It’s Monday, what are you reading? (4/24/23)

Do you have a favorite genre or sub-genre in your favorite genre? I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a great fantasy novel, but when it’s a romantic fantasy, I am in my dream sub-genre. Another sub-genre I love is a great sports romance. I’ll admit that a lot of times I’m really disappointed because I’m a girl who likes a little sports references in my sports romances and I don’t always get that, but I thought the book I just finished did a good job at delivering the goods. Let’s get to it and remember, feel free to chime in on what you’re reading as well!


Surprisingly, there wasn’t a ton of angst in this Devney Perry novel. I’ve read a few and I had it in my had that there would be a lot of inner turmoil. There was a bit, but this was a solid second chance sports romance! I enjoyed the main characters and the setting. I don’t see a lot of books set in Montana on a college coaching staff. I was entertained!


An older book of Lucy Score’s that is having a re-release. Finally Mine is the sequel to Pretend You’re Mine which I enjoyed. I wish the author hadn’t spent so much time recapping a story I’ve already read. That plot device is one that drives me crazy- I don’t need to see the same plot through the eyes of another character, thank you very much. However, unless a book is horrible, which this isn’t, I will see it through to the end. I’m skimming all the bits I’ve read though.

I hope you’re Monday is off to a great start! Happy reading!