This Chick Read: The Laird (Castle Blackstone #1) by Sandy Blair

Duncan MacDougall, Laird of Castle Blackstone was cursed to haunt the castle until he finds a woman that he could love and make her fall in love with him in his own time. When Beth Pudding inherits Castle Blackstone and finds it haunted she doesn’t shrink away. Raised in foster care, this is the first home she has had that is her own. If it’s haunted she’ll just get to know the ghost and hopefully they can live together companionably. As she proves her mettle Duncan thinks she may be the one to break him from his curse and slides his family ring onto her finger. She travels back in time until she finds herself the bride of Duncan in his own time.

There were several things I liked about this novel. First is our heroine Beth. She has never been loved. She has serious self esteem issues from her years in foster care. She was always passed over for adoption and one of her foster parents made her feel bad about her looks. She was not the beautiful heroine who gets transported back in time and because of her beauty is loved by all. This was a girl who had to work for everything. She worked hard at her job and rose up through the ranks in catering because of that hard work. Duncan saw those attributes in modern time, but when she transported back it was her looks that people talked about, until she started to prove herself again through hard work. I liked Beth a lot. The second thing I liked was that it was a time travel novel. Those are fun! If the characters are bright, they take their knowledge from modern times and use them to better their surroundings. Beth did this and it made everyone love her. The third thing I liked was Duncan. It didn’t take him long to see her for her worth. He was also a handsome Scottish guy in a kilt which doesn’t hurt a romance at all!

I love discovering older books that have several novels in the series out. This book was written in 2016 so now that I know I like the writing I get to play catch up with the series, yay!


The Laird

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