This Chicks Sunday Commentary: The Wish Granter book signing with CJ Redwine #Sundayblogshare

Another week and another book signing at Parnassus Books in Nashville! This time, CJ Redwine is signing the second book in her Ravenspire series, The Wish Granter. The Wish Granter is a fairytale retelling, this time from the classic Rumplestiltskin. Even though this book is the second in a series, it can be read as a stand alone, set in the same world as The Shadow Queen, but the stories aren’t connected. CJ, in person, was so charming and funny! She should truly have a stand up routine because I could’ve listened to her for a lot longer. Continue reading “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: The Wish Granter book signing with CJ Redwine #Sundayblogshare”


This Chick Read : The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by CJ Redwine

If you like updated versions of fairytales, then you will love The Shadow Queen. I hadn’t ever read one, so I was unsure if I’d like it, but I am happy to say that other than some of the basic plot points this storyline was as different from Snow White as you could get. Ok, there was an evil witch, and some rotten apples and some rather scary creatures that aren’t for the faint of heart! There was also a heroine who looked pretty similar to Snow White, with raven locks, pale skin and a healthy glow in her cheeks, but this was a Snow White with an edge! She knew how to fight! Continue reading “This Chick Read : The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by CJ Redwine”


This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 3 -Cole

If you are interested in reading the previous chapters let me know or click on this link..

Midnight Metamorphosis

Chapter 3

The hood of my sweatshirt was bunched up between the back of the chair and my neck. As I reached back to straighten it out, the door to the classroom opened. A girl walked through who looked slightly familiar. I was puzzling out how I knew her when a slightly taller girl walked through the door after her. The first girl walked to an empty seat and sat down, while the other girl talked to Mr. Newsome at the front of the class. Everyone in the room stopped talking and stared at her.

I checked her out while she was talking to the teacher, noticing her hair first. It was a cool dark blonde, but with really dark brown streaks running through it. Mr. Newsome cleared his throat, “Class, we have a new student. Avery, why don’t you introduce yourself to the class.” Continue reading “This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis Chapter 3 -Cole”


This Chick Read: Written in Red (The Others #1) by Anne Bishop

From the first scene, as Meg Corbyn is running in the snow towards the lights of the Lakeside Courtyard, I was gripped with tension, my eyes moving rapidly over the words that would take me to the next step in this plot. When Meg meets shapeshifter Simon to apply for the Human Liaison job, this authors words filled me with hope that he would give it to her, to help keep her from the people chasing her. That was before I even knew what they all were! Anne Bishop set the stage for an amazing new world of shifters, vampires, elementals, etc. and  most importantly what Meg is, a Cassandra Continue reading “This Chick Read: Written in Red (The Others #1) by Anne Bishop”


This Chick Read: Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier

In one of my favorite scenes in this book, Lilly Linton, dressed as a man because women do not yet have the right to vote, stops outside a polling place to give advice to a stranger about a house he was thinking of buying in her neighborhood. The man, businessman Rikkard Ambrose, is so impressed with this young man’s willingness to help and give good advice, offers him a job. No, really, he forces the job offer on Lilly.  She takes his card and kind of shrugs it off, after all, she is off to vote! Continue reading “This Chick Read: Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier”


This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: All Hail the Queens Book Tour

I live in Nashville, TN, and there is this fab-u-lous book store called Parnassus Books.  They have an amazing amount of authors who come in to do book signings, I think because the owner is a published author herself, Ann Patchett, and co-owner publishing veteran Karen Hayes. The book signing often includes a brief speech, or in this case interview with the authors. Last Wednesday I went with my mom and sister to Parnassus to see Victoria Aveyard and Sophie Jordan’s book signing. Victoria Aveyard has a very successful series called the Red Queen and she was signing the third book, which was just released, called Kings Cage. She is touring with Sophie Jordan who is releasing the second book, Rise of Fire,  in her series Reign of Fire.  Both of these books are young adult fantasy novels, a genre which I love and I thought it interesting that the audience was not just filled with teenage fans. I am not young myself, and my mother has read both series and she’s in her mid seventies.
Continue reading “This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: All Hail the Queens Book Tour”


This Chick Writes: Midnight Metamorphosis -Chapter 2 – Avery

I am publishing my novel, Midnight Metamorphosis a chapter at a time on Wattpad.  If you haven’t started my novel, once you click the book link below, you can start at the beginning on Wattpad, or look for the Prologue on my blog and click the link on that post.

Synopsis: Avery thought she was an average girl with a paranoid mother, but after her mother’s death she discovers she’s more than average. She enters Dover High and discovers she is just one of many Other races, but because her parents had a forbidden love her life may be in danger. She makes new friends, crushes on a boy and fights against demons. All things an average girl does daily, right?

Here’s a sample from Chapter 2-Avery

As I stepped into the hallway, I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand and promptly ran right into someone. I reached out to grab her as she flew backward. The hand holding my class schedule was caught in a soft grip. 

“I’m so sorry!” I said. The girl I ran into was small, shorter than my 5’5″ by a couple of inches. She was rather pretty, with soft brown hair and bangs cut straight over her brown eyes. She had a light dusting of freckles all over her face and arms. When I looked closer at the arm I had hold of, I thought I noticed an interesting pattern to the freckles. There were four or five spots grouped together, creating a larger freckle. It was kind of odd, but not ugly. 

Enjoy!  Please feel free to share any feedback.



Blog Tour!! #Giveaway #Excerpt of Luna Rising by Selene Castrovilla

I am excited to be a blog stop for Luna Rising!  Based on the excerpt it looks like this will be a novel of self discovery as well as finding your soul mate. Expected Publication: April 25, 2017

Excerpt: Continue reading “Blog Tour!! #Giveaway #Excerpt of Luna Rising by Selene Castrovilla”


This Chick Read: Denial (Careless Whispers #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Ella wakes up in a hospital, in Italy, with amnesia. Sitting next to her bed is a handsome stranger who claims to have found her beaten in an alley. Ella doesn’t have her passport or any ID, and can’t remember her name or where she is from. The stranger, Kayden Wilkens, is determined to offer her protection until her memory returns. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Denial (Careless Whispers #1) by Lisa Renee Jones”


This Chick Read: Leopard’s Fury (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan’s Leopard series is about very alpha leopard shifter men who find their mates, and then through passion and danger convince those women that they can’t live without hem. Leopard’s Fury follows a similar theme. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Leopard’s Fury (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan”