This Chick Read: The Irish Warrior by Kris Kennedy

The Irish Warrior is a historical romance with a smart and sassy heroine named Senna. Senna was a modern woman born in the wrong era.  When her father starts gambling away their money Senna starts a business breeding sheep to create a strain of very durable wool.  She is just able to keep up with the debtors demands with her lucrative business but wants to take it to the next level, which is unusual in a time when women weren’t more than chattel. Senna reaches out to Lord Rardove, in Ireland, seeking a business partner for her sheep venture. When she arrives in Ireland, she finds an evil man who plans to take her hostage and marry her because she is the daughter of the last Wishme dye master. A dye that creates a beautiful blue color, but also when in powder form creates an explosive. He plans to use that explosive to defeat the Irish and gain favor with his king.  Senna is no shy miss and is determined to not fall prey to his plans. She meets eyes across the room with an Irish Rebel captive, Finian o’Melaghlin, chief councilor to the O’Fail king, and determines that she will help him escape if he will help her get back to England. Finian accepts her help, but has a plan of his own.

This book started off quick, the characters easy to define as good or evil, and Senna and Finian had an instant connection and were very easy to like. Senna was a lady, and Finian treated her as one, but also treated her as an equal partner in crime. This was no bodice ripper, but a historical romance with a slow building relationship. Kris Kennedy filled the pages with clever dialogue and two characters who had a rapport that jumped off the pages. This time in history told from an Irish perspective, was particularly fascinating. Whether Senna could or couldn’t make the Wishme dye, the fate of Ireland, and  Senna and Finian’s relationship all contributed to an exciting storyline that I stayed up reading from start to finish.



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