This Chick Read: Bay of Sighs (Guardians Trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts

As I read the first novel Stars of Fortune, I was eager to read book #2.  Not that the first novel was bad, it wasn’t!  However, I felt like Nora Roberts had done some other variations of those two characters before, but Annika and Sawyer were unique.  Bay of Sighs is their story, and we get to know the back story of how a mermaid and time traveler become a part of this group, and what each of them brings to the table to keep the evil witch from gaining the star that they are trying to find and hide from her.  We also get to see the realization of the attraction we saw in the first novel between these two characters.

Annika, is totally gorgeous, but what is more attractive is the humorous touches that Nora Roberts gave this character.  Her misuse of our language was charming, and her friendships with the other two female characters and their group talks about sex aren’t going to be forgetful!  They were sweet and funny.  Sawyer, is gob smacked by her beauty, and is honorable in not wanting to take advantage of their obvious attraction.  Ani’s attempts at seduction, give him the perfect reason to give in, and their love story unfolds in a gentle, emotional and unique way.

The six characters who have been drawn together to find the three stars are all very different, but as this second book unfolds, you can see their relationships gel with each other.  Their missions become more dangerous, as the stars remain out of the witch’s grasp, and they rely and trust each other more.  The author has not yet laid the path towards the third couple’s love story. And they seem a little antagonistic and competitive with each other so it should be an interesting completion to this trilogy!  Island of Glass doesn’t come out until December, but I’m sure Ms. Roberts will have a couple other releases (or ten!) to keep us happy between now and then.


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