This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: The one where she saves Julie’s life

I would LOVE to have three days to just read and read and read. Unfortunately some thing just keeps getting in the way. This week I read one book. It took me forever to read it and that just, well, never happens. I can always find the time! I write on other bloggers posts, giving them tips and hints about how to carve out more reading time. Listen to audio books while you excercise, read during your commute to work, take a book and read on your lunch break. All of these things I normally do, but this week I just did not.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing really. I am still getting up in the mornings and taking a nice long walk for excercise. I am listening to a series I absolutely loved, Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. Well, I guess that is actually the problem. I have become obsessed with these books again! They have gotten in the way of me picking up a new book. I have ARC commitments! Who cares? Says my inner demon. Listen to Kate kick ass and fall in love with Curran. I have projects to focus on at work! Who cares? My inner demon speaks yet again. I am enthralled with the narrator who gives voice to all of these fantastic characters in these books! I laugh out loud at Kate’s inner monologue. She’s got such a sarcastic inner voice and it reminds me of my own! I forgot how much I love these characters that made a lonely Kate no longer alone. I have fallen in love again with Derrick, Julie, Andrea, Aunt Bea, and yes most especially that gravelly voiced Curren. Yum.

So, I have been in a bit of a reading slump. At least of new books. It’s a good thing I pre-schedule my blog and have written a bunch of reviews… ok, I have to get back. I am at the end of book 5 , Magic Slays, you know, the one where she saves Julie’s life? Yeah, intense!

If you haven’t read this series, here’s the first one. If you have a long commute? I suggest listening to it. You will NOT be disappointed.

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