This Chick Read: Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

Bittersweet, a novel about a girl named Hudson Avery, a teenager, who has had a few hard knocks and is learning how to live with the consequences. This novel was aptly titled, as an adult, we all have times where we look back on our youth and with the gift of hindsight, wonder how our life may have been different if we had made another choice and walked a different path. Hudson, at her young age, is already looking back on those moments, and is agonizing over her past decisions that affected not only herself, but her whole family.
This novel mixes the insecurities of youth, the wonders of the future, and the fortitude it takes to look beyond yourself and see how each decision affects the friends and family you love.  Sarah Ockler does such a great job of defining Hudson’s voice in this story.  Her inner dialog is sarcastic, funny, self deprecating and loving, giving great insights into her character and making her very likable. Although I wished Hudson had acted on more of those thoughts, as at times I wanted to give her a big kick!  She was great at wallowing in her own despair, and at times that was really frustrating.  If she had just communicated all of those wants and needs to all of the people around her (mother, boyfriend, best friend), she wouldn’t have been so miserable. But then, the novel would’ve been short and there wouldn’t have been any conflict.  Just a teenage girl who made awesome cupcakes working in her moms diner. So, I totally get it. That wouldn’t have been much of a story. Although, I would’ve read it for all the cupcake references alone.

Beware, this girl can bake, and each chapter’s cupcake description made me crave some sweets. I totally, went and purchased a cupcake when I was done reading it, although the flavors available were not as luscious as the descriptions in this book.


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