This Chick Read: Duke of Pleasure (Maiden Lane #11) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Duke of Pleasure continues the story of the Ghost of St. Giles, a pseudonym used by the heroes of the previous eleven books in the Maiden Lane series. The Ghost is a do gooder, who protects against the unsavory element in St. Giles, a fictional ‘hood in the projects of 18th century London. This time the Ghost is a young woman, disguised as a boy named Alf. Alf has grown up on the streets of St. Giles, and as a boy, is able to investigate and overhear many things that a well dressed Duke of Kyle cannot. The Duke, Hugh Fitzroy, has been tasked to find out everything about a mysterious group of men called the Lords of Chaos. Very unsavory characters who don’t want their identities found out. Which is how Alf and the Duke meet. The Duke is being attacked in an alley by a group of men intent upon murder and the Ghost of St. Giles leaps in to his rescue.  I loved that the Ghost was a woman, and her backstory and training in swordsmanship provided great insight into her character and why she chose that disguise.

I have read most of the Maiden Lane series, and it’s always a fun leap into a world of ball gowns, tea, and sword fights. A world where the men are Alphas, not necessarily by their attitude but by birthright. This novel was refreshing in that Alf, as a female, took this era’s hierarchy by the horns and made her own way. Not living well, but at least not being led around by a man. One of the greatest leaps in this novel was that Hugh, a Duke, once finding out Alf was female did not think of her station except for her lack of safety. It is through their investigation into the Lords of Chaos that she realizes that she rather likes being a woman, and considers giving up her disguise as a boy. Yes, there is a bit of Henry Higgins from my Fair Lady, but it’s not Hugh that plays that role, which is a refreshing change.

A regency romance is read for pure pleasure and fun, and Duke of Pleasure is definitely that! If you haven’t read this series, you can easily read each book on its own, and I’d recommend jumping in with Duke of Pleasure.


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