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I read a lot. Yes, I have a full time job, am married and have a cat and a dog. But I love to read. Therefore I will blog.

I think one of life’s greatest enjoyments, behind travel, great food, and well, sex, is finding someone who has read the same book you have and discussing it.  I love that thrill when you can argue about a books strengths and weaknesses, plot points and characters.  Or when you can truly recommend a great book.

I hope you will read my reviews and something I say will spark a note with you, and you’ll make a comment so I can have that discussion with you!


Here are my guidelines:

I try to only read books that I want to read.  If your synopsis doesn’t appeal to me, it would be better for you if I take a pass. 

My favorite genre’s are romance, fantasy, ya, paranormal, fiction, historical, and every once in awhile I’ll throw in a mystery.  

I will write an impartial and honest review.  I prefer to only write a review for a book I consider three stars or above. 

I will let you know if your book did not appeal to me, and will not write a review for my blog.  However, I will post a brief note on Amazon and Goodreads.

10 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Hi Robert! I do accept requests. If you’d like to send me the synopsis I’ll let you know if it’s a book I’d like to read. I try to genres i’m interested in, so that I can give an honest review. My feeling is that if I or any reviewer, really, doesn’t like that genre, they are more apt to not like the book. I usually pick, romance, fantasy, paranormal, women’s fiction, and mysteries.


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  3. Hi Paul, thanks so much for reaching out! I have been setting aside emails and requests for book reviews while I catch up on my commitments as well as read a few novels I have on my own bookshelves. Every once in awhile I go through old emails and notes and pick out a book. I’ll keep your request on file. Thanks for wanting to share your work with me!


  4. I grew up in the Bronx in the 60’s as well, and just reading your prologue brought a flood of memories to heart. I purchased your book i and will get to reading it as soon as I can. I always leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and, if there’s another platform you use, let me know.

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