This Chick Read: Two Wrongs Make A Right- by Chloe Liese

Bea and Jamie have a disastrous first meeting, with Bea dumping not one, but two drinks on Jamie and he grumpily staring and declaring his disinterest. However, their friends are in love and they keep pushing them together thinking they are the perfect match. When they find themselves on a blind date with each other they agree to pretend that they are in love in order to get their friends off their back. As they spend time with each other they quickly find their friends just might have been right.

I found this novel on an Amazon Best Romances of 2022 list and I am not going to disagree. Two Wrongs Make a Right has a premise that has been done a thousand times before but in this instance it’s with two characters who are so unique and original that the kind of tired trope becomes something new and refreshing. Artistic, tattooed Bea, lives with her sister who has recently fallen in love with conservative, glasses and sweater wearing pediatrician Jamie. So at first sight, they seem to be complete opposites, but Bea falls on the autistic spectrum and is recovering from a bad breakup. Jamie is a successful pediatrician but he has horrible anxiety and doesn’t do well in crowds- he also has a difficult family whose expectations are hard to live up to. They both are a bit of a mess, but find in each other the support that they need. It’s a wonderful love story that moves slowly but there are so many emotional reveals that impact the story that it gives the reader a feeling of moving much more rapidly than it actually does.

Once Bea and Jamie get past the awkwardness of seeing through their bad first-meet, they quickly come to realize that they have a friendship that can be concrete. They go from avoiding each other to seeking each other out, and that story is emotion filled and wonderful. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed getting to know these characters and reading their story. Don’t let the cover fool you, this novel has depth that rises above the fluff of the artwork and delivers an impact that will leave the reader surprised and completely satisfied.


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