If We Could Ask J.K. Rowling One Question…

If you are a book blogger chances are you’ve read Harry Potter or if you aren’t a fan of YA Fantasy, maybe you are a fan of her pseudonym Robert Galbraith and his Cormoran Strike series. I have not read The Casual Vacancy but I know there have been many discussions on the strength of that novel and where it fits on her catalog of books.

We all have an opinion! Is Harry Potter the greatest thing since sliced bread? What house would you be in if you were enrolled in Hogwarts? Will Cormoran and Robin EVER get together? Those are all natural questions as fans of her fiction and there are no greater fans than book bloggers, right?

With your permission, let’s imagine that we have an exclusive interview with J.K. Rowling….What would you ask??

In the comments below list ONE question that you have always been dying to ask J.K Rowling. Come on, I know you have ONE?

Here’s mine: Ms. Rowling, as you conquer each genre you choose to write in, how do you come up with your next challenge?

Who’s next? I want to hear it?

8 thoughts on “If We Could Ask J.K. Rowling One Question…

    1. Oooh! I like that one! You know, he was such a great character and so easy to cast in an evil role, but I believe he was just trying to do the right thing. In a twisted kind of way. I would love to hear what she has to say though! Thanks for commenting!

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  1. “Dear JK, Why didn’t you make Robin the lead in your Cormoran Strike series?”
    I think she is the driving force throughout the stories and hope that pressure from your peers or publisher didn’t sway you into having a male role model.

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  2. I would ask her what she wishes she could change from the whole Harry Potter series! For example, did she ever regret certain plot points from the first few books, and did any of her previous plots ever conflict with what she wanted to do with the later books?

    Great discussion post!

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    1. I always wonder how she tracked all of those different plot points and how far in advance she would plan her books. Great question! I would think it’s only natural if she did have slight regrets. Thanks for commenting with a question!

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