This Chick Read: Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson #13) by Patricia Briggs

The vampire, Wulfe, has been quietly stalking Mercy, playing music outside her home and just generally hanging out watching. A vampire stalker is definitely worrying so his disappearance should relieve Mercy but instead Mercy is determined to find out where he is and who is behind his disappearance.

I kind of wish this book had been released closer to Halloween because it definitely had that creepy, scary story vibe. A lot of the books in this series are kind of creepy so what made this one feel like it rode that line into horror? I think it was the participation of the regular old humans that gave it that vibe because Mercy already lives in creepy-town with vampires, werewolves, and the fearsome fae, but if humans are involved and one of their stories you tell around the campfire become true? That is scary! I couldn’t help hunkering down while I read this novel and enjoying my reaction just a little too much.

Wulfe going missing brings an awareness to an even bigger problem in Cincinnati and Mercy and her pack are the protector’s of that city so it’s their job to take on whoever has created this problem but when she checks around it isn’t any of the usual suspects. As they investigate what they unearth may become an even bigger problem for their pack in the future so the outcome of this investigation is of the utmost importance. All of my favorite characters take part in Soul Taken and I reveled in the fact that I was back with the pack and could enjoy seeing where Mercy and her proclivity for trouble and problem-solving would lead. What I found was that it’s a little creepy and a lot of fun!


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This Chick’s Audio Review: Shifting Shadows (Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs

Shifting Shadows came out in 2014 and despite loving the Mercy Thompson series I didn’t have that sense of urgency about reading it. I had an Audible credit to use so I finally pulled the trigger and purchased Shifting Shadows. These short stories are narrated by Lorelei King who narrates the Mercy Thompson books and Alexander Cendese. I was expecting Holter Graham for the male voice and wasn’t familiar with Alexander Cendese but thought his narration excellent. As the narrator started reading the first short story, “Silver”, I was immersed in the origin story for Bram and Samuel, wondering why I had let this book lie in those shadows for so long.

For me, there were a couple of stand out novellas in this compilation. As a big fan of Patricia Briggs and both the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series I was really interested in the above mentioned “Silver”. Bram is the Moroch, or leader of all of the packs in the United States and he raised Mercy, and is Charles’s father (Alpha and Omega). I’m already invested in their story and so learning their origin and how they became werewolves was particularly interesting. Also, this was the origin story for Samuel and his mate Ariana, who were separated for centuries. Their story was interesting and heartbreaking and explained quite a bit about their motivations in later novels.

Possibly because I’ve been listening to the Alpha and Omega series recently I immediately knew who the characters were in “Seeing Eye”. Moira and Tom are side characters in one story featuring Anna and Charles. This novella is the origin of how the two of them met and how they were drawn to each other right from the start. Tom, a werewolf, comes to Moira, a witch, to ask for help in locating his brother who has disappeared. It’s a really quick, fast paced story and truly enjoyable.

“Alpha and Omega” is the first story in the Alpha and Omega series. Charles, is Brams son, but he’s also the enforcer for his father and is sent to clean up problem situations. He is sent to Chicago because some things have come to light that all is not as it should be with the Chicago pack. Anna, abused in her own pack, has seen something that her alpha has done that she knows is not right. So she calls the Moroch, Bram, and is put in charge of driving Charles around as he investigates. What they both don’t expect is that Charles’s wolf declares Anna his mate and he has to fight his instincts to protect while also deciding the outcome for her pack. This novella is so good!

The last story I’ll speak about in this review is also the last novella in the book, “In Red, With Pearls”. Warren, the openly gay werewolf gets his own story and it is a fun one! A woman in red, wearing pearls comes into the law firm where Warren’s boyfriend Kyle works. Something about her is suspicious and Warren suspects there is ill intent. Boy is there! This novel has the humor you expect from his character but we get a little more insight into he and Kyle’s relationship. Warren is a fan-favorite and this is a truly fun glimpse into their relationship.

If you like Patricia Briggs novels, short stories, have a commute, or like to listen while you work (gasp!), please check out this compilation. The Mercy Thompson universe has a lot of action and fantasy-filled drama and I promise there won’t be any regrets! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: Wild Sign (Alpha & Omega #6) by Patricia Briggs

When a “camp town” goes missing in the woods of northern California the FBI delivers the news to the owner of that land, the Marrock’s pack. That land is tied to the origin story of Bran and Leah and that story has always been shrouded in mystery. Bran sends his enforcer and son, Charles, and his mate Anna to investigate, warning them that there is something mystical in those mountains. When they arrive they find that the camp was empty with no signs of struggle but some mysterious carvings lead them to believe that magic was involved in their disappearance.

I have waited a while (3 years!) for another Alpha and Omega novel as Charles and Anna are one of my favorite paranormal couples. Each novel in this series reveals more about this pair that intrigues me and keeps me wanting to find out more. Burn Bright, the last novel in the series, centered around its own mystery but as they were investigating that mystery Anna became more determined to find a way to have a child. As a female werewolf carrying a baby to term wasn’t possible and at the beginning of Wild Sign we find out that Anna and Charles are exploring adoption and Anna is frustrated at the length of the waiting list. This storyline has me looking differently at Anna and Charles individually, or more aptly, as a couple. Anna, as an Omega has a nurturing personality unless she’s backed into a corner, but mostly she’s a peacekeeper and it’s easy to see her as a mother. It’s Charles evolution that is the most interesting to me. As the pack’s enforcer Charles must wade in where others fear to go, often being called upon to kill wolves who may cause danger to their packs or society in general. This conflicts with the thought of Charles as a father, however, through Anna we see Charles the nurturer. Through their relationship he’s had to be very calm and patient with his mate creating a sense of safety for her after her abuse at the hands of her previous pack. As time has passed, now into book #6, we see Charles in a different manner. He’s still the enforcer and is called upon to do the difficult things that need carrying out, but he is also a man who wants to be loved, who wants to nurture, who wants his own family. I love this contrast in his character because it creates so much more meaning when he does react to situations, laying aside that man and giving over to his wolf who is the darker side of himself. Why do I bring all of this up? This theme continues in Wild Sign and becomes a defining factor in the mystery they are trying to solve.

OK, let’s talk about the mystery. Yes, there is a big bad magical being in the woods. One that has been there for eons capturing and captivating the people who happen upon it. Without giving away the details of the book I think I can say that this being is part of the legends of that area and as with most legends you don’t truly believe, the locals also make sure to stay away. So, why did the people of this missing town set up right in the midst of it’s territory? As with any story of this nature, it was hubris.

I like the balance of puzzling out the investigation with the powerful moments of outsmarting the baddies with smarts and brute strength. As with any story involving werewolves, there is a lot of action in this novel, but sometimes the more meaningful moments are when the story is quiet and they are deliberating through the facts. Those quiet moments of reflection often more their characters forward in their own story. As we are in book six if they aren’t moving forward in their relationship I think I would be let down and that’s something Patricia Briggs has not done so far in this series.

Wild Sign was as good as the cover makes it look. Seriously, what a fabulous cover! We find out a lot about some characters who have been a bit of a mystery which was fun, and that ending? Wow, Ms. Briggs, please don’t wait another three years for the next installment in this series. I don’t think I can wait that long! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick’s Audio Review: Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8) by Patricia Briggs

Adam’s ex-wife Christy comes back into town to receive protection from the pack when a one night stand turns stalker. Of course, in the Mercy-universe that stalker is paranormal and it takes all of Mercy’s skills and a little help from Coyote to fight their enemy. Unfortunately, Christy also tries to usurp Mercy from inside her pack causing an already ugly situation to turn so much worse.

I’ve read all of the books in this series and have started to go back and listen to the stories enjoying the details that I may have noticed when reading. I had forgotten how much I hated Christy and the way she manipulated everyone in the pack into thinking she was this harmless human that needs protecting. Sure, with one good swipe of a paw you could probably break her neck, but her skills at undermining Adam’s authority, and his marriage to Mercy makes her a hard person to like. Even with a super bad evil guy to compare the odds were still in Christy’s favor as bad guy supreme. She is one really big B*&ch.

I liked Night Broken for the back story it brings to Mercy’s character. We know Coyote is her father but for the first time we realize she may have siblings. Gary Laughingdog is introduced and through his eyes we see how fortunate Mercy has been in her dealings with Coyote. She never really lets what he does affect her and lives her life according to her own rules. Gary isn’t as fortunate.

Adam grew up a lot in this novel. At first, with Christy’s return he falls right back into his role as Christy’s much maligned spouse, even though they are divorced. It isn’t until Mercy stands up for him that he gains strength in her convictions and that persona falls away. In fact, he becomes a better “man” with Mercy than he could ever be with his first wife. I wish his pack would see things the same way.

This was a nice re-visit of an old favorite and narrator Lorelei King does a good job at bringing all of these characters to life. She is a little more of a reader than actor, which is a shame because she could bring a lot more life to some of the action scenes if read a little more passionately, but I still enjoy her phrasing and knowing that I will get a consistent read from her.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy and have somehow missed the Mercy Thompson series, please go back and start the series from the beginning. This is a series that needs to be read in order because of underlining plots and character development. It’s one of my favorites and I can almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy each and every story.

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This Chick Read: Smoke Bitten (Mercy Thompson #12) by Patricia Briggs

A deadly fae creature escapes Underhill, it’s bite allowing it to take over the host body and wreak havoc, killing everything around them and gaining more power from that chaos. When two people close to Mercy become inhabited it turns personal and Mercy must find a way to kick the host out without getting more people killed.

As with most of the novels in this series, there are a couple of storylines running simultaneously. Not only does Mercy need to figure out the puzzle about how to stop this fae creature, she also needs to find out what’s been bothering her husband, and Alpha, Adam. The last couple of novels have been about Mercy’s evolution and I really loved how Smoke Bitten shifted focus back towards Adam and Mercy’s relationship.

My love for Urban Fantasy is closely followed by my love of a good romance and their union is one of my favorite’s in the Urban Fantasy world. This novel has Mercy and Adam face, as a couple, many of the insecurities and fears that we in our normal lives can identify with, even if theirs take the shape of actual monsters. Sometimes my own inner fears take that shape and reading Adam and Mercy’s story and seeing how they battle those physical monsters makes me feel a little better. Isn’t that why we read fiction? We can slay dragons through the actions of our favorite hero’s and learn things through their words and actions?

Smoke Bitten moves several storylines forward. In addition to Mercy and Adam’s relationship, their relationship to Aidan, Mercy’s place in the pack, and her “friendship” with the fae all take a big step forward. By the end of the book I felt like a lot was accomplished, so not only did I love the story but I had that feeling after you eat a great meal. Full, but not stuffed like I’d overeaten. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it is honest!

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This Chick Read: Storm Cursed (Mercy Thompson #11) by Patricia Briggs

After Mercy stood on a bridge and declared the citizens of her territory safe from others, she and her pack have been seriously busy. Called out to take care of some miniature goat zombies (or was it goat mini zombies?) she stumbles onto the fact that her territory is under siege by a coven of witches. The timing could have been better, after all, Adam and the pack are helping the government negotiate a meeting with the Gray Lords (fae) that will hopefully end in peace. Mercy again finds herself in the middle of a ‘situation’ and it takes the combined efforts of her pack to facilitate the survival of everyone.

Mercy is one of my favorite urban fantasy heroines. Even though she’s mated to the Alpha of the Columbia Basin pack, is the daughter of Coyote, and step daughter to Bran- THE North American Alpha, she is a character that many of us readers can identify with. She is a woman who lives for normality. However, being Coyote’s daughter, mischief is never very far away. In Storm Cursed, Mercy’s role as ‘she who spoke big words on the bridge’ is never more apparent. She now has to leave that wish for normality behind her and actively interfere for those who ask for her help. Her interference previously has always been passive. Mischief finds her, but now she must find the mischief in order to stop all of the chaos. It’s an interesting change for this character and I quite like seeing her take a more leadership role in her own life.

There were many plots and sub- plots intertwining through Storm Cursed that makes it really hard to talk about the plot without giving away some key plot points so I’m not going to talk too much about those other than to say there was a lot of very satisfying action scenes where Mercy and the gang got to outsmart the bad guys. I loved these action scenes, but a more subtle defining moment for Mercy’s character was when she and Mary Jo were dealing with the mini goat zombie’s (or was it zombie miniature goat’s?) and they had a heart to heart. Mary Jo is one of the wolves who is against Mercy and Adam’s relationship. Even though Adam declared a cease fire on any active resistance to he and Mercy’s marriage, Mary Jo still subtly lets Mercy know she’d prefer Adam with Christy, his ex-wife. Mercy usually rolls with the punches, but Mary Jo’s dig catches her at a weak moment and she speaks her thoughts on why Adam and Christy were bad together. Why would you want your Alpha to be with someone who tore him down and made him regret who he was? Christy was that woman who make him feel bad about himself and ashamed of being a wolf. I believe this conversation with Mary Jo will be the turning tide in Mercy’s relationship with the pack and we could see a united front in future storylines. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so!

The title of this book is Storm Cursed which is certainly apropos because they are in fact battling a coven of witches and their evil curses, but that is not the only cursed storm in this novel. In fact, this series is rife with objections against behavior that is beyond the norm. There are government factions who are against non humans, both fae, wolf, and vampire. There are vampire politics and hierarchy whose lineage becomes transparent both in Marsilia’s seethe as well as rooted throughout America and Europe’s vampire community’s. Then there are the more commonly found bias’s among humans against homosexuals and women, themes that are vividly portrayed on these pages. In Storm Cursed, we see the beginnings of absolution for many of these things. Kyle, Warren’s lover, is given a hierarchy of sorts within the pack, politicians begin to see more clearly through the clouded glasses of bias and hate, and yes, women’s roles are not subjugated but given strength through their actions. This novel starts as Storm Cursed, but almost ends up being a blessed storm. One that provides a cool wind of change. I can’t wait to see what the next Mercy Thompson novel will bring and in what other ways the subjugated will become uplifted.

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This Chicks Sunday Commentary: A Book Signing with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop

When I was asked if I wanted to drive three hours to spend an hour listening to Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop talk about their new releases Burn Bright and Lake Silence I said, “Absolutely!”. Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite fictional heroines and her Alpha and Omega series feeds my need for paranormal mysteries. The thought of spending an hour listening to her talk and possibly having a question answered was too good to pass up. Anne Bishop, author of The Others series and Written in Red, was my 2017 surprise find and quickly moved to the top of my list of great Urban Fantasy series. Who wouldn’t want to see the women behind these well crafted series?!!

My sister, myself, and a friend spent Friday afternoon driving to Lexington, Kentucky for the last stop on their joint tour. Both of their new books had release dates last week and I’m guessing decided to join forces to meet the masses. I’m not sure what I was expecting when we got to the Joseph Beth Booksellers Friday evening, but the next hour and a half was really entertaining. I took some notes so I could relay some of the questions asked and their answers, but please bear in mind that I’m taking a little bit of leeway with their answers, but the meat of them is all Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop.

Patricia and Anne posed

The picture above shows Patricia Briggs on the left and Anne Bishop on the right. The evening started off with each of them reading most of the first chapter of each of their books Burn Bright (Patricia Briggs) and Lake Silence (Anne Bishop). I have read each of the books already and had my own vision and internal voice to these characters, but it was really interesting to hear the people who created them speak their thoughts. Interestingly, Anne Bishop who was a little more reserved in person, was very animated and gave a different voice to each character she read. Patrica Briggs who was very animated and personable in person, did a pretty straightforward read of Burn Bright. Do they like reading their books out loud to a room full of people? I’d be pretty embarassed to do so myself so I was impressed they did such a good job at it.

After they finished reading they stood up and engaged the crowd. They would answer our questions but not until the whole room howled like a wolf. Appropriate to both of their series, but the Arooo! that everyone belted out came directly from our own little Lakeside Courtyard. I pictured little wolf Sam from Written in Red howling away at Meg as I’m sure a lot of other people did as well. That howl certainly broke the ice!

Questions & Answers:

->PB- Is there ever going to be a time when Mercy, Adam, Anna and Charles join together in a book to fight against evil?  Probably not but they may all be in a short story together. PB said she has read quite a few “reunion” books and sometimes they don’t seem to work out too well. So she’s hesitant to do so herself.

->AB- Will you visit the Black Jewel world again? Patricia Briggs broke in all excited and said she has actually read the bones of a story by Anne set in that world, but Anne was quick to say that she wasn’t sure if it will grow into a full story.  (It sounded to me like she didn’t want to make any promises? I haven’t read the Black Jewel series myself but there were a LOT of those fans in the audience.)

-> PB- Does she have a preference for writing in first or third person? I thought her answer was really interesting. PB said that when she first started writing Mercy’s stories she wrote in first person but we may have noticed that change in more recent books. She claimed she “cheated” by allowing us to see through another characters eyes. (I think that technique works really well because Mercy became more fleshed out and through Adam’s eyes I connected better with her.)

->AB- What is Anne’s favorite book? (There were a lot of groans in the audience about this question. A hard one to answer!) Anne said that she’d go back to Moon of Three Rings by Andre Norton because it was the first book she read that she realized that you could have emotional characters set in a fictional world.

->PB- How difficult is it to want to put a character in a book but can’t find a place for them? She answered that Charles was one of those characters. She knew so much about him, who he was and his back ground but he didn’t fit into a 100,000 word novel. She told him to back off and she’d find a place for him. Ultimately that’s why she wrote Alpha and Omega. Her editor asked for a novella and when she said she was writing about Charles her editor was worried. After she read it she asked for him to have his own series. She did say that she wished, now, that she hadn’t made him so powerful because it was easier for her to write characters who were the underdogs. He definitely isn’t!

->AB- Is she every going to go back to Meg and Simon? (I would imagine she gets asked this question ALOT because her answer was very straightforward.) That story arc was completed with Etched in Bone. She’s released Lake Silence this year and then she has Wild Country coming out next year about the town of Bennett.

->PB- (strange person alert!) What happens if someone were to donate an organ and then become a werewolf? (To give her credit Patricia Briggs gave a straight answer.) If it’s before they become a werewolf they will still not have that organ, if it’s after then their organ will grow back. (The same woman later went back to a different version of this question by asking how Charles still has pierced ears if that’s the case? Patricia responded “the same reason why he can shift and have clo5es on when no other werewolf can. He’s Charles.)

->PB- (I asked my question without trying to give anyone in the crowd any spoilers.) Online, there seems to be a lot of talk about a scene in Burn Bright where Anna and Charles are having a conversation about Mercy and Bran’s relationship… Patricia totally understood where I was going and also tried to answer without giving any spoilers. She said, She knew right from the start that those were Bran’s feelings and that now was the time that she needed to reveal that fact. It will not change anything about their relationship or future books. She said that a lot of readers have asked for a book about Bran but she said that we wouldn’t like him if she gave it to us. He is not a very nice guy. (INTERESTING!)

->AB- (my question to Anne Bishop) I have read The Others and listened to the audiobooks as well, when she is writing how does she layer the characters so well? Simon is a wolf and speaks in a growly wolf-like voice. The next time I read it, I notice other wolf-like attributes. Does she write the narrative and then go back and fill in the attributes? She very emphatically said NO. She has lived with these characters for a long time. Has gone to the grocery store and asked Simon if he likes carrots (she makes a scrunchy eww face). When she writes, all that layering is put in as she writes it the first time. She doesn’t have to go back and do it. (Wow!!)

These were only some of the questions asked and answered and I’ll admit to getting caught up in the moment and forgetting to write things down. When you listen to an author speak about their characters and the world they built it’s as if they are talking about real people. As Anne said, she went grocery shopping with Simon. I can only believe that this is why I love their characters so much. They are so real!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Friday night with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop. Were you lucky enough to go to one of their book signings? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts and any fascinating questions and answers!

If you would like to read my review of Burn Bright and Lake Silence please click on the title of each book!

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Signed books

This Chick Read: Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega) by Patricia Briggs

Burn Bright

Charles and Anna often investigate strange goings on in their pack, but also act as liaison’s to the federal government, traveling across the US to do so. Burn Bright stays very close to home. Bran, the Marrok, is off in Europe having helped Mercy when she was kidnapped in the novel Silence Fallen. Charles, acting Alpha until Bran’s return has to investigate a call he gets from one of his fathers wildlings. Wolves who live in the wild because they are kind of crazy and can’t live among the pack. He and Anna travel into the wilderness and find themselves in a magical fight for their lives and the lives of their pack.

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of Burn Bright because Anna and Charles are two of my favorite characters and one of my favorite couples. Since being introduced to them we have seen Charles Cornick, son to the Marrok and his enforcer, take on some really tough enemies. To the werewolves of North America he is one truly scary guy, brought in when something needs to be cleaned up. When he meets Anna and realizes she is his mate you see a subtle shift in his intensity. To those who don’t know him, he’s still intimidating as hell, but to those who do know him there is a slight softening. Anna, an Omega wolf, has a calming effect that’s often called upon in difficult moments, but Charles’ need to protect his mate and soothe her in return makes a difference in how his family and close friends see him and you can see that difference evolve as each book progresses. I love this progression in not only their relationship but in them as a couple with each novel showing their growing love and closeness.

Each novel in the Alpha and Omega series can be read as a stand alone with the central story a mystery that has a beginning, middle, and conclusion in each novel. However, I do think you’ll miss the subtleties in these characters and that is a huge part of my enjoyment in reading them. This series is a spinoff of the Mercy Thompson series. The timelines in both series are connected and if you read both series I think you get a boost of enjoyment, but once again, if you haven’t read Mercy’s stories I don’t think it will take away from enjoying Charles and Anna’s and Burn Bright was a really engaging story on it’s own merit.


I received an ARC of this novel for my honest review and it was honest.

Burn Bright image

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This Chick Read: Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) by Patricia Briggs #Giveaway

The Giveaway for Cry Wolf has ended!

Burn Bright, Patricia Briggs’ fifth novel in the Alpha & Omega series, is being released on March, 6, 2018. In honor of that release Berkley Publishing and I am going to be giving away a copy of Cry Wolf the first novel in the series.


“Anna never knew werewolves existed until the night she survived a violent attack…and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she’d learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. But Anna is that rarest kind of werewolf: an Omega. And one of the most powerful werewolves in the country is about to recognize her value as a pack member—and as his mate.”


I will be reading and reviewing Burn Bright soon, but it had been awhile since I’ve read the other novels in the series. I decided to listen to the audio book as a re-read. Narrated by Holter Graham I again enmeshed myself in this fabulous Urban Fantasy series about Anna, a female werewolf, who finds herself mated to Charles, son of the Marrok or premier Alpha of all werewolves in the United States. As stated in the synopsis above, Anna, only a werewolf for three years was told she was a submissive, a werewolf at the bottom of the pecking order in a pack. Dominated and brutalized by a pack that should’ve protected her. She finds her self confidence and place in werewolf society with her mate Charles an enforcer for the Marrok, his father. He often gets sent on missions by his father and in Cry Wolf, he and Anna investigate a rogue werewolf.

There are so many things I loved about listening to this novel. Holter Graham does a wonderful job narrating. He imbues Anna’s voice with a strength and cleverness that she is only now discovering for herself. Charles who is described as being the strong silent and deadly type is voiced with a kind of nasal intelligence. Other werewolves have seen Charles as being kind of dumb, when in fact he is very smart as well as deadly.  Holter Graham’s voice for Charles gave him more cleverness than my own voice in my head. It made me see him differently than I had when I first read the novel. His gentleness with his new mate fit his characterization to a tee. Anna’s courage and sass strengthened as the novel moved forward and Holter Graham did a great job of starting off shy and moving towards an independence and self confidence that you wouldn’t think would come across in a narration. It did and it was so well done! So, not only was the writing fantastic, but that narration was brilliant as well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This series, I believe starts and runs congruently with book 4 of the Mercy Thompson series, but you do not have to have read that series. This one stands completely on its own. The mystery is well thought out and the fantasy paranormal elements believable. Please enter the giveaway below to win a copy of Cry Wolf. I hope you will enjoy this novel as much as I have and want to re-read it or listen to it in the future as well!

Cry Wolf

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Patricia Briggs is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson novels Silence FallenFire Touched, and Night Broken, among others. Her Alpha and Omega novels include Burn BrightDead HeatFair GameHunting Ground, and Cry Wolf. She lives in Washington State with her family and a small herd of horses.

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This Chick Read: Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10) by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, one of my favorite paranormal/fantasy heroines of all time, gets herself kidnapped and almost killed. Waking up in Italy, a captive to a renaissance era vampire lord isn’t how Mercy had planned to visit Europe. Not being able to feel her bond with her mate Adam, and the Columbia Basin werewolf pack almost put her in a tailspin, but it doesn’t stop her from planning her escape and successfully fleeing her captivity. Of course not everything goes smoothly, and being related to Coyote, the king of chaos, you know Mercy isn’t going to be sitting quietly waiting for Adam to come pick her up. Somehow, Mercy jumps from the frying pan into the fire, and manages to break up a sinister vampire plot. Told from both Adam and Mercy’s perspective, you got a real feel for their bond and love for each other.

Silence Fallen’s plot was so intricately woven. Adam flies to Italy to “rescue” Mercy, but she’s not there anymore and he has to beat back his wolf in order to have a politically motivated meeting with the Vampire who almost killed his mate. You could practically hear the growl in Adams voice as he choked back his anger, fears and frustrations. In my opinion, we learned too much about the dynamics of a vampire seethe. Stefan and Marsilia’s past history in Europe was kind of interesting but I learned more than I probably needed though I’m sure that will come into play in future books. 

Mercy always faces every challenge with a clear voice, but this time I heard a little bit of tiredness come through. Truly, if I were her, I would be saying, really? Again? Can’t I have some peace? Usually she just rolls with the punches. This time it seemed to take a little bit out of her. It makes me wonder what’s next for this character, and is the author also getting tired? I hope she has a lot left in her because I am not tired and could read Mercy’s story until she and I are in our 80’s!  ❤❤❤❤

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review.

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