This Chick Read: The Love Wager by Lynn Painter

Hallie Piper is working the bar at a wedding when a cute guy, Jack, requests a beer and they strike up a brief conversation. That one moment leads to his date accusing him of cheating and a broken relationship. Back at the bar, Jack and Hallie start drinking, ending up together for the evening. Hallie wakes up the next morning and after sneaking out of his room, turns over a new leaf. She joins a dating app and starts looking for “the one”. What she finds is Jack, on the same dating app. They strike up a conversation and a bargain. The first one who finds love wins the wager. What they quickly realize is that they may have already found that person.

After reading ‘The Wrong Number’ by this same author, I knew that this novel would be rom-com at its best… and I wasn’t wrong! Hallie was such a unique character. She had this easy-going personality that oozed friendly charm. Her chemistry with Jack was so smooth. Their clever conversations and growing friendship was fun to read and I couldn’t wait until that moment when that heat that they had that one night returned for their forever future. I thought Jack was kind of a unique character too because you don’t usually see a ‘hero’ in a romance novel who is desperate to be a couple. It was an interesting perspective and personality quirk that easy breezy Hallie helped him overcome. They were a fun, cute couple!

The plot was entertaining to read and the fun dialog kept it move forward fairly quickly, a formula that is my particular favorite because I can read the novel in a day or over a weekend. If you are in the mood to read an easy breezy rom-com, this would be a good pick!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review and it was honest!

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