This Chick Read: #Moonstruck (#Lovestruck #2) by Sariah Wilson

Maisy Harrison has one rule, never date a musician. When she meets Ryan De Luna backstage at one of his concerts she’s surprised at their electricity but is determined to follow that rule and gives him some sass instead of the love he is used to receiving. Intrigued, Ryan looks her up and see’s that she and her band Yesterday have covered one of his more popular songs and he comments on the link, giving their video a huge push into the millions viewed. When he tracks her down at watches them play at their gig he offers them the opening act on his current tour. Too hard to pass up, Maisy finds herself living in temptations reach, her resolve weakening.

From the synopsis above you’d think this was all sex, love, and rock and roll, right? It is, kind of, but it’s the heart and emotion that drive this novel, not the sex. #Moonstruck is a “slow burn” romance. Meaning, that the relationship is fully developed before love hits the pages. You really get to know both Maisy and Ryan and like them a lot before their relationship hits romance status. What’s truly different about this novel is that there’s a ton of backstory regarding why Maisy thinks she should not get into a relationship with a musician, and some it is kind of heartbreaking.

I really liked all of the characters in this book. There was something really wholesome about all of them, which is a complete departure for a rock and roll romance! The banter between she and her brothers (her other band members) were really fun and full of love. Maisy’s sass was one of the things I loved about her the most.

At times I wondered if this was an Inspirational Christian novel, and even though there was a lot of self inspection, it didn’t cross into religion at all. Maisy was just trying to figure things out, herself included and Ryan was patient enough to believe she was worth the wait. It was so refreshing!

If you are a fan of slow burners, then you should definitely read this novel. It’s my first by this author and I have to admit I’m intrigued. Are they all this good without bringing the act of sex into the story? I’m definitely going to find out! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Opinions from around the Blogosphere

“I love Sariah Wilson’s writing and her characters. I love that there is chemistry, passion and a fairly normal feel to the people within her books. I love that there are sexy men who do not instantly want to jump into a woman’s underwear (and that it doesn’t happen) and that her books are full of humour, witty comments and fierce women.” Book Addict Rambles

“#Moonstruck is delightfully entertaining with banter and sizzle. Sariah Wilson definitely dials up the heat and tension with this fake relationship. Ms. Wilson developed a great cast of characters in Maisy’s siblings and friends with a cameo of Zoe and Chase from #Starstruck. ” Harlequin Junkie

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