This Chick Read: End of Story by Kylie Scott

Inheriting a cute fixer upper from her aunt means a fresh start for Susie Bowen, but when her contractor shows up it’s none other than her ex’s best friend Lars. Wanting to avoid him yet also wanting to use the most trusted contractor’s in town means she needs to suck it up and play nice. When he finds someone’s divorce paperwork in the wall of a room he’s renovating and the people listed on the document are none other than she and Lars things become kind of weird. It also opens both of their eyes to an attraction that is too powerful to ignore. Is fate playing with them? Is this paperwork for real? Does it even matter?

I have loved Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, her Dive Bar series and pretty much any one-off novel that she’s written. So, when I saw this cute cover and read the synopsis I knew I wanted to get my hands on a copy of this novel.

I immediately connected with Susie. After a disastrous previous relationship, she isn’t very trusting, but Lars easy-going personality and eye-candy good looks go a long way towards convincing herself to not give up on love. Being together is more difficult than being apart yet they are determined to be friends if not anything else and it’s through that friendship that Susie starts to trust in Lars. He’s solid and steady, which is just what her more high-strung self needs. Opposites attract, and they are definitely opposites. Yet, there’s something that I loved about watching them move towards each other and building that bond.

Kylie Scott knows how to build great characters so I wasn’t surprised that I loved both Susie and Lars. What I was surprised about was the more mystical side of this plot that centered around a document from the future. It was a sweet note to a rather hearty romance. I liked that the story circled back around to it, keeping it involved in the plot.

If you’re like me and love Kylie Scott’s writing, it’s not going to take much from me to get you to pick up this book and read it. If you have never read one of her novels, I think this is a really sweet entrance into her writing. Enjoy! I know I did. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: Fake by Kylie Scott

A-list actor Patrick Walsh stops in the restaurant where Norah works as a waitress once a month for a little peace and quiet. One day he’s followed in by his manager who accosts his quiet evening . Norah tries to run interference but ends up as a sidekick to their stupid plan of his dating an “everywoman”. Someone not from his life who would help him do some damage control on his rapidly eroding reputation. Norah’s bland manner in the face of his hotness makes her the perfect person to partner in this crazy scheme. She is totally unimpressed with him, or at least she makes him think so. Their perfect plan starts to unravel when they start to develop feelings for each other. Of course!

This is the perfect “I dated a famous actor” fantasy. Or it would be if Norah were actually dating Patrick. I loved how despite the script they were supposed to follow they actually liked each others personalities. Norah was low-key but didn’t have trouble saying what was on her mind. This was something that Patrick wasn’t used to which made her unique. He on the other hand wasn’t anything like the characters he portrayed in the movies. He was quiet and a bit of a grump, so much so that each time he smiled Norah considered it a win.

I have come to love Kylie Scott’s stories. Even if some of them are kind of silly like the plot in Fake, the reader ends up going all in, loving the characters and rooting for them to find their happily happily. This novel was no different. It was a bit of light-hearted fun, with a side of serious. Enough that the conflict (albeit kind of a minor one in this plot) brought the reader to a conclusion where they were satisfied, at least that’s how I felt.

Despite the fantasy plot, or even maybe because of it, I can’t think of a thing I didn’t like about this novel. I loved the characters, plot, and how Patrick and Norah grew together over time. It was a fun book to read, perfect for a vacation getaway or a long drive listening to your audiobook. I can’t wait for the next West Hollywood novel!


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This Chick Read: Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott

Ben and LIzzy have a secret friendship. They text and call each other but never take it any further despite their attraction to each other. Why? Well, Ben is the bass player for the world famous band Stage Dive, and Lizzy is his best friend and bandmates new sister in law. Who has been declared hands off, except for that one night…. When Lizzy finds herself pregnant their secret friendship is blown wide open.

Lizzy has had a crush on Ben since she was 19, when her sister started hanging out with Mal from Stage Dive. She would admit that she semi stalked him into being her text buddy and kind of friend. After she ends up pregnant Ben tries to do the right thing except he doesn’t know how. She goes on tour with them but isn’t “together” with Ben and his life hasn’t changed all that much. Except he doesn’t have any interest in one night stands anymore.

LIzzy and Ben were always just side notes to the other members of the band and their girlfriends and I’ll admit that this book felt like the author kind of kept that side note thing going. It took them too long to commit to their feelings for each other. Lizzy feels betrayed and Ben needs a friend of his to show him how he’s failed at being there for her before he figures out he needs to change his ways. It was slightly frustrating. I didn’t hate reading this novel because Kylie Scott is way too talented to leave me hanging out there too long but these two weren’t my favorite pairing of the series. The other band mates and their ladies were just too charismatic. Ben and Lizzy felt like it tried to hard to get that same reaction from the reader.

I’m kind of sad that this was the last book in the Stage Dive series and it ended on somewhat of a bummer note for me. I think I’m going to go back an re-read the other novels so that I remember how much I loved those characters. That may also give me a little more insight into Ben and LIzzy too. Although my impression is that they didn’t change all that much from their previous iterations. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read: Pause by Kylie Scott

Anna wakes up from a coma after a horrifying accident and finds out that her entire life has changed. In a coma for quite a long while she finds out her husband has cheated on her with her best friend and her job at that best friends hotel is not longer available. She had been replaced in that position too. Living back at home at her parents while going through physical therapy is a necessity but not a long term goal. When she searches out one of the other accident victims Leif, he suggests an alternative. She can live in his spare room while she gets her life back on track.

I can’t imagine waking up to find my life changed irrevocably as Anna does but she doesn’t have any choices open to her. She needs to learn to walk again, so she goes to therapy. She won’t put up with a cheater, so she moves in with her parents temporarily. She can’t really work while getting her strength back but when she can what will she do? When she shows up on Leif’s doorstep she doesn’t know that he sat by her bedside reading to her. When she finds out this long-haired, tattoo artist spend his free time with her she is surprised, but when she gets to know him she finds out that he’s a great guy. His offer of a place to live may be a bad idea but she wants out of her parents place and so she takes him up on it. Of course, eventually they become more than just roommates but what she learns about his character is a juxtaposition to his hot outward appearance.

This story is an easy read and both Anna and Leif are totally likable characters. I’ve always enjoyed the opposites attract love stories and this one checked that box. Anna was a country club, straight laced character. Leif’s artistic tattoo artist was not, obviously. The thing they had in common meant that they understood each other on a granular level and I liked that. He was not a he-man, my way or the highway kind of guy. He was a humorous, gentle contradiction which made him interesting to me as a reader. Add in a LOT of conflict from Anna’s ex and you get a solid love story! I bought into the two of them as a couple and Kylie Scott did a great job in the delivery. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chicks Audio Review: Play (Stage Dive #2) by Kylie Scott

Alright folks, it’s been awhile since I’ve read a rock star romance and I had this audiobook in my files. I remembered I really enjoyed the first novel also narrated by Andi Arndt and wanted to give this second one a try. Play is the story of drummer Mal Ericson who meets Anne Rollins at a party and decides to convince her to become his pretend girlfriend. In actuality it doesn’t take much convincing since Anne has had a longtime crush on Mal and pretty much finds him irresistible. Is there a reason for his wanting to convince everyone that he’s happy? Of course.

I really enjoyed this novel and thought Andi Arndt did a great job narrating all of the characters. Mal was kind of a crazy character and Anne gave him a kind of calm he needed to survive what was going on in his life. I felt like the balance of those two characters also gave the narration a kind of sanity. It could have easily gone down the crazy guy road and Andi Arndt made them real instead of caricatures.

Ok, who doesn’t love the fantasy of having a rock star fall in love with an average woman? That’s why we read these right? Mal, to me, was easy to like but hard to love. He was just so over the top! He felt kind of like he was manic depression and honestly, I thought that’s where this novel was heading. No spoilers here, but that wasn’t it at all. Thankfully the conflict had heart and emotion, something I really needed from Mal in order to round his character and make him feel more attainable.

Anne was totally the girl next door. She could be you, me or the girl who bags my groceries. She was calm and hid her inner feelings really well. Of course the narration was from her point of view so we heard those inner feelings and knew she was screaming like a girl who just saw her every dream realized. I liked Anne and was able to root for her right from the get go.

All in all, this was a fun novel with a couple of hidden surprises that helped me enjoy it even more. If you’re looking for your next rock star, you may want to start with the first novel, Play, but I think this whole band is going to rock your world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“I do recommend this book to lovers of the genre of contemporary romance, though I am going to try and hold myself back a bit before going on to #4, I will definitely be going there sooner rather than later.” Omnivorous Reader Book Review

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