This Chick Read: Any Day Now (Sullivan’s Crossing #2) by Robyn Carr

Finally, the second installment in Robyn Carr’s Sullivan’s Crossing series! This novel does have a romance plot but it was Sierra’s journey of sobriety and need to finally lay down roots, build relationships and a home, that rang true for me and struck an emotional chord. Robyn Carr builds great family relationships and Sierra’s relationship with her brother Cal strengthened and grew into a relationship that all readers would want to have with their siblings.

Connie, Sierra’s love interest, had a previous relationship that ended poorly but didn’t spoil him for love. He knew almost immediately that there was something special about Sierra, and truly, Sierra doled out her issues to him a little at a time, which enabled him to see her strengths instead of those problems overshadowing her uniqueness. He was a rock, telling her that nothing she told him would scare him away. Who wouldn’t love that?

The added plot of a possible stalker gave this novel a sense of urgency that sped up the slow pace of the relationship stories. I enjoyed the psychological thriller, but more so because it helped bring Sierra together with her brother and gave him the chance to stand by her and be that older brother that she needed to have in her youth.

This series is becoming one of my favorites of Robyn Carr’s. Sullivan’s Crossing sounds like it’s an ideal place to “come to Jesus” with the difficulties of life and find love, but even more importantly to find yourself. I may need to take a trip!


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