This Chick Read: Crowbones (World of the Others #3) by Anne Bishop

Set in the world of the Others made famous by Anne Bishops’s novel Written in Red, we return to The Jumble. The setting and characters that we got to know in Lake Silence. Vicki, as proprietor of the Jumble, a kind of vacation spot deep in the territory, has friends and guests over for Trickster Night. A kind of Halloween inspired evening where you get tricks or treats. She is firmly on the treat side of that line not knowing what some of her more creative guests might declare a trick. A knock on the door isn’t surprising but what is on the other side puts her Crow friends in a panic. Crowbones, a kind of boogeyman for the Crows, stands on the other side rattling a gourd. When Crowbones arrives that means someone will die and in this case it’s the imposter portraying Crowbones and Vicki needs the help of her human friends to help solve the mystery before the Others decide to intervene even further, with all of their deaths.

I’ll admit that when Anne Bishop released Lake Silence, the spin-off novel from her fantabulous Others series, I had a hard time connecting with these characters. Since that initial first read, I’ve listened to Lake Silence as well, and didn’t have any trouble at all diving deep into the horror-fantasy of Crowbones. Vicki as a main character, has gained strength, or “sand” as she calls it. Choosing to believe that her previous blood transfusion from the sheriff garnered her some of his stoicism and calm regard. She draws on this strength to stay calm for her guests, knowing that her position in The Jumble lends her some importance because she has the most friendships and the Elders are fascinated with her. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t go all Nancy Drew, leaving the investigation to the professionals, but she did seem to have more of a back bone, not being led by her fear as much as she did in Lake Silence.

The Crowbones story had many intricacies. As noted above, there is the relationship between the Others and their human townspeople, a town that has grown by 100 people since the last book. So there were many strangers to get to know. Our favorite characters were still around and it was nice to get to know them again and gel my feelings towards this ragtag group of hero’s be them Others or human.

Anne Bishop deftly wrote the mystery in this novel, but it really wasn’t that hard to figure out, with one small red herring. I didn’t mind though because the characterizations were so fun, albeit grisly. I really enjoyed how Sheriff Grimshaw and Ilya Sanguinati, one human the other vampire, now worked together as a team. They both need this outpost of intermingling folks to work, neither wanting another human culling.

I think despite this being titled #3 in the World of the Others that this novel could be read as a stand alone. You don’t need to have read Wild Country at all, but you may want to read Lake Silence because it will give you some background on the main characters that will make your reading experience more enjoyable. If you didn’t and don’t want to backtrack to the first book, feel free. My guess is that you’ll pick it up anyway because this one is so good. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (2/28/22)

Good morning! Have you ever requested too many books and realized that you need to read and review several in the next five days in order to honor your commitments? This girl right here! Despite the weather being glorious, I sat this weekend out and read a few really good books! Seriously, not a stinker among them. (Thank goodness….) Truthfully, it was kind of nice to have the excuse to sit around and read. LOL Curious? Here is what I’ve been reading.

Thanks to Book Date who started this theme for bloggers to share what’s on their shelves. You can read her post here.


I remember reading Lauren Kate’s Fallen series ages ago and was surprised to see that she had an adult contemporary romance novel. I scooped it up and was so glad I did! Unsurprisingly, her writing was still awesome, and the story was a slow burn romance, my favorite! This book is too cute you all, you need to give it a shot.


It feels so good to be back in the world of the Others! Someone decides to play a trick on Vicki and her guests at the Jumble, dressing as Crowbones, the boogeyman of the Crow Guard. Do the indigene have a sense of humor? Not really, but they do know how to protect their own. This is one fabulous Urban Fantasy novel and I can’t wait to find out who dunnit.

Are you reading a book that you just can’t put down? It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?

Happy Monday and happy reading!


This Chick Read: Wild Country (The World of the Others #2) by Anne Bishop

Bennett’s human citizens were wiped out by the terre indigene’s Elders in the purge after the Humans First and Last movement failed. It is being allowed to rebuild with a mix of humans, Intuits, and Terre Indigene who will run the town. When word gets out that it is being re-settled with people who will work a trade and run businesses, there is an influx of people who wish to live there. Will humanity rear it’s ugly head again? Well, this is an Others book, so yes, but the story is fascinating and our group of townspeople band together to eliminate the threat that may live among them.

Wild Country was one of my most anticipated books this year and it did not disappoint! A few characters were familiar from Lakeside, but their world that was shook up from the purge changed things dramatically. Humans are required to prove themselves with hard work and an unselfishness that does not come naturally to some of humanity. Our main characters are the exception and the way they rebuild trust is proof again that not all of humanity is corrupt.

There were so many sub plots running through Wild Country that it’s hard to choose a favorite. I loved human Deputy Jana’s need for approval from her Sheriff Virgil Wolfgard, who does not trust humans after his pack was slaughtered at their hands. When he starts to treat her as pack, and she allows and understands it, my favorite moment of this book is created. Another great sub plot is between Jesse, an older intuit woman who is treated with some honor by the terre indigene, and Tolya Sanguinati mayor of Bennett. Tolya, just like Vlad in the Lakeside Others series, is intrigued by some of the more basic emotions in humans and with Jesse there is a trust that has been developed by working together on this project. I’m not sure where their relationship will lead, but I’ll admit that I too am intrigued and can’t wait to find out. If there’s another book in this series that is!

All of the sub plots in this book eventually intertwine and lead to a final conflict that will again leave the question of how and will the terre indigene allow humanity to exist. Will the good folk in Bennett outweigh the bad? I really liked Lake Silence, the first novel in this new Others series, but Wild Country takes us back to why we love this world so much. Yes, humanity can be just awful, but these novels also shine a light on what makes humanity wonderful too. It’s those moments and contradictions that keep me coming back to this intriguing world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this free ARC through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

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“It was a pretty fun read, and was hard to put down, so I finished it in just about a day. I said to myself after not liking Lake Silence very much that it was probably just a dud and that I would continue one nonetheless because I love the world of the Others, and I think the terra indigine are brilliant beings to read about. Well, here I am, and I’ll definitely be sticking around here for the next in the series too! But I really hope that the bad guys of Thaisia start getting smarter. ” Superstardrifter

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This Chicks Sunday Commentary: A Book Signing with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop

When I was asked if I wanted to drive three hours to spend an hour listening to Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop talk about their new releases Burn Bright and Lake Silence I said, “Absolutely!”. Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite fictional heroines and her Alpha and Omega series feeds my need for paranormal mysteries. The thought of spending an hour listening to her talk and possibly having a question answered was too good to pass up. Anne Bishop, author of The Others series and Written in Red, was my 2017 surprise find and quickly moved to the top of my list of great Urban Fantasy series. Who wouldn’t want to see the women behind these well crafted series?!!

My sister, myself, and a friend spent Friday afternoon driving to Lexington, Kentucky for the last stop on their joint tour. Both of their new books had release dates last week and I’m guessing decided to join forces to meet the masses. I’m not sure what I was expecting when we got to the Joseph Beth Booksellers Friday evening, but the next hour and a half was really entertaining. I took some notes so I could relay some of the questions asked and their answers, but please bear in mind that I’m taking a little bit of leeway with their answers, but the meat of them is all Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop.

Patricia and Anne posed

The picture above shows Patricia Briggs on the left and Anne Bishop on the right. The evening started off with each of them reading most of the first chapter of each of their books Burn Bright (Patricia Briggs) and Lake Silence (Anne Bishop). I have read each of the books already and had my own vision and internal voice to these characters, but it was really interesting to hear the people who created them speak their thoughts. Interestingly, Anne Bishop who was a little more reserved in person, was very animated and gave a different voice to each character she read. Patrica Briggs who was very animated and personable in person, did a pretty straightforward read of Burn Bright. Do they like reading their books out loud to a room full of people? I’d be pretty embarassed to do so myself so I was impressed they did such a good job at it.

After they finished reading they stood up and engaged the crowd. They would answer our questions but not until the whole room howled like a wolf. Appropriate to both of their series, but the Arooo! that everyone belted out came directly from our own little Lakeside Courtyard. I pictured little wolf Sam from Written in Red howling away at Meg as I’m sure a lot of other people did as well. That howl certainly broke the ice!

Questions & Answers:

->PB- Is there ever going to be a time when Mercy, Adam, Anna and Charles join together in a book to fight against evil?  Probably not but they may all be in a short story together. PB said she has read quite a few “reunion” books and sometimes they don’t seem to work out too well. So she’s hesitant to do so herself.

->AB- Will you visit the Black Jewel world again? Patricia Briggs broke in all excited and said she has actually read the bones of a story by Anne set in that world, but Anne was quick to say that she wasn’t sure if it will grow into a full story.  (It sounded to me like she didn’t want to make any promises? I haven’t read the Black Jewel series myself but there were a LOT of those fans in the audience.)

-> PB- Does she have a preference for writing in first or third person? I thought her answer was really interesting. PB said that when she first started writing Mercy’s stories she wrote in first person but we may have noticed that change in more recent books. She claimed she “cheated” by allowing us to see through another characters eyes. (I think that technique works really well because Mercy became more fleshed out and through Adam’s eyes I connected better with her.)

->AB- What is Anne’s favorite book? (There were a lot of groans in the audience about this question. A hard one to answer!) Anne said that she’d go back to Moon of Three Rings by Andre Norton because it was the first book she read that she realized that you could have emotional characters set in a fictional world.

->PB- How difficult is it to want to put a character in a book but can’t find a place for them? She answered that Charles was one of those characters. She knew so much about him, who he was and his back ground but he didn’t fit into a 100,000 word novel. She told him to back off and she’d find a place for him. Ultimately that’s why she wrote Alpha and Omega. Her editor asked for a novella and when she said she was writing about Charles her editor was worried. After she read it she asked for him to have his own series. She did say that she wished, now, that she hadn’t made him so powerful because it was easier for her to write characters who were the underdogs. He definitely isn’t!

->AB- Is she every going to go back to Meg and Simon? (I would imagine she gets asked this question ALOT because her answer was very straightforward.) That story arc was completed with Etched in Bone. She’s released Lake Silence this year and then she has Wild Country coming out next year about the town of Bennett.

->PB- (strange person alert!) What happens if someone were to donate an organ and then become a werewolf? (To give her credit Patricia Briggs gave a straight answer.) If it’s before they become a werewolf they will still not have that organ, if it’s after then their organ will grow back. (The same woman later went back to a different version of this question by asking how Charles still has pierced ears if that’s the case? Patricia responded “the same reason why he can shift and have clo5es on when no other werewolf can. He’s Charles.)

->PB- (I asked my question without trying to give anyone in the crowd any spoilers.) Online, there seems to be a lot of talk about a scene in Burn Bright where Anna and Charles are having a conversation about Mercy and Bran’s relationship… Patricia totally understood where I was going and also tried to answer without giving any spoilers. She said, She knew right from the start that those were Bran’s feelings and that now was the time that she needed to reveal that fact. It will not change anything about their relationship or future books. She said that a lot of readers have asked for a book about Bran but she said that we wouldn’t like him if she gave it to us. He is not a very nice guy. (INTERESTING!)

->AB- (my question to Anne Bishop) I have read The Others and listened to the audiobooks as well, when she is writing how does she layer the characters so well? Simon is a wolf and speaks in a growly wolf-like voice. The next time I read it, I notice other wolf-like attributes. Does she write the narrative and then go back and fill in the attributes? She very emphatically said NO. She has lived with these characters for a long time. Has gone to the grocery store and asked Simon if he likes carrots (she makes a scrunchy eww face). When she writes, all that layering is put in as she writes it the first time. She doesn’t have to go back and do it. (Wow!!)

These were only some of the questions asked and answered and I’ll admit to getting caught up in the moment and forgetting to write things down. When you listen to an author speak about their characters and the world they built it’s as if they are talking about real people. As Anne said, she went grocery shopping with Simon. I can only believe that this is why I love their characters so much. They are so real!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Friday night with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop. Were you lucky enough to go to one of their book signings? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts and any fascinating questions and answers!

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The Chick Read: Lake Silence (The Others) by Anne Bishop

Lake Silence is the first book in a new series set in the same world as The Others. Taking place after the terre indigene decimated the Humans First and Last movement (HFL) reminding humans that they are not the dominant species on Namid. Vicki DeVine, our main protagonist, has received The Jumble, a rustic lake resort, in her divorce settlement. After spending a lot of money making it habitable she’s finally rented out one of the cabins. When she finds her renter, Aggie Crowgard, cooking up a human eyeball in the microwave she realizes there is a dead body on her property. Vicki calls it in and gets more trouble than help. That rather gruesome yet quick start sets the tone for the remainder of the story and I quickly ate it up (sans eyeball, thanks very much!)

Lake Silence is filled with a fantastic group of quirky characters. Vicki has self confidence issues stemming from the abused relationship she had with her ex. Seeing Lake Silence and the inhabitants through her eyes, you are given a very clear view of who are the good guys and who are the bad. When the police show up to investigate, Highway Patrol officer Grimshaw, reminiscent of Lt. Montgomery from the previous Others books, is completely honorable. Even in the face of the terrifying terre indigene, he looks past their scary faces and see’s the dangerous humans as more terrible. Ex-cop Julian, who previously worked with Grimshaw, is now a bookstore owner in the town of Sproinger. Friendly with Vicki, he becomes an integral part of the investigation and ultimately the conclusion. There is also a hint of a future romance between he and Vicki if he can get past her reticence to have any kind of relationship with a man. There are a couple of familiar characters, but other than a hint or suggestion of characters in previous novels, this is a whole new cast.  I was disappointed at first but quickly became enraptured with being back in this fascinating world and meeting a new group of terre indigene and humans I could come to like just as well as Meg, Simon and the other inhabitants of the Lakeside Courtyard. Lake Silence is not just a quick fix but I can easily see it becoming another addiction.

I really don’t want to get into the plot of the story anymore than I already have since each element builds up to a great climax. I will say that at one point our characters play a game called Murder, which is similar to the game Clue that we all played as kids.  When the terre indigene offer up their own version of the game you really see the contrast between being terre indigene and being human. I loved the dark humor that Anne Bishop added to that scene and Vicki’s internal dialog was pretty funny throughout the book. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

Lake Silence

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This Chicks Sunday Brunch Book Tag

Good Morning everyone!  I have gotten a little behind on writing my weekly Sunday Commentary. So, I’m sitting in my chair, laptop on my lap, dreaming of a big breakfast (that someone else would cook) and mulling over some books I have recently read when I thought Breakfast… Books… Breakfast…. Books. Wait, those two things go together splendidly! There’s nothing I like better than reading a book while eating breakfast. The next time you find yourself eating one of these meals, try doing it while reading these books or one of your own.

The American Classic- Eggs, Bacon and Toast

eggs-bacon-toastCome Sundown What matches up perfectly with our American Grand Slam breakfast? Come Sundown by Nora Roberts. Bodine Longbow is running the resort side of her family’s business. She is not looking for love but she definitely finds it when Cal Skinner moves back home. Their love story is the perfect silky fried egg that you eat with toast. That piece of crisp bacon is the family drama that sideswipes your emotions taking this novel beyond a normal romance. Perfection is often what you can easily grab out of your refrigerator and make. Yep, that’s Nora Roberts to a tee!

Cinnamon Roll– An oooey, gooey wrapped up bundle of goodness. OMG….

Cinnamon-Rollimage-1 Really any Kristen Ashley novel is a guilty pleasure. It’s like that cinnamon roll that sits on the plate in front of you. You gaze at it longingly knowing that once you start eating it you won’t be able to put it down until you have licked the last bit of frosting off the plate. For me, that’s a Kristen Ashley novel. I stared at The Time In Between on my kindle and waited until I knew I had the time to read it straight through to the finish. It did not disappoint, just as that cinnamon roll never has… I wish I had one of each right now!

The Denver Omelet- with Cheese please!

Denver OMeletimg_1155  Penny Reid has written a wonderfully charming series about the Winston Brothers. These novels are quirky, fun, and have a ton of heart, just like a Denver Omelet. You have a hearty omelet filled with crunchy peppers and onion, and oh those bits of ham provide that bit of decadence and fun. In my world, I always add cheese, because well, cheese makes everything better. In the Winston Brothers world, Cletus is the cheese. If you’ve read these books, you know what I mean…

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes- 

Fluffy-Pumpkin-Pancakes-with-Butter-1img_0746 Who doesn’t love a stack of fluffy, buttery, dripped in syrup pancakes? I love them! This year I discovered the Others series by Anne Bishop. You may wonder how an urban fantasy series matches up with a stack of spicy pumpkin pancakes? Well, just as with this stack, you look at it and see pancakes. Yes, the butter is melting on the top of the stack, and the syrup is dripping off the sides. You think you know what you’re going to get. Then you take that first bite, and pow! The cinnamon and pumpkin flavor hit your taste buds. Surprise! Then you dig in and gobble up that stack. That’s exactly how I felt about this series. I had seen it and thought someday… Then when I actually picked it up and took that first bite? Wow…

The Egg Cup-

egg cupimg_1211-1 The egg cup. Oh so very civil and proper. You tap it with your spoon until you crack through the top and then eat the insides out of the shell. Alexander Rostov, the gentleman in A Gentleman in Moscow is the epitomy of civilized. Even though he is under house arrest in the grand Metropol hotel he is always elegant, cultured and charming. He and this egg in a cup had a lot in common. Smooth veneer, but with a little work you would taste that silky goodness that resides inside. All in a very civilized manner, of course!

This breakfast tag was so much fun to put together!  Warning though, if you choose to take part in this tag you will crave a massive breakfast at the end of it!

I am going to tag a few of my blogger friends. If you don’t feel like partaking, don’t worry about it!  If you do, pls tag me so I can read your breakfast match ups…

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

any of the ladies at Thrice Read

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Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books

Have fun with it!  Until next Sunday, (I’m off to make breakfast now!)




This Chick Read: Etched in Bone (Others #5) by Anne Bishop

This series has quickly become one of my favorites. I was eager to read Etched in Bone, while at the same time dreading it. Do you ever love something so much that you want to eat it up and put it off at the same time? This was one of those novels for me! Continue reading “This Chick Read: Etched in Bone (Others #5) by Anne Bishop”

This Chick Read: Marked in Flesh (Others #4) by Anne Bishop

Marked in Flesh continues the story of shifter and leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, Simon Wolfgard, and cassandra sangue Meg Corbyn. The terre indigene have rescued the cassandra sangue, and in doing so have given the HFL (Humans First and Last) Movement ammunition to further human prejudice against the terre indigene. In this novel, that anger comes to a head and are acted on, providing impetus for the terre indigene to act, protecting their land and people. Marked in Flesh may be urban fantasy, but it’s storyline is a metaphor for our world today. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have an indigent species to save ourselves and our planet from our own greed, corruption and inhumanity.

Meg is still liaison to the Lakeside Courtyard, but even more, through her prophecies she is providing insight into how their future world will be re-made. With the help of her friends, or female pack as the residents of  Lakeside call her group of female human friends. Meg is also providing a service for the other rescued cassandra sangue. It is up to her, the pathfinder, to figure out how to make the world a comfortable, safe place for her kind to live. I like how this sub plot has given Meg more of a purpose than to provide the only humor in these books. Although I did miss the humor.

Simon is also given a bigger purpose. Because of his involvement with Meg, the Elders are watching the terre indigene closely, and his group most especially. Simon is aware of how his reactions and actions with humans will affect their future. We get to know a lot more people outside our Lakeside group, since the HFL movement has spread to the whole world. I’ll admit, that even though I like the growth my favorite characters have made, I miss the smaller storyline of Simon and Meg’s budding relationship. It’s still there, but the book is more politically focused, and the romance is put on the back burner.

This fourth installment in the series is very powerful, driving us towards a conclusion that could possibly end the majority of the human race. I can’t wait to find out what human qualities they decide to keep around!  ❤❤❤❤

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This Chick Read: Vision in Silver (Others #3) by Anne Bishop

Spoilers ahead!

At the end of the previous book, Simon and other terre indigene had destroyed most of the  compounds holding the cassandra sangue and those young prophets went to live among the Intuit villages. Vision in Silver starts with Meg trying to figure out how to manage the cuts she craves, so she can pass that knowledge along to the other girls. If she cuts without feeling those pins and needles will she be able to hold off the need for cutting for a few weeks? The cassandra sangue are prophets, and with those cuts they see visions that, if spoken, deliver a euphoria very similar to sexual orgasms. That euphoria is very addictive, and most prophets live short lives because of that need. Meg’s prophecy, when she cuts,  tells of a war that is to come between a dangerous faction called the HFL or Humans First And Last and the terre indigene and their more scarier Elders.

Vision in Silver is that third novel that spends time setting the stage for future conflicts. A lot of the book explores the hatred that humans feel for the Others. A hatred that shows parallels to what is going on in America in politics. Since this book was published in 2015 I know that the author couldn’t have known that her Nicholas Scratch diatribes would mirror the obscenities spewing out of our own presidents mouth. I couldn’t help envisioning the orange blonde swipe of hair and fake tan on my own vision of Nicholas Scratch. Those parallels made it even easier for me to root for the indigenous natives of Thasia, Meg, and the Lakeside residents that were their human pack. 

Meg, as the pathfinder for the other cassandra sangue girls rescued in the previous books, is trying to live as long as possible between cuts. Simon, her werewolf boyfriend, looks worriedly after her, trying to protect her, but not knowing how to go about doing that. He and the other residents of the Lakeside Courtyard seem to have made a pact to keep her from cutting, but as the HFL ramps up their efforts, Meg is feeling those pins and needles and needs to cut to make sure her friends stay safe. Unfortunately, in this novel, her prophecies won’t save everyone. Those deaths are the first step towards the Elders making a decision to eliminate humans and reclaiming all of their land.

This series has quickly become one of my favorite urban fantasy worlds to live in and I wish it could go on forever. Unfortunately, there are only two books left in the series. However, I will be re-reading these over and over again to visit with some of my favorite characters.


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This Chick Read: Murder of Crows (The Others #2) by Anne Bishop

Cassandra sangue, Meg Corbyn, is still working as the Human Liaison to the terre indigene in the Lakeside Courtyard. Simon, her boss, wolf, and new friend, has come to realize how delicate Meg is in comparison with the Others living in the compound and he guards that fragility ferociously. Meg’s prophecies are happening pretty regularly, not always requiring a cut, but sometimes that prickly feeling is so fierce that she is compelled to slice herself, disregarding her own safety. Her visions are full of violent images and the terre indigene of the Lakeside Courtyard have learned not to ignore what she says, as she has saved their lives before. It becomes apparent that a war between the terre indigene and humans is near when a drug poisons their food making them helpless in the hands of their human murderers.

This novel lacks the humor of the first novel, although watching Meg and Simon tiptoe around each other is pretty funny, both completely clueless about their feelings, and how to act. The first book was about Meg and her safety, but this novel took an even darker turn on a larger scale. We are given an inside look at the unsavory business that holds the cassandra sangue hostage, and because we have come to care so much for Meg and love her innocence, we can’t help but be horrified at what she might have gone through while living in captivity. As this story unfolds, even though the terre indigene can be truly frightening, it’s the humans and their lack of humanity that have become the monsters.

Anne Bishop deftly intertwines storylines told from several perspectives and when those stories merge, the impact is jolting leaving the reader hanging off the edge of  their seat eagerly grabbing for the next book in the series.  A paranormal thriller at its best. ❤❤❤❤❣

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