This Chick Read: Dragon-Ridden by T. A. White

Tate does not have any memories before she was found by some pirates alone on an island. She’s acclimated to life on board the ship, made a few friends, and had become a pretty good thief, but there are some that want her gone. She has been attacked more than a few times, and when they get to their next port, she makes plans to abandon ship and stay on land.

Tate is one of those fantasy heroines that I love. She is smart, intuitive, and can defend herself better than a person of her size should. She often outsmarts others, makes enemies by being truthful and she manages to make friends without trying. She comes to the attention of Ryu, a man she thought was a thief like her, but ends up having his own agenda. He “hires” her to help find a mysterious object that has gone missing and while on this journey she starts to have memories, learning some things about herself that bring her to the attention of some very bad people.  Kind of vague, I know, but Tate’s background is revealed in pieces and tied intricately to the plot, so I don’t want to give too much away! I enjoyed this book a lot. The plot was unique, and other than a dragon tattoo on her arm, we aren’t given any hints to her background until we read it in that moment. It is a great action adventure storyline in the same vein as a Robert Jordan or J.R. R. Tolkien kind of way, although not as long, thank God.

I loved this authors book, Pathfinders Way, so I’ll admit to being dissatisfied with the ending.  It leaves you hanging a little bit with the feeling that there will be another book on the horizon. However, this book has been out for a few years, so I hope the author get started on it soon, and doesn’t forget that she owes us a sequel.


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