This Chick Read: Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn

Personal assistant Georgie Mulcahy is out of a job and had moved back in to her parents home while she tries to figure out what to do with her life. Her parents are supposed to be traveling the country in their RV and the house empty but they have double booked house sitters and she finds herself sharing the house with Levi Fanning, ex-bad boy and brother to the guy she had a crush on when she was a kid. When she comes across a diary she wrote about what she needs to do to prepare for high school, she realizes that the girl she used to be got lost, so she decides to do some of the things she wrote, with Levi’s help. As they make their way through her wishlist they learn a lot about themselves and each other.

Georgie, All Along was such a fantastic feel-good novel. I think every reader can identify with Georgie’s situation. Losing their job and finding themselves floundering of life’s choices. Also, finding a connection with a grumpy but sexy man. Well, I did the first, but not the second but her journey of finding herself, with Levi’s help was emotional, personal, and oh so fun to read.

Like I said above, Georgie was so easy to like. She may have been a little lost but her heart was in the right place and her method of finding her way entertaining. Levi was also that grump you always secretly crushed on. A troubled past combined with his taciturn nature made him slightly mysterious but also his story pulled at your heart. I knew immediately that I was going to root for these two to find their way to each other. Georgie never had that feeling of completeness, and Levi never had his own person to belong to. They were perfect for each other!

Most of my favorite romance authors include great groups of friendships in their novels and Georgie was a girl that collected friends. I loved how each of them wanted the best for her and supported her in finding her way, but also delivered the truths that she needed to hear. Levi didn’t have that gang, but that made his need for Georgie resonate even more and their union supreme.

If you are in the mood for an emotional journey that hits those storytelling high notes, this is the book you need to pick up. I enjoyed this one a LOT and this author is now on my must read list.


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This Chick Read: Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez

Vanessa’s mom and sister didn’t live to 30 so Vanessa has vowed to live every day like it was her last, traveling around the world and blogging about her life. She didn’t expect people to react so positively having followers in the millions. When her sister drops her baby off and never returns Vanessa has to change her life to fit this new little one. Adrian Copeland is a successful trial lawyer with an impeccable reputation and hard work attitude. When the screaming baby wakes him up, he goes over to his neighbor’s see what’s up and ends up babysitting while Vanessa takes a shower. Enjoying her personality, Adrian ends up spending more and more time with she and Grace until they are almost like their own little family unit. But Vanessa is a lifestyle blogger who is used to living life like there’s no tomorrow.

I have read the other two books in this series and they were cute, which is why I picked up the third. I did not expect this book to be so full of heart, have great characters, and leave me with soggy tissues to clean up when I finished reading. Whew! This novel hooked me in and then took me on a journey that I wasn’t sure I wanted, but definitely didn’t want to stop.

Vanessa was kind of a nut. A free spirit, she really fits that lifestyle blogger persona- or at least she seems to. She really has a hidden agenda, raising money for ALS, the disease that killed her sister and that her mother was also showing symptoms of. Vanessa is terrified that she too will die from this disease. That thought has filled her life and every decision she’s made since she realized it. Adrian is completely thrown by this fascinating creature that lives next door. He has been all about work and as he gets to know her he is realizing that there is so much more to life than being a partner in his firm and working 24/7. I loved seeing him blossom out of his work persona.

I can’t let this review end without saying something about Vanessa’s family who played a huge part in this book. As with most families, her’s had their share of issues. What was so nice about Life’s Too Short was how family was at the heart of the story. The ALS storyline, the baby, her father’s hoarding, her sister’s addiction, her brother’s money making schemes. All integral parts to making Vanessa who she was and why this novel worked so well. Loved! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren

Carey Duncan met Melissa and Rusty Tripp when she was sixteen. She applied for a retail job in their store in her small town. When they were discovered by a home design network, Carey continued to work for Melissa as her assistant. She has helped them build their empire, but just as their launching a book tour, their marriage is on the rocks. James McCann was only recently hired by the Tripp’s as an Engineer on their show but has ended up being Rusty’s executive assistant. His career trajectory is reliant upon the Tripp’s making a success of their book and the second season of their new show. When it all starts to plummet, he and Carey team up to try to hold their bosses relationship together, while at the same time starting their own.

This novel came out a couple of years ago and has say on my library wishlist ever since. I’m not sure why I pressed pause because it was such a great romance. OK, yeah, Melissa and Rusty’s relationship was definitely on the skids, but when James and Carey banded together the became each others support system and their own story was sweet and funny. This story was a perfect example of using two relationships to show the contrast in healthy vs unhealthy which skewed the reader to loving James and Carey event more. Boy those Tripp’s were a mess!

I really enjoyed learning about Carey’s disability and how it made her life challenging. Especially when trying to keep designing furniture and other ideas for the Tripp’s. He story especially tugged on your heartstrings. I’ll admit to using Google to learn a little more. One of my favorite moments was James suggestion of using his engineering skills to design her a tool to use to make it easier for her to use her tablet. So sweet! This was a couple that I really rooted for from the start.

There were a lot of hijinks in this novel, just as there are in many of Christina Lauren’s novels. I’m not really fond of watching a marriage implode but I think the contrast of watching a new relationship being built helped provide the positive feeling the reader was left with at the end of the story. Well done! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Happy Ever After Playlist (The Friend Zone #2) by Abby Jimenez

Two years after the sudden death of her fiancé and Sloan Monroe can’t seem to get her life back on track. Once a talented budding artist she is barely making ends meet working for a mass production company painting cat astronaut paintings. On the anniversary of her fiancé’s death she is driving down the road when she finds a stray dog. She takes him home and calls the name and number on his tags. She leaves messages for over two weeks, but in the interim she keeps feeding the dog and taking him out on walks which help her come out of her funk. When the owner finally calls back and says he’s out of the country, she offers to keep watching him, sending him texts and pictures daily. As those texts with Jason turn flirty she finds herself looking forward to the time when they can meet face to face, while at the same time feeling guilty for moving on. When she finds out he’s a famous musician she wonders if she can survive another heartbreak.

I read The Friend Zone when it first came out and even though I liked it I sat on this second novel. Who knows why, because as soon as I started reading it I knew that I was going to love it. It was so easy to read and I really loved both Sloan and Jason. Jason, despite his superstar status was so down to earth, calm, and charming. He knew that what he found in Sloan was something special and he pursued her with a steadiness that was sweet and smooth. Sloan was a bit more of a mess because of her fiancé’s sudden death but then who wouldn’t be? I loved how it was Jason’s dog, Tucker who brought her out of her slump, playing a great wingman for his missing owner. By the time Jason arrived on the scene Sloan’s heart was on the mend and she was more open to a new relationship. Was this book perfect? No. I had issues with the conflict that arose when Sloan joined Jason on tour. It was pretty manufactured but I had trust in the author to get us back on the trail to our happily ever after, and she did.

I seem to be drawn towards books that have solid friendships, and Sloan’s and Kristen’s was pretty much perfect. I can’t say I remember Kristen too much from The Friend Zone since I read it quite a few years ago, but she was a pretty funny foil to Sloan’s more subdued demeanor. Her antics created the perfect comedic foil to push Sloan into action on a few pivotal scenes. I smiled through her craziness and enjoyed their friendship. Every Thelma needs a Louise and that was who Kristen was for Sloan.

If you are in the mood for a quick romance that is surprisingly sweet with characters who have quite a bit of depth, this may be the perfect book for you! I am still wondering why I waited so long to read it, but hey, the third in the series is out already and now I don’t have to wait at all before diving in to another book that I know is going to bring me pleasure. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

Solange Perreira is helping out her wedding planner cousin at an event when she accidently spies the bride in a situation that makes her believe this wedding just isn’t meant to be. When the minister makes the announcement about anyone objecting, Solange finds herself speaking out, saving the groom from a lifetime without love. What she doesn’t know is that Dean Chapman, the groom, didn’t want a loving marriage, he wanted a bride to help him make partner in his law firm. Back at work the next week, Dean finds himself in need of another “partner” and calls on Solange to be his pretend girlfriend. She agree’s, with rules, but those rules are bound for breaking because their chemistry is hard to resist.

I liked this story, but there was something that was holding me back from loving it. I loved Solange, her family, culture, and personality. She was someone who I’d definitely want in my own friend circle and I couldn’t imagine anyone not being bound by her charm. Dean was a little harder to like, which I think was the point of the novel, truthfully. He was driven by his career and wanted a partner in life, but not a love match. Of course, this is a romance novel, so I knew where it would lead me but I got a little frustrated at how hard he fought his feelings for Solange. There was definitely attraction between them, and the book had plenty of heat, but I like a little more buy in from the love interest and I didn’t get that until the end of the book.

I loved, loved, loved Solange’s family and culture. Her Brazilian heritage was warm, wonderful, and family was at the center of her life. I’m not Brazilian but this story and Solange’s character painted such a pretty picture of what family means to that culture, and it made me want to read more. Dean’s white bread lifestyle paled in comparison. That might have been another reason he was harder to warm up to.

The Wedding Crasher had moments of humor and was easy to read but it was the warmth this author brought to Solange’s character and her hilariously vibrant family) are the reasons why I gave this novel a four rating. I was happy that she brought that light to Dean because his character needed a shot of life. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read: Well Traveled (Well Met #4) by Jen DeLuca

Louise Malone is a high-powered attorney and in North Carolina to get a witness deposition. The witness is unavailable so Lulu goes to the Renaissance Festival, something she’s done in the past and has enjoyed tremendously. Avoiding calls from her boss and having fun re-connecting with an old friend, Lulu realizes that she’s in a dead end job and hating her life. When her boss calls again she quits and runs away to the Renaissance Faire. For a month anyway. What she doesn’t expect is to re-invent herself while falling in love with a kilted musician.

I’m such a fan of the Well Met series and have run away to the Renaissance Faire, at least in my own mind, every time I pick up one of these novels. I connected so easily to the story in Well Traveled and to Lulu, a character I can really identify with. Lulu has always been driven to make partner and become the success that her parents have always wanted her to be, but all the long hours she’s working at her company isn’t leading to the success that she’s always hope to find. When she gets drunk and quits angrily on a call with her boss, it’s actually the best thing for her. This is something that many of us have dreamed of doing but never seem to find the guts to make happen. It was so fun to dream along with Lulu and read her story while she finds her way in love and life.

Dex, the kilted lead singer of the band Dueling Kilts, has been in the previous books and wasn’t cast in a very good light. He’s the Romeo of the faire circuit, or so it seems. We see a different side to him in Well Traveled. A side that has me liking him for our Lulu. His creative personality is the perfect foil to straight laced Lulu, but is he the type to make a commitment? I’ll admit that I was skeptical but I ended up liking his mellow attitude and subtle ways he sought out Lulu’s company. He lacked the funny quips of previous hero’s but his soulful gaze and man bun more than made up for those laugh out loud moments.

You do not need to read any of the previous novels to enjoy Well Traveled, but reading the third novel would explain a little back story that does come up and explains a couple of characters actions. Other than that, enjoy a fun, light-hearted romance. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review and it was honest!

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This Chick Read: Flirting with the Beast (Modern Love #2) by Jane Porter

Widower, Andi McDermott, decides to spend her holidays in Lake Arrowhead after a last minute cancelation by her son-in-law. She hasn’t been there in years because of a feud her husband had with their neighbor, Wolf Enders. Wolf is gruff, ex-military, alpha, and unarguably gorgeous- but all of that should make little difference since she doesn’t plan to see him at all. Until a snow storm hits and she gets trapped on the mountain with no one to turn to but her neighbor. What she finds out is that she needs to add kind to the above list about Wolf, and that he makes her blood sizzle.

I have only just discovered Jane Porter and am thrilled to be reading romances about couples in their fifties! Andi was such a wonderful character and a women who I can only ascribe to be. She was warm, understanding, and used her brain before reacting to uncertain situations. I loved how she handled the more volatile Wolf. He was a loner who didn’t want a woman to upset his solitariness, but he’d always found Andi attractive and their chemistry was too much to ignore. Being ex-military his character was definitely more rigid and he made many missteps in his treatment of Andi. However, she reacted like a mature woman, thinking through her own actions before reacting. While reading through her inner monologue I kept thinking “Wow, I wish I could be more like this!”. Well, she is a fictional character after all and not a real woman but I felt myself liking her so much.

These characters have great backstories which gave them a depth that they needed. Their insecurities and needs turned them from two dimensional to full technicolor and the story was filled with an emotion that felt real and not fabricated. There were moments where I definitely wanted to kick Wolf in the knee and shake him a bit, but he was the perfect foil to Andi’s more calm demeanor. It would’ve been super boring if both partners were too much alike. The conclusion was also satisfying, with Andi showing some fire in fighting for what she wanted.

Flirting with the Beast is a wonderfully mature adult romance. Yes, these characters weren’t perfect, but then, who is? I sped through this book forgetting about all of the other things I needed to do and spent four hours relishing this love story. I hope this book will hit the right note for anyone who picks it up, regardless of their age, but for this older broad, it was sublime. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review and it was honest.

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (11/14/22)

Whelp, winter has hit Nashville. What does that mean for me? Cozying up on the couch with a good book and some hot chocolate! This is my favorite time to pick up a good book because I feel like I don’t need to be outside quite as much. No guilt! What genre’s do I like to read in the winter? Oh gosh. It doesn’t matter, as long as it holds my attention and makes me feel. That’s what counts in a good book, right?


I had been putting off reading this one for a bit and I found it to be the perfect hot chocolate and blanket novel. Charming characters and a fun romantic plot.


I have really enjoyed this series. All of the stories are centered around a Renaissance Faire, which I find to be an absolute delight. I’ve liked some of the novels better than others and I’m curious to see which side of the romance wheel this one will fall on.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Happy Monday and happy reading!


This Chick Read: Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin

After her much beloved grandmother dies and leaves her the family books store, the Book Nook, Drew Young wants to honor her memory by running it as she knows her grandmother would like. Putting her life on hold, Drew, a self-proclaimed hater of reading somehow manages to keep the store afloat with the help of a group of elderly ladies who pitch in and give a hand. This same group of ladies set up an author signing with famous romance novelist Jasper Williams. When he shows up his good looks and charm sock Drew in the solar plexus. When he learns of her lack of affinity for books he makes a deal with her. Show him around Denver and he’ll build her a memory for every book she reads on a list he gives her. Jasper woo’s Drew with romance, a shoulder to cry on, and his honest charm making her start to believe that her life might be Better Than Fiction.

There are so many things I liked about this novel. Jasper was #1 on the list because of all the romance and fun, but I also really liked all of the Dirty Birds the old lady group who had Drew’s back, and her best friend Elsie and her sister Daisy. She totally had a great group of people backing her in life and love. There were some challenges she had to face in this book too, so it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but every good novel needs some conflict to overcome.

I love how this author has grown from her earlier novels. Don’t get me wrong, those novels were my introduction to Alexa Martin and are a big reason why she is a must-buy for me. Those were also the first novels this author had written and it isn’t weird to me that she is trying new things and working to find her voice. Better Than Fiction has some of the same qualities I loved in the Playbook series. Great friends who will see you through good times and bad, but also solid character development and heros who weren’t perfect but whom you could fall in love with despite their imperfections. I think Better Than Fiction is the best novel Alexa Martin has written to date and I hope she has many more stories inside her soul that need to be released to the world.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest.

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This Chick Read: A Very Merry Bromance (Bromance Book Club #5) by Lyssa Kay Adams

Colton Wheeler, a country music superstar, isn’t used to women saying no and when Gretchen Winthrop won’t return his calls he’s not sure how to proceed. When she finally reaches out a year after their one night stand to make a proposal it isn’t the kind of proposition that he was prepared to receive. Be the face of her family’s world-class bourbon. Colton figures this is his best chance to spend time with Gretchen and agrees to hear her proposal, but only if she goes on a few dates with him. As he spends more time with her he realizes he’s in over his head and against his better judgement has his friends in the Bromance Book Club give him advice. Usually Colton isn’t on the receiving end, but the more time he spends with Gretchen the more she comes to mean to him and he’ll take any help he can get to keep her.

I’ve enjoyed this series, but the last couple of books have been good but not great. A Very Merry Bromance has exceeded my expectations and is very close to being my favorite to date. It’s all due to the depth of the main characters. On the outside Colton seems like an aw shucks country charmer, but his family means everything to him and the reason he’s successful is because he wants to be the support they need to live full lives. What a great guy! Gretchen too has reasons for being a distrustful grump. She comes from one of the wealthiest families in Tennessee but her parents ignored her when she was younger and her brothers are selfish bullies. She has rejected everything that they stand for and serves a mission to help immigrants stay with their families, fighting deportation. Yep, there’s a lot more to these two than is noted on the cover of this book!

I will admit that one of my favorite romance tropes is a woman in jeopardy, when it’s done well, anyway. Gretchen isn’t really in jeopardy, but she definitely needs saving. This is a woman who has never had someone fight for her and love her despite her differences. Colton is that man who will fight on behalf of her and by her side. Once the plot got moving these two gave me all the emotions and I was rooting for that happy ending I knew was coming. I must give a shoutout to Gretchen’s Uncle Jack. He was the only redeeming sole in her family and despite not having the power to save her, did love her with all of his heart and you could feel that love leap off the pages. He was a sweetie!

Like I said above, this book has jumped to my #1 spot in this series, which kind of surprised me, truthfully! I think it was the dichotomy of Colton always being so suave and giving all the romantic advise to the other bro’s in the book club. The fact that he floundered and his chosen one was a troubled woman just hit my heart and made me melt. This book was the perfect Christmas feel good story, with a little family drama to rev up the tension. It’s a quick read, so if you have a weekend and would like an good solid story and a sweet romance, this is the one! Cheesy title and all. I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review and it was honest.

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