This Chick Read: Take Me Back by Meghan March

Read at your own Risk-slight spoilers ahead.

I have never read a Meghan March novel and didn’t quite know what to expect. The synopsis sounded like your typical second chance romance. They meet on a beach vacation, fall in love and get married. After their marriage the communication stops and they are barely speaking to each other anymore. They make one last ditch effort and go on another beach vacation in the tropics. They are re-kindling the romance and then this second chance romance story becomes a romantic suspense novel. WHAT?!!!  I was totally blindsided! In a great way!

Second chance romances are not my favorite, but I am a HUGE fan of romantic suspense novels and this one captured my attention, lock, stock and gun barrels!

Part of the fun with this novel was the fact that I was completely snookered! I mean, I thought it was turning into a swinger book or something, and i was starting to get really uncomfortable. (Blushing while writing) Swingers, threesomes, bondage, etc. are not really my thing, so thank god I was completely wrong! Our heroine in peril, struggles to find her inner Rambo, and was failing horribly at that, when our hero turns into hot commando guy and saves the day! Woo-Hoo!

Ok, I didn’t give away the plot, but did give away a little bit of the surprise in this book, because it was that surprise that I enjoyed so much. How could I write a review without revealing a little of my shock and awe?  This book was fun, and a light read. No heavy lifting needed. The perfect vacation book, unless you’re taking a beach vacation. You may want to pack a gun, instead of a book! ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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