This Chick Read: Revealed to Him (Kerr Chronicles #3) by Jen Frederick

My first impression is, ok, I like this authors style of writing. The characters are unique, the mystery had a good hook, and these two characters were emotionally involved.  Good stuff! Did I care I started in the middle of the series? Nah!

Natalie is agoraphobic. She has made some money writing a video game so she can afford to hole up safely in her own home. However, she is not comfortable with her psychosis. She desperately wants to get better! But just as she starts to make progress, she is threatened by a stalker which sends her into a tailspin and her agoraphobia rears its ugly head. Her cousin, a famous pro quarterback with relationship issues (future book?), hires a private investigator to try to help Natalie find the person who is threatening her. Jake Tanner. The name Jake always brings to mind tall dark and handsome doesn’t it? Private investigator Jake Tanner definitely fits the bill. Our Jake is a vet who lost his limbs in a bomb blast over seas. He wears prosthetics on one leg and one arm. When they first make contact, Natalie and Jake have an instant connection. Yet, she’s agoraphobic and although he seems pretty well adjusted, he does have some psychological hang ups associated with his loss of limbs. This love story deals with all of these psychoses, solves a mystery and packs an emotional punch. I was really interested in their story and rooted for their hea.

I liked how Jen Frederick dealt with these serious psychological issues, while the characters were falling in love. There was no hesitation from either party about their feelings about the other person. All of their hang ups were in their own head, and I found that fascinating. I have already got book one on my kindle ready to go -thank you kindle unlimited. I hope that book can live up to my expectations, this one certainly set the bar. ❤❤❤❤❣

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