This Chick Read: Everything for Her by Alexa Riley

BIG SPOILERS!!! Read at your own risk. 

Everything For Her was my first book by Alexa Riley, a writing team who has had a ton of success. I have certainly heard of them, but not reading a ton of Billionaire romances, I hadn’t ever picked up one of their novels. I picked up their book for free at a convention and even met the authors who were very gracious and nice. I had high hopes that I would like this book as much as I did meeting them in person, but I’ll be as honest as I always am. I did not. I will say that the writing was excellent, the story well plotted, and it moved along quickly. In fact, I even finished the book! You may ask why I didn’t like this book? One reason, the love interest was a creeper/stalker. I just couldn’t see it any other way!

Here’s the premise: Mallory Sullivan gets a coveted  internship at the Osbourne Corp, one of only three ever given out. She and her best friend move to New York to start this next phase of their lives.  Celebrating at a bar she meets Oz, a handsome guy in a suit, they exchange phone numbers and start to see each other. Sounds pretty innocuous right? I thought so too, at first. Until I read further. It turns out Oz caught sight of Mallory when he was a judge at a math competition when she was in High School.  Now, he was only in college so an age difference wasn’t my big issue. He becomes obsessed declaring her the girl for him.  From that moment on he manipulated her life. She gets the first ever scholarship from the Osbourne Corp. to pay for college and living expenses at Harvard. That is one great scholarship! She gets to school and meets her roomie that she becomes best friends with. Mallory alludes to their all study and no play college life and later in the book we find out that her roommate and soon to be best friend was a plant by Oz. She was her roommate to encourage her away from men and to keep her safe and a virgin for Oz. The internship that moves them to New York? Yeah, that was a set up also. 
Of course, Mallory finds all of this out, and this is the big conflict in the book.  But she lasts THREE DAYS before she forgives him. Umm, girl, he set your life on this course, made sure you remained a virgin, had eyes on you at all times, got reports on your whereabouts, habits etc. then meets you finally in person, lies about his name and who he is, takes your virginity, begging not to use a condom so he can tie you to him with a baby?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!  This is not romance. This is called stalking, and the man should be arrested!

Of course, she forgives him, they get married, she has a baby right away, because of course she gets pregnant from all the unprotected sex! The epilogue flashes into the future, with a little boy toddler acting just as possessive at six as his father did at twenty-six. A little stalker to be. How cute. NOT.

Needless to say, I did not care for this book! However, as I said above, these girls can write. So, I gave, it ❤️❤️.

Here’s my question for you, my fellow bloggers.  Why are these kind of plots popular? I get the whole, he can buy you anything with all that money fantasy, but this guy was a serious creep! I kept hoping the HEA would be her leaving his ass, getting a backbone and finding a real man. Please answer in the comments below if you’re a fan of these books. I really want to know the big draw!

Sorry, no links for this one. I can’t encourage buying a book that teaches women to not honor themselves, even in their fantasy life.

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