This Chicks Sunday Commentary: What? My Review got Blocked?

Google+ has become a very important medium for my blog. I have 2,231 followers nationwide on my page and sometimes when I share my blog posts from The Reading Chick onto my Google+ my views spike tremendously. I haven’t yet figured out a rhythm of what works and what doesn’t, even after 574 posts. However, I see the significance that posting on that medium makes and I take the time to share each post to relevant pages, hoping to spread my bookish words.

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This past week I had the pleasure of having my review of Kristen Callihan’s novel The Hot Shot blocked on Google+.  I was really surprised! It only said it was blocked due to content, so I have to guess as to why that particular post got chosen out of the 550+ that I have shared on that site?

  • I scanned the review for curse words. Yes, even though I try to keep my review PG-13, every once in awhile I forget and cuss. Nope, no curse words!
  • Did I talk too much about sex? No, actually I only mentioned the two main characters growing relationship. Although I did say the word “firm”. Maybe they misunderstood the context?
  • Was it the title? The Hot Shot, doesn’t seem too salacious. It could refer to a personality trait, a really good businessman, or as in this case a really hot guy. Hmmm. I can’t believe that’s why it would get blocked?
  • Maybe it was the book cover? The Hot Shot does have a good looking man laying face down with a bare chest, slightly arching his back. There is not a woman laying underneath him, and I’ve seen a LOT more books with sexier covers. I actually admired the restraint of the publisher on this one! I think that might even be a yoga pose. Not that I do yoga but isn’t that a plank pose, or something like that?img_1246Really this cover is not any different than a number of other covers with naked male chests, and those reviews made it onto Google+ just fine! (see examples, below).

I am so tempted to just keep adding and see if I can get it blocked again! But, you get my point. They are all pretty much the same, aren’t they? With the exception of The Hot Shot laying face down. Maybe that is too suggestive.

Anyway, here’s my question to you! Have you ever had one of your reviews blocked for content? Or for another reason?

I’m curious! Please let me know.

Until next Sunday,


Oh! If you want to read my review of The Hot Shot. Click HERE!



5 thoughts on “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: What? My Review got Blocked?

  1. I’ve not had my reviews blocked per se but Amazon has stopped me from posting reviews of books if I haven’t purchased items amounting to $50 or something from them, which I think is ridiculous. Posting on Amazon is not just important for authors, it’s also useful for those looking to buy those books! I definitely get why this is frustrating! If I were you, I would contact the customer service through email and ask them to unblock it or give more specific reasons why it is blocked. I hope it gets resolved for you!

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    1. I had heard of Amazon doing that! I don’t have trouble spending $50 and so my Amazon reviews usually get posted, unless I have a curse word. I have had to go in a change a word or two on occasion. ☺️ I was more curious than upset about why my review got blocked. My review won’t make or break her results for The Hot Shot. She’s so popular! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Unless it was someone with a bee-in-their-bonnet who complained, that kind of censorship is ridiculous! Can you question Google on their decision? In Australia, libraries don’t censor and I’ve seen that book on the shelves so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be reviewed online.

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