This Chick Read: Night Shifts Black (NSB #1) by Alyson Santos

Callie is contemplating what to order for breakfast at a diner when a good looking guy with a sad soulful look in his eye approaches her table and asks if she can move seats. She does, only moving to the seat across the table from the chair she had been sitting in. As she settles in her seat she watches this man stare at the chair she had been sitting in, hesitantly reach towards it and draw his hand away. Then he quickly turns around and leaves the diner. The waitress tells her that this is the third day he’s come in and done that. Intrigued, Callie shows up the next morning, sits at the same table and when the man approaches she invites him to have a seat at the next table with her. They strike up a conversation and the two of them become semi friendly, jokingly calling themselves the breakfast club. As this looks like a romance novel and I can feel Callie’s attraction to Luke, I thought ok, here’s my couple. but nope! Callie and Luke were not my romantic couple, but their relationship was the catalyst that drove Callie to find romance. Luke was the best friend. Intrigued? Hell yes!

This novel felt like a J. T. Geissinger novel. Full of great character depth, intense feelings, and agonizing pain. Just as you’d deduce from the above scene, Luke was working his way through emotional trauma. Callie, it seemed was his straight man, but she actually had a lot of depth too and together they had a solid supportive friendship. So, where is the love in this love story? There is one, it’s just not where I expected it. When it happens, it fits, and it’s wonderful.

This novel was seriously good! I loved the friendships in this novel. Dealing with serious topics like depression and suicide, the friendship and love that these characters felt for each other was what elevated the story to another level. Will I be reading the second book in this series, Tracing Holland? Yes, I have to see how Luke falls in love! Oh, did I mention this is a Rock Star romance? NSB, or Night Shifts Black is the name of their band, just in case you are wondering about that title.


Night Shifts Black

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