This Chick Read: Dragon Blood (World of the Lupi #14) by Eileen Wilks

Eileen Wilks has been setting up a showdown between Lily, Rule and The Great Bitch for what feels like eons. This is book fourteen after all. The Great Bitch is the supreme villain, although our heroes have been fighting her minions since this series started. She has focused on Lily because she wants to use Lily’s body as an avatar on Earth. Magic does not have an effect on Lily, which makes her the perfect host. As Dragon Blood begins right where Dragon Spawn left off (cliffhanger), Lily has traveled through dimensions to Dragonhome where all of the Spawn live. Her friends are still trying to save the children that were kidnapped, and this dimension may be where that standoff actually happens.

The previous novel seemed to drag a bit, so I was excited at the quicker pace at the beginning of Dragon Blood. Lily is at her best when she is solving riddles, and this novel has a couple of plot twists that kept it interesting. I was disappointed that Lily and Rule were separated for most of the book. Lily’s strengths are her clear thinking and ability to solve mysteries, but Rule is more physical. Those contrasting aspects of their characters make them more interesting together and less interesting when they are apart. Did they save the kids? No spoilers here!

I have been a huge fan of the World of the Lupi books and have loved reading about Lily and Rule’s evolving relationship, but the last few books have been just ho-hum. This series will probably be over when they fight and win (I’m going to assume that they win) against the Great Bitch, so I’m sad that I’m ready for the end of this series. Eileen Wilks has built an amazing world, but lately I feel like the story has taken too long to be concluded and the descriptive writing that I’ve loved previously is now making the story drag. The plot to save these children (including Rule’s son, Toby) may be leading up to Lily’s mental preparation to become a mother herself, and when that happens I believe this series will end. It should. I am ready for this author to start fresh with a new world and new characters and I will be the first in line to read that book! ❤️❤️❤️❣️

I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest!

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