This Chick Read: How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

This book was published in 2005 and it somehow landed on my radar this year and boy am I glad it did! Written in a style reminiscent of the movie Almost Famous, it was gritty, emotional, funny and real. The two main characters Eliza and Paul are a perfect match, both neurotic artistic geniuses and totally in love with each other.

Eliza, a music journalist lands the story of the century and gets a gig as a journalist for a fictional Rolling Stone like magazine. She moves to New York for the job, but also to be closer to her brother, Michael who happens to be a guitarist in a band called Bananafish. He has gotten married to her best friend and vacated the apartment they were living in with the lead singer, Paul Hudson. Eliza moves into their room at his place and it isn’t long before she and Paul are a couple and are working together to get Bananafish noticed. When Paul’s star is finally on the rise he is torn between the commercial direction his record label wants him to take and the grass roots direction he feels is more right for his music. Unfortunately, with a band relying on him to make money, he has to compromise on his dream.
The characters in this book had so many issues! It was a struggle for them to deal with everyday life, then you throw these kinds of choices in front of them and there are bound to be mistakes, anger, and heartbreak and this story had plenty of all of that. All of that angst and pain was worth it for the great ending to this story. If you are like me and love rocker romances, you must pick up this book! If only for reading about people who have conversations instead of looking at their phones or conversing via text. So refreshing!


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