This Chick Read: High Voltage (Fever #10) by Karen Marie Moning

Dani O’Malley has always been an integral part of the Fever series. As a young girl she acts as an energized sidekick and little sister to Mac, who this series has always revolved around. We have seen her grow up, quite suddenly when she gets lost in the Silvers and returns to Dublin older and with a new identity- Jada. She is a protector of the people of Dublin, as is Mac, but for her it’s retribution for the horrible things she did as a child used at the hands of Rowena. Assassin, murderer, and innocent are all descriptors that can be used for Dani O’Malley. In High Voltage, she gets her own book. Mac has become the Queen of the Fae and is out of the picture trying to become accepted. Barrons has disappeared with her. At the beginning of the novel Ryodan and the 9 who all run Chester’s and who have become part of Dani’s group of accepted frenemies also leave Dublin. Her boyfriend Dancer died in the last novel. With the exception of her Hel-cat, she is alone for the first time. Or since she was lost in the Silvers for two years. She flounders emotionally, but puts all those insecurities in a box and moves on. Still trying to keep Dublin safe, when she see’s things change and a new enemy comes to life. The Gods are back and they seem to have her in their sights.

I admit, I like Dani as the sidekick but was not eager to read her story. This is why this one say on my shelf since it’s release. I LOVE Mac and Barrons. I like Dani and Ryodan, but was never that curious about where these two would end up. Ryodan spent too much time as an anti-hero, dating and sleeping with many and holding Dani at a distance. Dani was too busy growing up, hiding her insecurities and feelings, and well I got tired of it all. It took me finding out that the next novel was coming out next month for me to go ‘uh oh’ and decide that I needed to get past my own feelings and read this novel.

High Voltage helped me understand this character a little bit more. Unlike Mac who wanted to be good, be liked, and who was secure in herself, Dani knew that she wasn’t normal. She didn’t want to be good per se, but she wanted to do good things. She see’s herself as a protector, a superman of sorts whose role was to help the helpless, as she once was. We saw a little bit more of her back story and in this novel saw her morph into a different being. I think everyone leaving made her undergo this emotional change and the novel was better for it. When Ryodan returned, (yes he doesn’t leave her forever. shockers!) she is ready to take their relationship to the next level. But this novel isn’t just about her emotions, it’s also another novel that moves forward the evolution of Dublin and all of the beings who have made it their home. The Fae, the Sidhe-seers, and humans are all affected by the Gods return and they mystery of why and how is really interesting!

I love complex books and characters and High Voltage continued to deliver on why I like this series so much. It’s dark, magical, gross, riveting, and sexy. Who wouldn’t like all of those emotions mixed into one novel? LOL. Yes, I did add gross because honestly some of these beings are truly the big ick and are really hard to read about. These stories get your imagination going, grab you by the throat, and make you invested in the outcome. High Voltage was no different. So, even though I Dani is not my favorite character, this author still did a really good job of making me care what happens, and that is a reason enough to read this novel. It moves the story forward and I know the next novel which features Mac and Barrons again, will deliver.


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This Chick Read: Feversong (Fever #9) by Karen Marie Moning

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This Chick Read: Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

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