano’s neighborhood he immediately knows what she is, and claims her for his own.   Continue reading “This Chick Read: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan”

Friday at the #RT16 Convention in Las Vegas

It’s been a whirlwind few days at the RT Convention!  We are trying to keep up our energy and pace, but I’ll admit we slowed down a tad on Friday.  We did a couple of games, interacting with some authors for Wheel of Romance for a chance to win books and swag. Continue reading “Friday at the #RT16 Convention in Las Vegas”